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Disney Store London Calling 5-Pack

The Disney Store London 5-pack has some nice surprises. It’s mostly in scale to the Mattel 1:55 series.

Of course, Finn & Holley are repeats.

The bus is a skoosh taller (on the left) – a tad narrower but as you can tell, it’s essentially the same. The body is all metal (unlike the Mattel one which is metal for the 2nd level only). It has more stickers/ads & different ads and it’s technically the more correct matching Bus Route #13.

So, it’s a nice companion piece.

The Queen is also about the right scale (The Mattel one should be coming to the US soon).

So, if you can’t wait …

Sgt. Highgear is interesting also. His helmet is not quite flocked, it’s actually a piece of faux velvet cloth …

Is he a little large? He’s a Range Rover Defender while Miles Axelrod is a Range Rover Land Rover … so technically Miles should be larger … but Miles is actually a tad smaller than he should be … as he’s more a mini SUV size – for instance, Disney Sgt. Highgear next to CARS is pretty in scale …

The Mattel Sgt. Highgear is NOT flocked, it’s simply a large smooth piece of plastic … (coming later in 2012).

Depending on how tall the Mattel Sgt. Highgear will be … it might be the tallest CARS vehicle ever …

The Disney Store seems to be sold out of the 5-pack but Amazon sellers still have it.



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  • taylor says:

    Plenty of these in the UK stores, the bus is better quality and the queen is nice too..the other cars are way off scale.

  • Tom says:

    These do look nice, wouldn’t mind having a DD bus or two, but still waiting on Mattel…

  • Dekoy says:

    A shame for those that are now showing interest in these sets, as up until them being sold out recently were on the DS website for $10.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Now this is a DS set that I might actually be interested in! Love the #13 bus to Killswitch; I was going to try and make my own decals and customize the Mattel #91 to Crosshead, but this is easier!

  • John in Missouri says:

    I wonder if The Clash approved the name?

    • Mike Manifold says:

      heh heh

    • Mike Manifold says:

      This was the focal piece for Manifold Jr’s 6th birthday this last weekend, along with Leland Turbo (thanks CTC) and the newest launchers (thanks Micky). My formula to improve this set: remove and donate DS Finn and Holley, add the Mattel bus in the left rear position, add Mattel Holley with Wings in the right rear, and replace the DS bus with an additional DS Sgt. Highgear, so that the Queen is flanked by her guards. Sgt. Highgear’s velvet hat is amazing. It caused Baby Manifold to instantly chuckle with delight. I predict that it will be superior to Mattel’s, if only because of the hat texture.

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