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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Christmas Reindeer

Since it’s a record cold spell across the country and it feels like winter already – time for a Christmas CARS update post …

The good news is the Reindeer are listed … with a real live UPC: 7-46775-06874-5

(thanks for the nice pic, Andy G.)

Here’s the weird thing, no other singles are listed – these are the ONLY Christmas CARS listed in a case of 6 … so I guess that good’s in a way – everyone should be able to get the # of reindeer CARS they want – so to be proper canon, guess you need 2 cases and a few unopened and backups. If you’re Clark Griswald, you’ll need 100 cases.

Santa Reindeer

Now it may be that the other Christmas CARS will only be available in exclusive box sets which are not listed yet or this year, it’s only the reindeer that’s being offered … a little weird without Santa CAR but so far so good if all you want are the reindeer CARS. On Thunderbird, Escalade, Scuderia, Carrera, Sonic, Comet, Camaro & MicroBus.

Maybe the Santa CAR this year will include a satchel filled with thousands of tiny, tiny to scale Finn McMissiles on card?

Mater Saves Christmas.


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