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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Ultimate Chase Sweden in EVERY G Singles CASE?

The CASE G listing has been released – it is clearly the greatest and most worthy CARS 2 case released in a year!* It contains a bevy of new releases and perhaps THREE CHASE CARS in the assortment!

First, it does definitely contain 3 new CARS …

Okay, two are technically repaints but that purple is a pretty sweet repaint and Becky Wheelin has no thundersticks so it’s a big enough departure – plus the Airport Security guy, no question he’s all new so, TWO Chase CARS plus Don Crumlin AND the listing WITH the ULTIMATE CHASE Swedish driver – Jan Flash Nilsson on the list adds up to 24!

*Strangely, CASE E is the exact same case except with TWO Race Team Mater’s in the case. The listing for CASE G however deletes one of the Mater and adds Jan Flash on the list so does EVERYONE who orders a CASE G get an ultimate Chase?

First, why are CASE E and CASE G essentially duplicates? Because there are simply not enough orders? (as we postulated here?) Where the original plan was that “Flash’ might go in every 3rd or 5th case out of 15,000 but now sales are so far under that number, they are simply going to include one in every G case which has a run of 3,000 or 5,000? Which is why Don, Becky & Officer M are being doubled up in TWO cases – the only way to sell out a minimum production run?

I guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks but why not get a bevy of new releases plus it seems pretty good odds at landing the Ultimate Chase, Jan Flash Nilsson?

For ultra completists, you have a couple other reasons … it’s the first appearance of Francesco & Nigel on the no-side diecut cards …

There is a mix of the original side diecut cards on older releases such as race Team Mater and Carla … though Carla has the up pointing swirls on her back … and one of the Holley’s was missing a license plate – whether that’s a consistent error or a one-shot … you can roll the dice … and for additional ultra card completists, you also get the Hudson Hornet Lightning McQueen with a diecut card … previously only released on the no side diecut card …

AND will everyone who gets a sealed CASE G get an Ultimate Chase along with two other CHASE CARS plus Don … it’s almost like 2009 again … almost … it’ll definitely be Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez if everyone gets Jan … suck it Treasure Hunt! 🙂

Thanks – ChildrensToyCloset for the great pics and also Rob’s Place of Disney CARS for the additional info. So, if you got out of the habit of ordering cases from our advertisers, this case might pull you off the fence.

BTW, there is no CASE F.

And just to repeat, if you care not one wit about the Ultimate Chase, you can get everything in the listing above except for Jan and one more Mater by ordering CASE E.

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  • taylor says:

    There is an Ebay seller with loose ultimate chases…..the swedish racer and another two whom i forget just now, dont want to name the seller as not sure its allowed on T5.

  • mattmartin says:

    It will be VERY interesting to see the charges for these cases from the suppliers when Mattel finally open the flood gates a bit.

    I had a very interesting ebay message chat with somebody who claimed to have 10 Acer with torch prior to Kmart Day 8, selling for 69 bucks buy it now each. I knew the seller, a collector too, sadly turned money grabber. Used the phrase “supply and demand”.

    But then again, it is a free country and nobody is forcing anybody to buy at these prices, BUT crazily all 10 sold for 69 buck each.

    I think most of us will miss out on the Ultimate Chase cars unless we have very deep pockets and prepared to spend time on ebay.

    Sad what Mattel has reduced some of us to. 🙁

    Watch this space and set a saved search on ebay to “ultimate chase”.

    • brittanycenter2007 says:

      I completely get your frustration, i feel the same way about Frank (although hes not a ultimate chase) it still frustrates me that people take him and mark them up 10-15 times retail on ebay. Unfortunately my pockets are not that deep (we are a one income family)so my son will most likely never own one to play out his car scenes with. Same thing with Lizzie and Stanley, there is just such a demand for them right now and ebay sellers are just eating it up and taking full advantage of it. I also get frustrated with mattel because you know they see there is a high demand for certain cars so why not just make more and make your customers happy? Vent over LOL!

      • Jack says:

        The problem is Frank and Lizzie are two cars that haven’t been made for awhile and you can’t get them in stores anymore, so whoever does have extras know they are valuable and don’t want to give them
        Up cheap.
        I am really Hoping that Mattel does re release many originals. There is a huge demand for the original cars by newer collectors. Mattel should let the newer collector have a chance of getting these again.

        • brittanycenter2007 says:

          I wish they would too! My son is such a fan of the first movie (he’s 3) and I’m a mom that gets into my children’s interests so I just want him to have one of everything from the first movie and it’s just not happening unless they release them again 🙁 lol

          • Jack says:

            Yes I always feel for the newer collector. We could never hope to get them all if we had to start over. Thankfully we started collecting long enough ago to not have to really overpay for anything.
            My best advice would be to perhaps buy a loose lot that has a bunch you dont have in it. Keep checking the boards also. You never know who will post what. Every once in awhile someone decides to sell off their cars for reasonable prices. However you will have to be fast because there are a whole bunch of trollers and opportunists who circle like sharks when a good deal presents itself. All is fair in Cars. LOL.
            You should post your wants also. There are many kindhearted collectors around who may part with rare cars for less than they could get elsewhere to help a fellow parent. It’s always worth a shot. I know I have done my part to help others whom I had a soft spot for. I just having trouble saying no to the great ladies like Mariela, Angie, Alicia etc. and of Course Mia Señorita who I had to trek through a blizzard to the mall to get her the sets from the Disney Store. LOL. but it was my pleasure never the less.

            • brittanycenter2007 says:

              Awe that was super nice of you! I have only been on t5ad for a few weeks now and i have already met so many wonderful people (i have done a few trades and purchases from people that have been so fair, one even sent something extra for my son which i thought was just amazing). I plan on putting a list of needs up soon but im waiting a few weeks to let my husband calm down first,he was furious because i have spent about $200 on cars in the past few weeks (he just doesn’t understand) LOL!!

  • babychristiancars says:

    can’t wait to find these cars, or any new cars for that matter.

    The ultimate chase would be the perfect present for baby christian’s birthday in Aug.

  • mommasmyth says:

    can you even call something a chase when you pack 3 to a case?

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    Does anyone know when these are expected to be in stores in the us?

    • Jack says:

      Well some Wal Marts and a few other stores already received case D. TRU just put out displays with case C and D cars soI would imagine within a month or so we may start seeing case E in stores here and there.
      So many people knock themselves out(I used to do the same) and overpay to try and get every new release ASAP. With these regular case non exclusives there really isn’t a reason to panic or rush. These will be around soon enough. Just keep checking the forums for a heads up to when they start actually being found. Then you can walk into a store and for a few dollars get the new ones or perhaps trade or buy from a fellow collector who wants to help.
      Patience for most new cars is the key. That’s how I got the latest cars 4 for 10.00. I just waited till they came around.

  • PicksOurCars says:

    Anybody have a line on a Mattel retailer willing to help procure 2 G cases? I checked the usual sites (CTC & Robs) but no option to preorder/order that case can be found. Perhaps it is too early and they haven’t updated their sites yet (I will be checking back daily just in case) but I imagine there will be a huge demand for this case and want to be sure I don’t miss out. My sons may lose teeth fighting over one Nilsson and I want to be proactive to prevent missing out on a chance to get them! Anybody that can help please let me know. Thank you very much,

    Sean Rynders


    (MET: Always feel free to click on the EMAIL or just call them, both will respond quickly and answer any questions).

  • BMW says:

    The 3 new cars (Becky, Don Crumlin, Officer Murakarmi) in case E and G have been out in the UK and elsewhere overseas since April, but different case assortments. I traded for the international cardback versions in April because USA retail seemed stuck. I really expected that we would see the Ultimate Chase in case E.

    I should have waited for G to get a Ultimate Chase. But its good news if indeed this case G will show up at retail stores.

    Now that Mattel is repeating chase cars in consecutive cases –
    Someone at Mattel in charge of printing needs to change the Chase cardback labeling (1% of vehicles in this assortment)

  • taylor says:

    I wish the European cases where the same as the US, that way i could start getting a little excited! Still sometimes its good that its not as it allows good trade bait.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    I would have a hard time resisting this case if it contained Otis, J Curby Gremlin, Tubbs Pacer, Rip Clutchegonski, and Mama Bernoulli. Thanks Mattel, for making my gradual withdrawal easier.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Wait, so then I am guessing that most stores will get Case E but the Case with Jan Nilsson will only be to some stores…. right? (since Case E has no Jan but same contents as one with?)

  • Bumper Save says:

    Lassez les bons temps roulez for sure! This is great for us!

  • Justin-Case says:

    So when can we start seeing these in stores MET?

    (MET: That is the question – other than the TRU display, how many stores have gotten in CASE C? CASE D – never mind E or G? …)

  • John says:

    Making Jan Flash Nilsson relatively easy to find could be a way of getting collectors hooked on this sub-series. Once you have one you’ll be more inclined to try and collect the others.

  • cac1959 says:

    I just received a singles case E last week… I can’t see spending the money to buy another case just to get the Ultimate Chase Car…


    Evidently Mattel has a lot of work to do to fix some of the bridges they burned with early case assortments and non-selling product.

  • Jack says:

    Well I guess it’s good news if there is going to be an ultimate chase in every case. Should make it a bit easier to find. Only 4 new cars in the next 2 cases that the stores didn’t even get yet though. That unfortunately probably means lots of pegwarmers too.

  • Tom says:

    Great case assortment, hope we see it before too long.

  • jestrjef says:

    Something really fishy is going on around here with Mattel … really, really fishy … I wish I could see what their “big board” looks like … maybe it could explain the mystery behind the decisions they are making with who gets what where and when … craziness … all that being said, BRING ON THE NEW CARS!!

    • Mariela says:

      Exactly!! What is happening…??!?!! 😛
      First Mr. Lassetire said we had to “talk” to the backroom guy, and now there’s going to be 1 in each case?? Hmmmm, something smells fishy! 😕

  • Dunroamin says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the Ultimate chase…oh wait..i feel tons of axniety about not being able to get one…like the Apple Car…the good thing about Jan is he’s not part of the US released movie…so do I need to venture down that road?…uummmm….yeah

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