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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Radiator Springs Classic CARS 1 Checklist Update

Since the last checklist, we have gotten the actual release of Lightning McQueen from CARS 1 … though you have to buy the Piston Cup 500 trackset …

And it appears to be the only remaining “CARS Included” set that actually includes a diecast car and not a plastic CAR.

Thanks for the nice photo, “John H.”

If you want a metallic CARS 1 Lightning McQueen that’s quite a few bucks less, there’s always the Mattel Disney CARS Character Encyclopedia that comes with a free CARS 1 Lightning McQueen (plus what is presumably fun reading). 🙂 BTW, the book could use a good review – it seemed unseemly for me to leave the first review. 🙂

This checklist also includes the Radiator Springs Race Day box set which is really a CARS 2 box set but does contain three CARS from CARS 1 – Sally, Ferrari Fan Luigi & Guido …

And Wave 2 singles? All together? ??? Ir will some of Wave 1 get re-released with just a few from Wave 2?



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