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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Target 4-Pack Box Sets Update

With the Target CARS/CARS 2 re-launch/reset, these box sets have also returned.

These two Piston Cup racers 4-packs have gotten a slight upgrade:

The Ronnie Cooper (McQueen Fan Mini Cooper) is the same 2-piece face BUT Lightning Mcqueen, Jeff Gorvette and Max Schnell have ALL been upgraded to the unibody one-piece all metal diecast body.

Lightning, Max Schnell & Jeff Gorvette singles have already been upgraded … (the ones with the no left side diecut).

In regards to the Denise Beam box, no upgrade to her and no upgrade to Raoul Caroule. Miguel Camino and the “same” Lightning McQueen from the above box are upgraded to the unibody all diecast metal body-face.

This third box set the minimal slight upgrade – Shu Todoroki is now sporting the correct black front air dam – and dark gray eyebrows.  Raoul and Nigel have NOT been upgraded to unibodies. Shu has been released as a single with the black air dam & dark gray eyebrows.

So, collect ’em all?


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