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Mattel Disney CARS 2: Micro Drifters Size Comparison

“CollectorMom” is one of the few people in the US with a Micro Drifter so she was kind enough to snap great photos so we could actually see its actual size.

Next to Mattel 1:55 Lightning McQueen.

You got a tiny buddy friend in me. Micro Me.

Say hello to my little friend … whoops, wrong movie.

Some shrinking may occur. Objects in the mirror may be larger than they appear.

Now, look what you’ve done. I told you not to buy a cut rate cloning machine.

Comparison to a MINI ADVENTURE Lightning … the decals are actually more detailed … so that’s nice.

And it’s method of propulsion …

(along with gravity – free with every purchase!)

Thanks for the great pics, “CollectorMom.” Tokyo Playset pics coming tomorrow.

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  • DDD says:

    OK, these are cool…just got back from my TRU (Jacksonville, Florida), where they had all the three-packs and the Mack case. (No Colossus, darn.) I picked up the Grem/Z/Finn set for me and the Clutch Aid/Chick/LMQ set for my nephew, along with the Mack truck for him too. I’m seeing him in a little while and will report on his reaction. They sort of have you with the Mack case…it has a “launcher” in back, and I feared that he’d be all “meh” if I only brought the cars.

    Anyhow…I opened my set, and they really do stay to the front. I think the eyes are painted too, but I’m not sure (Mack’s are crummy stickers). A hit, I think!

    • DDD says:

      My nephew loved them! Mack was a hit too, though I don’t get why he has a ball bearing in his cab and they call him a drifter too…he doesn’t separate from the trailer, which doesn’t have any ball bearings, so he just drags along. Anyway, I think these will be very popular among the little guys! Nicely detailed and very special…not like Squinkies or those little Fisher Price cars.

  • cac1959 says:

    I definitely want Colossus XXL… I’m not sure about the others… I wish they were the same length as the Mini Adventures – silly me thinking I could get a complete set of the Mini Adventure Piston Cup Racers… But when I buy Colossus I get one Micro Drifter… so then I might as well buy the Cars 1 Micro Drifters… and the Gold McQueen is sharp… so then I might as well…

    Collect them all…

    How long ago was it we could find no new Cars in stores or online? Seems like a distant memory (er, nightmare)…

  • jestrjef says:

    Hmmmmmm …. at first I was thinking, “NAAHHHHHH” on these … then we picked up the “Sorry Sliders” game. The piece move like I imagine these will. I think we might consider a handful of these … just to try them out. :=]

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