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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Read ‘Em & Weep – CARS 1 … Yep, I’m Back, Baby

Can something not be a surprise but a shock?

CARS 1 CARS are coming back … at least on paper.

Yes, it’s a strange list of singles but would you expect any different?

Look, digest and read the rest after the photo checklist …

A strange selection of first comeback releases. The big 4 are obvious candidates but Ron Hover? Dexter Hover & Octane Gain seem to be part of the 2nd release.

The most important thing is that as TRU exclusives, no one should actually bet money until they appear on the shelves – TRU has a tendency to back out of a lot of releases – box sets are listed and then disappear or the Final Lap series was TRU’s until they back out at the last moment.

It’s also impossible to say whether we will actually see many on the shelf as TRU has a tendency to place an order, then never place a re-order or wait a long time until the laggards get sold out. It appears there are 12 to the case so it seems the cards are the same size as the last Final Lap case releases.

As for the other townies not listed? There are also 3-packs and a 10-pack. There is no further info listed so will the box sets be complementary or mostly repeats of these singles? Tuners? Sally? Lizzie? Fillmore? Probably the Red, Guido & Luigi is a 3-pack?

Presumably these will be out around Christmas time or for the holiday reset but as of now, it’s just words on a list.

They do all have new UPC numbers – probably so there isn’t any confusion in the system as the old UPC’s are probably listed as markdowns or EOL clearance.

More info as it comes – so if you missed out on CARS 1, at least some are coming back at “retail” prices.


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11 April 2012 Disney Pixar, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 24 Comments


  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    Words can not describe how excited this family would be if they brought back cars from the first movie. My son didn’t really get into cars until 2010 and at that point there were not many cars on the shelf left for picking. Now im stuck to flea market finds and ebay (i have searched every retail store in my area from big lots to drug stores with little luck).

    (MET: Yea, the pickings are pretty slim since nearly every CARS 1 CAR is still sought after … now that it’s summer, your flea market chances might improve but if these make it out, at least you’ll be able to pick up a few dozens CARS 1 CARS at regular retail – good luck! Be sure and post in our FORUMS – someone might have openers they are willing to part with).

  • BMW says:

    I’d like to see a Sheriff when Ramone asks him Oh Dude are you crying?
    Wonder why Mattel never fixed Sheriff. He has always needed curb feelers.

  • wehrcheryl1 says:

    I strongly agree. What will happen to the collect ability and the prices?. Now I feel betrayed by Mattel. Should I even bother collecting Pixar Cars any longer?.



    (MET: My opinion is that each series stands on its own and frankly, it’s 3 to 1 odds that TRU will get in like 2 cases and never re-order making this card series one of the hardest to find like most of the Storytellers … unless I rush out and get a complete set on Day 1, then of course, each TRU will get like 35 cases. 🙂 And people will soon be complaining that there are too many Lizzies).

  • Tom says:

    Oh the resellers who have been getting $10-20 for Sheriff are going to be crying now.
    I wouldn’t mind getting a few of these but the selection does seem rather random and somewhat lame.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Wow, intriguing news; I can’t wait to see what really happens….

  • pixarlover says:

    Great news !!!!
    These are toys.
    Every year kids are born.
    Every year a new generation discovers cars.
    Should not every kid be able to get the toy they so desire?
    Yes yes yes yes YES.
    I’m a dad first a collector second.
    We open one and save one.
    Nothing bugged me more than hot wheel collectors scalping lesser produced cars on eBay.
    This is great for moms and dads just starting out.
    We helped a family in the UK get cars for their child that costs them 3 to 4 times what it does here in the US.
    We sent about $2500 US in cars to their son they were so greatful to get cars they could not find there.
    To us it is all about the Kids.
    If someone gets grouchy about Mattel producing enough toys for kids then maybe they should not collect kids toys.
    Enjoy the ride…collect what you like whether it appreciates or not…if it is about preserving the perceived current value of your collection consider this post of Mets insider trading and get out of this if you don’t like it.

    • quercy says:

      “Should not every kid be able to get the toy they so desire” if Mattel is so about offering toys to kids I would enjoy reading your explanation about SUPER CHASE ?.. 😉 there is two games going on…. Please kids of course and collectors. Don’t take me wrong, my kids have plenty of CARS to play with and I am offering CARS to many other children too. I know how addictive they are. I will never get enough of them. Like many others I am dying to see the NEW chacracters and variations not the same old stuff… There is sooooo much room for new items…. And TOONs is offereing infinite possibilities too… Value of a collection for me is way much more than money. Remembering how you got a Bessie through a trade, a Lizzie you bought on Ebay or the feeling to see a new item on the pegs or finding an error… that is the “value” of a collection.

  • Bumper Save says:

    It’s not the best choice but the start of a new frontier in Cars. Plus, my Tex Dinoco lost a mirror and I need a replacement!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Glad to hear this. I misplaced my Sheriff and never found an N2o Cola, but whyyyyy do they have to be TRU Exclusives??? 🙁

  • quercy says:

    WHYYYYYYYY ????? This is not what I was expecting for CARS 1 return….

    As a coin or stamp collector point of view I would be really mad to see old stamps and coins to be republish and destroy the value of my collection…. What else they can do to discourage us from “Collect them all” ?

    Really a weird and strange line to collect. Or we like to be tortured or just in blindless love with these charming characters….

    Now Matell since you have break the rule, bring on Bessie, Materdor, Brian Parks and cie! Why Not after all?

  • ChrisB says:

    Weird. So the whole “Final Lap” terminology meant what exactly?

    And at least release some new cars. I don’t really want to see these 4-year old characters on the shelves. How about more trailers, pit crews and launchers to finish what they started? Now THAT would be cool!!

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      Maybe these were all of the repeat Singles that were supposed to be with the Final Lap, because it did say over 40+ new Cars, plus your favorite old ones too!

  • corinne says:

    COOL, I need a fixed eyes sheriff !!!!

  • MrBrownstone says:

    Wow – a potential opportunity to:

    a) replace cars that my son breaks / chips badly without havign to pay a huge price tag


    b) get a painted eye collection to replace my current lenticular set…

    Decisions, decisions…

    I’m assuming that this is a US TRU exclusivity deal – will this extend to the UK TRU or other UK retailers???

    • taylor says:

      Mr Brownstone, I think seeing these in a UK Trus is a 50/50, we have seen all the pittys and crew cheifs quite recently for the first time in the UK and we got the finish line McQueen so fingers crossed, N2o Cola would be a good find as I had to go to Ebay for one in the end. As for Cars2 I still haven’t seen a Miquel camino never mind Rip…how about you?

  • cac1959 says:

    My nearest TRU is 70 miles away… still, it would be great to see the return of fixed eyed Cars… Lil Torquey Pistons and N2O Cola were never released as plastic tire singles, just as Lightyear Launchers (and a TRU promo)… how about Tach O Mint with plastic tires?

    Flo as a fixed eye single will be nice… but the other townies, such as Lizzie, would be great to see.

  • Jack says:

    WOO HOO!!!!!! The best Cars news in years. Let’s hope this is only the beginning and we see many more new and old Cars 1 cars again. Cars 1 Rules!!!!!!!!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Bleah. Not exactly neat for me since the nearest TRU is 35-40 minutes away. I am happy about the news, but I have to wonder if these will just be repackaged leftovers.

  • kappa_toyz says:

    I was only saying this a couple of weeks ago to the missus, if Mattel have all the castings for the old Cars and Cars 2 really ain’t doing so well and so many of us want the 1st film releases why don’t they bring out Original Cars cars and call them Cars classics, Its not like its gonna cost Mattel very much to make them again

  • taylor says:

    One word: Fantastic!

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