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Disney D23 Expo: The Great Mariela, Pablo & Son TakeFive Adventure

Mariela, her husband Pablo and son basically spent the show shuttling between the car park …

… and here …

Yes, this is the line to get into the Disney Store.

And this by far the shortest line as I took this photo around 1:00 PM when they had pretty much sold out of everything exclusive.

This is just one of 4 schleps they made to the car and this is just from 10 AM to 1 PM ON SUNDAY! (that’s 4 Chome LM’s in each large case there) so if anyone wants to complain about ANYTHING regarding your order, I’d like you to drive out to the show, stand in line repeatedly, keep checking their phones for orders incoming and then hand carry everything out to the garage. Their son didn’t question why mom & dad needed to corner 20%? of the world’s supply of chrome LM’s. 🙂

The Disney person I spoke to said only 250 were at the show and this box seems to confirm it. I guess the official name is “D23 Silver Edition McQueen.”

BTW, Mariela talked them into selling them the cases so you are getting boxes right out of the carton!

So, there were a handful left on the shelf by late afternoon.

BTW, so not only did they help T5 members corner 10-20% of the world’s supply of D23 LM’s – they found time to take great pics …

And since they opened one up, that further reduces the worldwide supply by .04% 🙂

Yep, he lights up!

And back!

Great details – even lift up roof flaps – you hardly ever see that!

(roof flaps help keep a race car from launching when going sideways or backwards).

Super sweet details! When you lift off the undercarriage to get to the battery compartment … or for true geeks to add a wedge … 🙂 (anyone selling a tiny wedge?)

Or the cute but cool detail of placing the diecast battery in the gas tank! Nice!

So, thanks, Mariela, Pablo & Son for all your hard work! Let’s see, they bought 500 CARS for you guys, stood in line for 3 days, took a dozen detailed photos for you guys … and now are at home busy packing your stuff. We may owe them one of those carriages where we carry them around for a few days.

Get your Paypal shipments in to them! Good luck finding another one.

Thanks again for doing all the hard work!

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  • Tom says:

    I like the detail on LMQ, he even has a driveshaft driven alternator!

    Thanks to ALL that helped T5ers everywhere get in on the D23 goodness!

  • DBCarsGuy says:

    Thank you so much for the personal time and effort taken to help fellow collectors and lovers of all that is CARS.

  • Chris says:

    I missed seeing the offer to get one. Is it still possible to buy one off of Mariela, Pablo & Son? If so please tell me where to send the paypal payment and how much.

  • firefighteruk says:

    I for one am VERY grateful to Mariela, Pablo & Son for the time and effort. Dont usually get chance to pick up special edition for the original issue price so a massive THANKS to them. Also thanks to Kevin for his speedy responses passing e-mails back and for acting as a link from the UK to the USA.

  • kdthomas says:

    …and 50% of these will be at an Ebay auction near you.

  • slicepie says:

    Thank you Mariela and family for having the patience and willingness to work with all of us, especially those of us who couldn’t make up our minds. Thanks also to Kevin for orchestrating the entire ordeal. And to second what was said below, being the “runner” is quite a bit of work and those doing it definitely deserve every extra penny they receive for sacrificing their time, and sometimes their very well-being so others can further their own collections.

  • Outlawbak says:

    My heartfelt THANK YOUs go out to you guys for not only helping me, but all the others of us that live too far away, or could not get to the show for whatever reason, byy buying these items for us.

  • TheCaptain says:

    I feel like a broken record, but I just can’t say thanks enough. Take 5 is an amazing community, as shown by the tremendous efforts of mariela & all for the rest of us who couldn’t be there. Unfortunately we planned our vacation to California a couple weeks too early. Instead, I got to wait for over an hour for the ‘sky cruiser’ ride at legoland, which probably only lasted few minutes. We still had fun, tho (and got our first cars legos set)… Aaaaaaaaanyways… hope you got to enjoy also and are recovered from the weekend. Thanks again!
    – Chris

  • KlowdyO says:

    Thank you Mariela & Family for helping so many of us who couldn’t be there. Hope you got in some time for yourselves. This was definitely hard work and a HUGE THANKS for helping me get a couple of items. Also wanted to thank Kevin for organizing/updating etc… and I’m glad I saw his posts on Mattycollector. Thanks again!!! 😀

  • BMW says:

    This just trumps the JL Signature Series Car, that Mattel never released.
    good for Disney Store stepping up. Mattel you have real competition.

    And my kudo’s to everyone involved for making it possible to get this gleaming Lightning Mcqueen.

    Sincere thanks to you guys.

    PS to carton designer and printer_ the word is Silver not Sliver.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Day Laborer #150811 says 谢谢.

      In related news, Day Laborer #150811 was just fired for missing 5 seconds from his or her work day to thank you.

  • apcalc says:

    Thank you very, very much for your work! It is greatly appreciated!

  • Lorri says:

    Yeah, Thanks Mariela! I cant wait for my son to see this. He will be so happy!!!!!

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    Thanks to Mariela and family, as well as Nascar and others for helping in all matters related to this.

    Very cool pics!

  • corinne says:

    Thankyou so much for all your hard work !! I hope you 3 had some fun in between all the trips to the car and the crazy lines. This was greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten !!

  • Corey'sDaddy says:

    Thank you to Mariela & family and those behind the scenes for your hard work. Shopping may be fun but standing in line is not add answering phones and responding to texts and then back and forth. I hope that you get the appreciation that you deserve.

    You guys should post you needs list, if I have anything on it or can get it, you are more than welcome to it.


  • Micky says:

    Thank you Mariela & Pablo!!!

  • NascarFan says:

    Great job Mariela and Pablo.

    Want to try SDCC on for size? you will get a few trips of walking done there for sure.

    Anyone who “takes on these Buyers Trips” and “steps to help everyone” not just a few people, it is WORK. Nothing but work.

    I have said that for a few years now. I hope other are getting the big picture.

  • oliversmom says:

    I saw them at “work”. AMAZING!!!
    Thank you!

  • Bmckim says:

    your generosity it amazing. It takes a whole lot of paitence to do what you have done and for what?, us the crazies wanting something so sweet looking. Thank you!!!!

  • LUCA says:

    I love Mariela!!

  • John in Missouri says:

    How nice of them!!

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