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Amazon Instant Video Now on Demand: Playstation 3

Amazon Instant Video On Demand is now available to PS 3 owners. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s an nice additional option as you can now stream several thousand additional choices for free.

Add the AMAZON option on your PS 3 – and ask to generate a “code.”

Then log into www.amazon.com/mytv and enter the code and your PS3 will be registered.

You can also rent and buy movies but while it might be a viable option on your computer or your Kindle Fire, Amazon On Demand is useable but not very elegant on the PS3.

Netflix is pretty straightforward – every title listed in streaming is available at no additional charge. It’s much more complicated here. Some are available free to PRIME customers, others cost money – the free selection is much weaker, and it’s not nearly as well organized as Netflix – for instance, each TV season is listed separately and not even together. Also, some of the text is not in HD.

But like Netflix, the nice thing is you can watch on one device, pause, and pick up at the same place on another device.

There seem to be a few titles on Amazon that are not available on Netflix but nothing so amazing that it makes a major difference – Netflix clearly has many more titles.

So, it’s a nice additional option on your PS3 and it’s a free add-on if you have Amazon Prime so why not … but it’s not a major addition to your PS3.

(There is no Amazon On Demand player for Apple IOS devices).


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7 April 2012 Internet, movies 2 Comments


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