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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecasts: Hydraulic & RS Ramone

“John H.” was nice enough to photograph and compare all the Ramone’s of CARS 2.

The single Hydraulic Ramone, the Target only 7-pack Hydraulic Radiator Springs Ramone and Chase Radiator Springs Ramone. Yes, there will be a quiz later.

Low & Slo …


The parking at Radiator Springs is getting ridicules.

Plaque in the back of the two Hydraulic releases.

Thanks for the great pics, “John H!”

Here’s your Ramone diecast trivia quiz for today and frankly, it is trivial. 🙂

10) What color Ramone was the first available?

09) (Purple) Hydraulic Ramone released for CARS 2 was originally supposed to be called what in his planned release in the CARS 1 oversized-deluxe-mega series?

08) What color is the Hydraulic Ramone released in the CARS 1 diecast series?

07) What is the official name that Mattel lists for Purple Ramone versus Green Ramone?

06) While (Purple) Hydraulic Ramone had an unofficial name for CARS 1 (since he was not officially released under that name) – name the Ramone that WAS released with a name change after his initial release?

05) Name the Ramone that appeared on a cardback that turned out to be a mistake/different name when actually released – what were the two “names.”

04) How many Ramone’s have been released in the Storyteller and Storyteller Christmas series? Name them.

03) Name the Ramone first released on a store-exclusive card?

02) Name the first box set any Ramone appeared in?

01) What color are the RAMONE letters that light up on the Ramone’s House of Art playset?

Quiz ANSWERS here – LIVE IN AN HOUR or so.

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