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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Prince Wheeliam In a Chase Card

Lately, we have seen some ghastly photos of Prince Wheeliam …

It turns out it’s ONLY THE LIGHTING!

When it catches the light CORRECTLY, it’s actually a nice luminescent effect with the Great Britain Union Jack flag plus other design elements. It’s only when you crank on the lights to show it off, it looks green and garish when the reality is it’s all proper.

It’s princely!

And yes, it’s back to ONE CHASE CAR per case assortment.* He is the one in CASE H. And yes, CASE H also has an Ultimate Chase, Long Ge. So, doesn’t that make him as rare production wise as an Ultimate Chase – as CASE H is in theory limited to 3,500-4,000 cases or a production run of >4,000?

Ah, but in this ever changing world that we live in, makes you give in and cry … CASE H also has a twin case with nearly the exact same content including ONE Prince Wheeliam in every case – CASE V. So, while we don’t actually know how many CASE V’s will be produced, there will be definitely be more Prince Wheeliam’s produced than Long Ge‘s – how many more is the question only MI-6 can answer.

Not only did “Nikko” send us great photos of Prince Wheeliam not in a sealed card but the question you’ve wanted to know since the year 1066.

What’s he look like next to the Queen?

Next to Mattel’s The Queen.

Royal and regal. Thanks, “Nikko” for the great pics!


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  • BMW says:

    Case H is actually a nice case for completists as nearly all the cars are on the new straight sided cards except for Mater and Grem.
    Here is a rundown of what was in my case.

    The Lewis Hamiltons (2) are single castings. No more segmented nosepieces. (straight sided cards)
    The Carlas Velosos (2) are single castings too. no segmented nosepieces. (straight sided cards)
    Shu Todoroki has the black front bumper/splitter (straight sided card)
    Francesco (3) has the black bottom (straight sided cards)
    Race Team Fillmore (3) is on the new straight sided card.
    Hudson Hornet Mcqueen (5) – straight sided cards
    Petrov Trunkov – straight sided card
    Bindo (2)
    Prince Wheeliam (1)
    Long Ge (1)
    Grem (1)
    Mater (1)

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    Oooooooooo nice!

  • Tom says:

    Nice Wings reference, Met!
    Also, Wheeliam Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is looking good!

    • Jack says:

      Shhh. Now Tom the Royal family’s real name and bloodlines is supposed to be a secret. No one is supposed to know they are infact a German family which changed its name.
      No more truth and facts ok Tom. What do you want next for people to start thinking for themselves? You know that’s much too hard for most. So we will just go with whatever the powers that be as reality. It’s so much easier and you don’t miss any fake and mindless entertainment this way. That and you won’t get all confused with how the truth just dosent jive with what you are supposed to believe.

      (MET: Yea, don’t read this if you’re a Windsor royalist. 🙂 ).

  • taylor says:

    Union Jack is not P.C. met, Its the Union Flag! Why? dont know….i always grew up calling it the union jack. 🙂

    (MET: As an American, my second choice was calling it the stripey flag. 😆 ).

  • cowboys88 says:

    As far as numbering goes, who is #36? Also are they re-releasing Celine with a #, so as to be different from the KMart version? Same goes for Acer with Blowtorch??


    • RodredlineM19 says:

      I’m almost positive #36 is going to be either Alexander Hugo w/ Party Hat or Sir Harley Gassup, as they have UPCs:

      746775 10603 4 CARS THREE HEADLIGHT CAR

      746775 10605 8 CARS BLACK HUGO CASINO

      There’s also the option of Rip Clutchgoneski:

      746775 06826 4

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    In the numbering scheme:

    37. Bindo
    38. Celine Dephare
    39. Erik Laneley
    40. Cartney Brakin
    41. Galloping Geargrinder
    42. Prince Wheeliam

  • John in Missouri says:

    Now if only my Walmart would get as many of these as they have Case Y!

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