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Mattel Disney CARS: Next Micro Drifter 3-Pack Singles

Well, the Micro Drifters have passed the first stage of being on the shelves at Target, Toys R Us, and soon on most of the shelves at Walmart.

CASE A & B have arrived and are on the shelves. The rest of the case assortments are unknown as of now but these are presumably all going to be released by year’s end – the big test will be sales through the holiday season …

Will it survive as the CARS flanker brand? Time and your interest will tell.


Max Schnell, Lightning & Shu Todoroki.

Darrell, Francesco & Brent.

More CARS 1 Piston Cup Racers: Gask Its, Shiny Wax and King.

Sally (Repeat LM & Mater)

CARS 2 WGP racers Lewis Hamilton & Rip Clutchgoneki (repeat LM).

Townies Ramone, Sheriff & Doc.

And other townies Sarge, Luigi & Fillmore.

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