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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Famine, Meet Feast – A Falotta New Diecasts

If you dozed off from January to June, you didn’t miss much but now it’s feast on the beast of famine time … and there was much rejoicing?

CASE E is out and hopefully you are finding them at retail – keep in mind CASE G which is right on the tail of CASE E has possibly the Ultimate Chase Swedish Chef Jan smoraborg borga borga morga meeta in every case (sorry, if you’re Swedish, no one can resist the Muppet Swedish chef gag whenever it’s possible to use it – yes, we sad and infantile or maybe that’s just me).

Yes, Don Crumlin is a repaint but frankly, who does not love the Gremlin as a diecast. I don’t care if they paint him 88 colors to Sunday. BUY BUY BUY. Plus, this purple is a super sweet paint job. It’s the Earl Scheib Deluxe paint job – maybe not $49.99 good but definitely $4.99 good.

Ultra detailed and ultra bondo rusting sweet. Plus, in this ill-fitted windows is appropriate.

And I’d like to title this as he spys the security camera on the ceiling tile … Don Crumlin – Perp Walk.

Next to Officer Murakarmi …

Officer M is HUGE and definitely not a Scion .., maybe he was supposed to be but he’s more of an American SUV …

BTW, his back plate is different than Finn Security’s words which translates as Airport Auxiliary Police … Officer M’s says Japan SOMETHING … it’s too illegible to read. It’s just too low res but if you have a better ‘scope and eyes, let us know what it says …

(FYI, many “complex” older Japanese words are borrowed from Chinese).

While from the last case, Victor H is HUGO in that he’s extra large and not a YUGO, well, not one in scale.

So, while we’re not cheated out of size and diecast metal from Victor H-Hugo and Officer Murikarmi – they are really not very accurate … so is the glass half full or half empty?

Becky Wheelin is nice but not as nice as McQueen’s biggest fan … or is she the same but shorn of her thundersticks and flags?

The factory unauthorized sellers should have made multi flag versions of these Mini Coopers instead of the lame decaling of Lightning McQueen with laughable amateur designs.

She has the same license plate.

BTW, she’s a see through – so don’t hold her up to a light if you’re a gentleman … too late for me.

Looks like she’s had some rear post work … if you’re planning on adding her to your collection, better get a CarFax.

You can see them on card in this post as well as info on Ultimate Chase CASE G.

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  • Dolly says:

    The Purple Gremlim and the Officer i have found already about 2 months agohere in Austria. And Victor and Vladimir also but just 2 of each. Today i saw a bunch of Victor and Vladimir and like 2 Becky’s also. Was really nice to see that store full of new Cars 2 :-).
    Something funny i found was a Kabuto on a Cars 2 Card. Met,which case is he supose to be???

    (MET: It’s clear that the international cases are starting to splinter from the US ones – send me a pic of kabuto – does he come with the flames?)

  • Cherie says:

    They had a shipper with the new cars at two different TRU near me. I was able to find Hugo and a really neat error Vladimir Trunkov – I will post pics later. The shippers had been ransacked by the time I got there, so I was happy with my find. I had really hoped to find Crumlin.

  • BMW says:

    “The factory unauthorized sellers should have made multi flag versions of these Mini Coopers instead of the lame decaling of Lightning McQueen with laughable amateur designs.”

    Curious how these flag Mcqueens came out of nowhere all of a sudden in late May, 10 different versions, maybe 11. Still nothing from Mattel?

    (MET: Well, my guess is with a lot fewer LM’s in the case, the bodies were just sitting around the factory and they put some scrub nephew to work … if that first design was submitted by an actual Pixar designer, they would have him beaten him to a pulp with a Shrek stick and not allowed to create a second one).

    • John says:

      I don’t understand why the counterfeiters aren’t doing the more rare and valuable/expensive Cars. Why tool up for Lightning McQueen when you could do raced damaged mood springs or Lizzie for the same effort?
      I have also seen really bad copies of Mack and Mater.

  • taylor says:

    So do we have three Gremlins now? Orange,Red,Purple. Can’t find any apart from the original Orange colour though, I think the red one is a movie moment only so I won’t ever see that, and the Purple one is supposed to be out in the UK but after half a day driving around retailers I only scored chase Radiator springs Ramone! One on a US card and one on the European card.

  • Dunroamin says:

    I always buy extras of the villans becasue they will be easy to repaint a different color…Petrov is 1.97 at WM..scoop them up and paint them black as Hugo’s minnions 🙂

  • Chris says:

    I won’t ever see these unless I buy them off ebay. Checked 3 Kmarts this weekend, they didn’t even have Cars events. All the Walmarts still have Wave 1 or 2 Cars 2. I have never seen any WalMart Exclusives in our stores since Cars 1 first year diecast releases. Heck the toys R Us still had Cars 1 cars hanging next to the first wave of Cars 2 over 6 months after Cars 2 came out. I went in Target the other day and still same thing, Wave 1 cars. I am so jealous of you who can actually go to a store and find stuff new. There was a stocker I got know there because I would go at like 3am and get one of each I didn’t have and there were a couple more like me. Then an ebayer who came in at 6am compained he was getting his CARs so the Manager started locking them up in her office and putting them out when she got in, in the morning so the ebayer could have them. Well they got additional complaints because of that and now they just don’t order them. They have like a 2 foot section for all types of CARS, L&S, AA, MS, etc. The super Walmart has a little bigger section but same thing happened there and they don’t much either. I actually saw the ebay guy at the Super Walmart he would stand there as the stocker put them on the shelf and push the stocker and anyone else their in the way and take all the new cars. The Super KMART stocker got in trouble for holding them and selling them in advance to Ebayers and got busted by Mattel; they won’t even send them new CARS until a month after release. So I just want to thank Mattel for making it all about Ebayers. I have the exact same issue with Monster High Dolls my daughter collects and again Mattel. I just don’t understand Mattel, they don’t get all the extra money the ebayers get. Ugh, so frustrating………..

    • Cherie says:

      You should see the Hotwheels collectors! They are the worst! I worked part-time in a toy store for a few years, and every single night it was the same thing – grown men coming in and stalking me -trying to be my best friend so I would hold Hotwheels for them. The fighting and backstabbing that went on was amazing! And they say women are bad. LOL!

  • momluvjnj says:

    Okay, where is everybody finding these new cars??? I haven’t seen a Hugo,Purple Grem, Becky without sticks, Otis, no new mini racers…or anybody else new for that matter. I’ve checked Toysrus…new cardboard Cars display…no new cars in it though. Nothing in Walmart or Target either. I’m in Pennsylvania near Philly…we must be the last to get anything :o(

  • Mike Manifold says:

    It appears that Purple Grem has a one piece front end, which is a departure from all of the orange Grems and Tyler Gremlin.

  • Jack says:

    Great to see new Singles. Glad these won’t be coming in a 5 pack or more with 1 new car. I think we may be finally getting past the overload of Finn and the other pegwarmers stage.

  • Tom says:

    Great case assortment, hope we see it in stores soon.
    Murakarmi couldn’t be an American car, any idea how hard it is to get an import into Japan?!?

  • bobbyjack says:

    I would buy Gremlins and Pacer Lemons in every color. We just opened Victor Hugo the other day and my kids put him on our oil rig with the other Lemons. Then they all watched Cars 2 for the first time in months. New Cars get the kids back interested in Cars.

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