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Lego “Hologram” 3D Augmented Reality AR Shopping

Okay, it’s not really a hologram and it only appears in the TV screen but still pretty cool … Apparently at Lego Stores and maybe select retailers, when you hold the Lego box in front of a special TV screen … you get a 360 view of the Lego bricks of that set assembled and in video action!

Via Engadget.com

Just think, in a few years, they’ll be able to read your RFID Driver’s License and when you pick up a Star Wars Blu Ray, Princess Leia will be that hologram beseeching you to help her, BOB – by buying this Blu Ray – you’re my last hope! 🙂

Or Mater will show that really, these color changers work and demo it for you …



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23 September 2011 Design, Lego 3 Comments


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