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Disney Pixar CARS: Mater Private Eye Box Set is a Monochrome Knockout

The Disney Store Mater Private Eye Box Set is a Roundhouse, Knockout, Sweet Science of Diecasts.

NONE of these three CARS are on Mattel’s schedule list as of now but we should get the list soon for 2013 (starts in late October/November) so who knows, the next round of Mattel Toon releases might include these but as of now, the Disney Store has a Round 1 knockout.

While Mater PI and Police Lightning McQueen are certainly nice, they are in the Disney 1:43 scale but Big D is just about the right scale to place next to 1:55 diecasts …

He is a doozie whether he’s a Dusenberg or not.

The closest comparison is the Santa CAR …

So like the Queen when she first arrived at the Disney Store, an appropriate size stand-in until the Mattel ones arrives (hopefully).

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

The Mater PI box set is now available online.

Hopefully, the Mattel Mater Private Eye diecasts will arrive also but meanwhile, we can live the monochrome high life.



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  • danrio says:

    Great pictures, John H.!

    I snagged this set as well as the DS “Mater on the Moon” set (featuring “Impala XIII) several weeks ago and got both at 25% off with free shipping from DS.com.

    It was a matter of opportunity; DS retail had been giving out 25% off Friends & Family discount coupons good for only 3 days starting on a Thursday. Both of these sets, at that time, were newly available on DS.com. Our store normally gets new shipments in on Friday, so I visited on Thursday (the first day the F&F coupon could be used), and since the store did not have the 2 sets in stock (yet), they ordered them for me on DS.com, applied the 25% F&F discount AND set it up for free shipping since the store didn’t have them in stock!

    Both sets are quite nice!

  • bobbyjack says:

    It would be worth it get the 3 pack for Big D if Disney Store puts on a sale. Sucks McQueen and Mater are the wrong scale.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Disney Store: PASS

    Monochromatic: PASS

    …that was easy!!

  • chuki_mama says:

    The Big D car is SWEET!!! Wish Mattel would start releasing the Cars Toons line again…

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