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Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Finn & The Great American Clearance

If you missed it, this is the week of the great American CARS 2 Clearance … Check here for all the details for all the major retailers – sale runs through Sunday 4.8.2012.

Well the easy part is done at this Target, now if this store can sell the remainder Finn’s – then step one will gone according to plan.

There is one Holley with Wings left …

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  • BMW says:

    Kmarts in Albuquerque NM are wiped clean. Last weekend they had dozens of playsets and a few singles/doubles. Tonight my grandson reports a Fillmore with headset single is there.
    Target here in Houston had 3 finns left. everything else single wise gone.
    They did put out a case of 4 packs at 8.98, so another Ronnie Cooper 4 pack is now in my collection.

  • D J says:

    oh so the day before i will finally get to a kmart during this it ends. dang it.

  • danrio says:

    Our Target also had playsets selling at 50% off, so I picked up the “Photo Finish Raceway”, the one with the Tire Talky truck It’s plastic, but it can rest on its own wheels when not hooked up to the track. And, while the lenticular 3 position display on the right side of the truck is not amazing, it adds a bit of variety to the truck as a display item.

    Aside from that, i didn’t find anyting I didn’t already have.

  • flophunter says:

    hello all i tryed to wipe my area clean. i found 78 cars that are not the main 3. then thought about it i need rainchecks, so i have 7×9 of them. does anybody know if the upc will be the same for wave two????? i hope so, or theses raincheck are worthless.
    happy happy hunting!!!!!!!!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Found 3 full Cases of the K-Mart Day 7 Cars when I returned that Finish Line Frenzy McQueen to get one without a scrape. Bought a full Case plus 5 extras for $25.00. Glad I didn’t buy a Case for this event now! Thought about getting some Finns to clear out but I didn’t. Didn’t check Wal-Mart although I may go tomorrow.

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      Also, they had to ring up each different type of Car individually because they had differnet UPC’s. This may just be for singles but I don’t know, because I thought this was strange since I hear so many complaints on how each Car has the same UPC.

      • Jack says:

        No every different car has a unique UPC- product code but the problem is Target doesn’t use the UPC as most stores do. They lump all UPC’ in the same categories, like all singles into the same DCPI #. Therefore they can’t tell 1 single from any other nor any deluxe from another. Etc.
        Targets DCPI for all singles is 087-07-1962. So any 1 dollar Lightnings or any other Cars bought this week will be the same in Targets eyes as new cars bought until whenever they change the DCPI and the 1 dollar car can be returned with receipt for 4.00 cars you buy later. Any single= any other single. Any hauler = any other hauler etc. in Targets world.
        Makes it harder to find specific vehicles but is a real friendly return policy that allows you to pay less for cars you want later.

      • Jack says:

        Might want to check Kohls out too. I read BMW I believe say they price matched for her so I went there and they did in fact price match for me as well. Kihls has had some later cases too. They didn’t have anything that new but did have the Carlo and Lewis case there so I figured you can’t go wrong with those and a few others for a buck each.

    • Mariela says:

      Kmart day 7?

  • CHERIE says:

    If you are going to Kmart to find the RT versions make sure that you do not go to a store that is closing, because they are not honoring the sale prices. You would think they would, being that they are trying to liquidate their merchandise. I drove 30 minutes out of my way,gathered up about 50 cars, and waited in the check-out at a store the was closing only be told that they would not honor the sale. I am now off to hit up the last few Kmarts in my area!

  • Tom says:

    Finally got to my Target yesterday. Still a goodly amount of Finns, both singles and deluxe, left to move. They had 2 Reds and 1 DD Bus as well. Looks like they brought a bunch of Charge Ups out from the back, I hadn’t seen any of those on the shelf for a while.
    Looking forward to finding new Cars for the first time in a long time soon!

  • John says:

    Meanwhile the Target exclusive “charge ups” are just sitting there. Also plenty of lights & sounds and Quick Changers. Mattel needs to permanently lower the prices on all the lines.

  • BMW says:

    3.99 doesn’t seem to be low enough to sell off the Deluxes. All stores I went to look like the pictures Met posted, pegs full of Sub Finns.

  • GotFrank says:

    I personally took 38 Petrov Trunkovs out of circulation…
    And 12 Francesscos for a friend. Come on new Cars!

  • bobbyjack says:

    This has worked at the few stores I have been to in the last few days. The pegs are really starting to clear out. Looking forward to finding some new cars this month.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Too bad they can’t keep these at 99-cents forever.

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    And to think there will be more Finns and more repeats to come.

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