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The Delicious Kiss to Make You Go Numb-Numb …

You are a knockout … well … your lips…

your lips like knockout gas …

Via AHALife.

“Morphine Lips is a California-based social collective that draws inspiration from fashion, music and nightlife. Morphine Lips lip balm was inspired by the Kill Hannah song “Lips Like Morphine” about a kiss so powerful it leaves the recipient numb and gasping for air.”

Do buy it and kiss and tell (us).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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27 January 2012 Gadgets One Comment

One Comment

  • Jack says:

    Working in health care has given me a first row seat to witness the plague of prescription painkillers that is destroying many people and families all over our country.
    So I for one don’t Like the name of the advertising of this product. It doesn’t surprise me though. Some day soon all drugs will be legalized anyway. This product is just another means toward that end.

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