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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: San Diego Comic Con 2012

Thanks for the great pics, “Kevin NascarBronco.”

It does look like this year they at least made more of a showcase for CARS diecast versus just lining them up in a cabinet so that’s a good sign going forward.

Most of the CARS included are still sort of randomly inserted but at least they looked at some screenshots of CARS 2 this year versus last year so it’s closer.

There are not a lot of CARS we have not already seen the prototypes of or revealed from a poster but it’s still nice to see them in 3D form.

There is Ultimate Chase – Vitaly Petrov – Russia next to Raoul Caroule (though we had a larger pic a while back). And of course, he is really real and not mythical diecast – Rip Clutchgoneski. Raoul’s Caroule’s Crew Chief Bruno Motoreau will be coming in a Target 4-pack this holiday season. Petra Cartalina, Miguel Camino’s Opel Corsa Crew Chief will be available in a 2-pack Movie Moment.

The Brent Mustangberger with headphones is part of a TRU box set coming. I do not know if Darrell Cartrip with headphones is also part of that set or whether thay accidentally placed a Darrell Cartrip Lights & Sounds release which has a headset. Or he’s really part of a 6-pack?

The CAR with the pink bow is the upcoming “Tokyo Party Girl” CAR. Do we know the name of the white bow red wheeled CAR? (not currently scheduled for release – maybe part of a box set?) The red CAR with the Lightning Bolt is McQueen’s SuperFan, Cartney Brakin (coming in the next few months).

Top row is Australian Ultimate Chase (not currently scheduled), Otto Bonn, Max Schnell’s Crew Chief and reporter Nick Cartone (scheduled for release in next 3 months).

Below is Max Schnell’s Fan (coming in Target 4-pack) and Eric Laneley, WGP race flag man (coming soon also).

There’s Long Ge (China Ultimate CASE in CASE H. In the warehouse, not shipping yet). There’s David Hobbscapp … which may or may not be part of a 6-pack (the listing seems to come and go).

The Sushi Chef Pitty’s are interesting as they were on a list but based on eye positions and mouths, there seems to be 4? Which is a little surprising … box set? Most people presumed two would get released …

Er, is that a unibody Finn or do my eyes deceive me? That looks like another Tokyo CAR in the back?

Flash is out – Ultimate Chase Memo Rojas Jr. – Mexico is to the right (and HERE).

And of course, Comic Con 2012 Mater …

Have Fun! And thanks for the great pics, “Kevin Nascar Bronco.”

Cute but where’s the trunk space to carry back all the Mater’s?





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  • TopherDawg says:

    I didn’t see this display at all, how funny. I zipped in & out on Sunday, grabbed my Mater & Mystery Machine, out of Monster High and I went home.

  • NascarFan says:

    Everyone is very welcome.

    ALL single and double ordered Maters, single and double orders of Hotwheels have shipped already!!!!

    All other orders are now going to shipped this week as soon as I get them re organized from the drive up to Utah from San Diego.

    Just got home, I am going to sit and enjoy the peace n quiet for at least an hour and get right back at it.

    I do want to thank:

    Marielas husband, Pablo for coming down 4 or 5 hours out of his way to help wrap and pack.

    Mariela for the use of the postage account, (mine was locked up after repetitive charges)

    Monica: Robin loves the Margarita packs !!, thanks for the packing materials too!!

    If it were not for these three others…I would still be there.

    Dennis, Thanks for the help up through Saturday night

  • taylor says:

    Nascarfan! Does that happen to be your MX5? Sorry I think its a MIATA in the US….hence mia tia. Lol suddenly it all makes sense.

  • Tom says:

    Pics look great, a lot of cool Cars on the way!

  • babychristiancars says:

    love that Mater, sadly I forgot to order him so it may be the only comic con that we missed on.

    Great photos, hope to get new cars soon, still haven’t even seen the queen in real life.

  • I see a couple more, I think I spot Tubbs Pacer (unless it’s a variant of Petrov 🙂 )

    And I see Todd, which I never actually got from the first Cars, so that’s pretty nice.

    And is the CAR next to David and Long Ge a special version of John Lassetire?

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Awesome! It’s so cool to be able to see this display. I love the sushi bar and waterfall displays especially. There are so many great cars to come; I really do hope we’ll see a release of the Japanese girl cars. Thanks NascarFan!

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    Great photos! I love the setup too, just like the movie! Hope you have a good time there Nascarfan.

  • taylor says:

    Brilliant photos Nascarfan!! I mentioned the Comic Con photos on another post a few days ago and after looking back at previous years CC this was the photos I was hoping to see, I just hope we see ALL of these cars in some form on the shelves sometime, Does Long Ge. I think that’s the name (ultimate chase) have a spoiler on the back? Don’t look like it.

  • NascarFan says:

    Met:, You are very welcome for the photos.

    The glare was horrible, I did my best.

  • NascarFan says:

    2:10 A.M.:… coffee is on… getting ready to pop down to the SDCC and get in line…..

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