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Voyager 1 About to Leave Our Heliosphere

Pretty nice video explains Voyager 1 reaching the edge of our Sun’s heliosphere …

“The Voyager 1 spacecraft has been operating for 34 years, and just about 11 months, after that long journey through our solar system, the craft is believed to be poised at the edge of interstellar space. Voyager 1 is reporting a sharp increase in cosmic rays that may herald its final push out of the heliosphere – or sphere of our sun’s influence – into the realm of the stars.”

Goodbye to you, my trusted friend … so long and thanks for the fish.

Unless like in Star Trek, it comes back … Speaking of, here’s a cool (unofficial) updated animated opening credits …

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21 August 2012 Science 4 Comments


  • BMW says:

    The sun’s heliosphere is so much larger than anyone dreamed of.
    I have read NASA reports for years on end that Voyager 1 was “about to enter” interstellar space.

  • danrio says:

    In 1992, Warner New Media issued a commemorative software package on CD entitled “Murmurs of Earth, The Voyager Interstellar Record.” this 2 CD set contains 16 tracks of the original worldwide music and all 116 images contained in the Voyager Record along with a commemorative edition of the book “Murmurs of Earth”, by Carl Sagan, who many of us can remember as the Cosmos astronomer who viewed “billions and billions of stars”. The Music CD still works on any functioning CD player, but it is widely known among owners of the package that the DOS based pictorial part of the Warner New Media program ceased functioning on most computers over a decade ago due to graphics incompatibilities with virtually all then and now current PCs. I’m not sure if it would work on Macs, since I don’t have one, but there’s a Mac version of the program on the program CD. Let’s hope that the aliens who find Voyager have an old PC!

    On the serious side, if you’d like to see the info that is on board Voyager as we speak, check the link below:


  • quixotequest says:

    Totally cool “zone out music” are the Voyager recordings that were marketed on CD as Symphony of the Planets. (5 volumes). I love them! They have now been expanded and organized by source and are available from NASA: http://nasaspacesounds.com/NASA-Space-Sounds-Cds-and-Downloads.php

  • taylor says:

    Did anyone warn it about the Borg?

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