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Mattel Disney CARS 2 Diecast: Kmart CARS Day #8 In Store Event

Other than the crazy sad story of the idiot who ran out of the stores with three boxes of CARS, Day #8 seem to go fairly smoothly … there definitely was much fewer master cartons sent to each store – each master carton holds 4 boxes so as few as 4-8 boxes of CARS or 96 to 192 CARS available in each store. Of course, if only a few people showed up in your store, then it was all smooth but if wanted a set to open and one to keep sealed, then as few as 10 people at the store might cause you problems (since if your store got 196 CARS, 80 were Francesco’s and Lightning McQueen’s) … here’s pretty much what is left at the store closest to me after about 8 hours after the event.

And yes, they decided to save a little by not repainting Francesco’s helmet, leaving it the one pass silver chrome … the last few years, they have had additional sales of the cases after the event – whether they one this year or not is hard to say but the link is still “active” as of now … so if you see it go back live, drop us a line.

(and if you extras including the poster or your store still has extras other than LM or Francesco, drop me an email if you’re interested in trades. Thanks!).




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17 June 2012 Uncategorized 21 Comments


  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart Cases are back online!!!

  • kfalcon77 says:

    there were only 3 of us at our kmart sat morning, myself a 6 year old and his mom, so after making sure he had what he wanted I walked away with 2 sets and 1 poster. They must have had just the one master case as there were only four boxes that they emptied out into a tote. We have one other kmart in town and i do know that a guy came in after and bought all the remaining chase cars from both stores. I know there were a half dozen remaining when i left.

  • tizmanian says:

    They closed the Kmart near me so no more Kmart day snaps here in GA… 🙁

  • babychristiancars says:

    does anyone have a set of these and day 7 we can buy?


  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    The Lakewood, WA store, which received four master cases for sale #7, received one master case. The number of attendees increased by 50% to 3.
    Traditionally the turnout has been low for these events and K-Mart has been stuck unloading excess inventory at steep discounts. At least now supply may be in line with demand.

  • DDD says:

    At closing time or near it on Sunday, three of six Jacksonville stores still had almost everything. Two of the other three still did last night and probably did tonight too. (I never went to the sixth one.) Easy pickings but very sad. None even bothered to put up the store poster, but I didn’t care about that…the poster packed in the cases is awesome enough.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    I just noticed that on the picture kmart has online Francesco’s head is red but the one we have has a silver head, is anyone elses that way?

  • D J says:

    Got there at about 11:30 i think. (we live an hour away from the nearest kmart) I got one of each and a 2012 poster. (that’s a huge poster!) I just noticed celine is packaged backwords…i asked about having the store poster for the event, and they said if i came at 9:00 when they close, i could have it. So, since it was an hours travel one way,and with the price of gas, we just hung out there all day and went to a few stores.when we came back they gave it to us, and 2 leftover 2012 posters. At a wal-mart i found quite a few sal 2-packs and 1 security finn pack. (still at the $4 price!) In my opinion this was the best kmart day, with day 2 being 2nd, and day 7 last.( didn’t even bother going to that one.)Trying hard not to open celine! she’s suprisingly much bigger than i expected.

  • cac1959 says:

    Stores I checked towards the end of the event still had McQueen, Francesco, Jeff Gorvette, and Raoul Caroule.

    Each of the 7 stores I went into had received only 1 master carton.

    This would have been a great case had there been 3 each of the 8 Cars.

    As it was, I expect some of the stores to be offering free Silver Series Lightning McQueen with a $50 merchandise purchase.

    I’ve contacted Outlawbak – I want to be sure that young boy receives a set of the 8 Kmart 8 Cars.

    • BMW says:

      Thats nice CAC.
      Outlawbak will make sure that little boy ends up happy.

      Kmarts in the southwestern USA are so few and far between, it was not a surprise that yesterday’s event was drama filled for Outlawbak, my Grandson, myself and the little guy’s family.

  • BMW says:

    Was this the lowest production run of any of the 9 Kmart events?

    • John in Missouri says:

      This was only the 8th Kmart event.

      But with stores getting so few cases it HAS to be the lowest production run.

      HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be surprised if cases started appearing in England, France, Brazil, and Japan (“homes” of the racers).

      • BMW says:

        Typo – 9 is next to 8 on the keyboard.
        that my thinking, that this might be the lowest, but I never really got a handle on how many were produced for Kmart 1.

        Carrefour would be the most logical place for these in Europe.

        • John in Missouri says:

          Using only my local store as a guide, each of the last two events had the lowest production runs:

          #1 – 3 master cartons
          #2 – 3 master cartons
          #3 – 5 master cartons
          #4 – 5 master cartons
          #5 – 5 master cartons
          #6 – 5 master cartons
          #7 – 1 master carton
          #8 – 1 master carton

      • taylor says:

        We did see Kmart1 cars in the UK abt 2 yrs after the event in the US, hopefully we will again.

  • NascarFan says:

    We have 3 extra cases here. prices upon request. These were after the price change on Kmart.com.


    I do have posters coming, not sure how many. People who bought cases from me will randomly get the posters though.

    If you bought cases and want to donate your extra Mcqueens to the local homeless shelter The Road Home, I will dontate them for you.


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