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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Ridemakerz Francesco is What is Happening …

The new Ridemakerz Francesco is pretty nice …

With “real” rubber tires (well, synthetic rubber like …)

Next to 1:55 Francesco.

Of course, you can swap out a bunch of the parts like replacing the exhaust pipes with these …

Be nice if you could that in real life though of course, your gas mileage will be like .5

The new Lightning McQueen is pretty great also …

You can swap out the engine, exhaust, rims, tires & spoilers … you also get a full sheet of stickers to really customize …

New Spy Gear accessory pack.

And of course, there’s Finn!

As noted, some are only available at TRU.

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  • CarsforAJ says:

    The cool part is that if you live near an actual Ridermakerz store, Ive been to the one in Orlando at Downtown Disney, you can take any of these vehicles there and pay $25 to turn it into a remote control car. I took my son up there back during the State Farm Cars 2 Tour and customized and built a Stealth Black Mater, I’ll post a pic when the forums go back up. Theyre pretty sweet and look real nice. They control pretty well and my son LOVES it. They sell different ones for Cars at the store, they have a Sally model there too. You can also turn any vehicle into a monster truck with a different chassis and I think thats $35 w/ remote control. It’s like build a bear workshop but Cars, pretty amazing store.

  • Tom says:

    Rod would be perfect as a Makerz, that is why I like Makerz Mater, he looks believable with crazy engine and exhaust parts sticking out.

  • snosno says:

    ROFLMAO @ First pic!!!! Im terrible. OMG!! I looked again. I hope im not alone here and sorry to anyone who may get mad at me. I need to know if im the only one here. If I am thats cool too. It made me laugh.

  • DDD says:

    Just picked him up in a 29.99 set that includes red rims. With $10 off that’s just 19.99! Really nice vehicle. I honestly can’t tell if the eyes are painted like the other three or a sticker as they’re shiny. Even opened one in store. But if they’re stickers they’re extremely well done. Might as well be painted. Get him quick before the sale is over! Luckily I was traveling today cause I had to call a few on the route before I found one. He alsowas there in a bigger set but not necessary. Apparently doesn’t come in smaller chassis package but with sale andneed for red rims the set I got is perfect.

    Also saw ship train crabby set. Crabby is underwhelming with sticker eyes. And wood cars are just $7 and change at 40 percent off per set but that ends today.

    • DDD says:

      Oh I see from the photos here that you can get him in the chassis-only set. But the next-size set is nicer as it includes the red rims, and takes you over the $25 point to get the $10 off. (It still has the standard tires, though.)

  • John in Missouri says:

    No wonder nobody knows to spell anymore — here we have a package with the words “Makerz”, “Chooze”, and “Cruize”.

    My complaint aside, are the eyes painted on or are they stickers?

    (MET: Water Decal – sealed … part of the spelling thing is the copyright/trademark thing … very hard to copyright common words unless it’s out of left field (Blackberry for electronic device, etc …), that’s why a water filter is PUR and not PURE).

  • D J says:

    At disney, i had about 10 minutes to spend there, otherwise i could have missed my bus to travel 24 hours to home. haha. About $50 got me sally with green/blue tires and sound things. Somehow iim going to get more you’ll see. 😛

  • InsanePirateDragon says:

    I have the Finn and a carbon Lightning myself and Its niffty. I’m gonna be getting the Francesco soon though. These make you wish so much that customizing was this quick.

  • Bumper Save says:

    I must say, this is the first Francesco I’ve seen in a while that’s actually worth getting excited about. A nice change from the usual Pegwarmery take on Francesco.

  • eltonlin98 says:

    great, so where’s Rod Torque Redline?

  • cac1959 says:

    That is one nice Francesco… I bought the Deluxe Ransburg Mater back on May 16 – my grandson and I really like it… I may have to buy this Francesco – the rest of them are currently pegwarmers… but this one is definitely neat.

  • jestrjef says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wish changing the motor in my REAL truck would be THIS easy! I have been removing it for the the last 2 days allllll because the Take 5 Forum is out and I needed SOMETHING to do! 😆

  • DDD says:

    Finally! I had figured Francesco was going to be one of those toys who makes the packaging photo but never the shelves. Is he at TRU now? He looks awesome, and note to Mattel: you CAN do large-scale with PAINTED eyes! I wanted a big Finn, and that’s why I got my first Ridemakerz instead of one of your spy shifters or RC Finns. No crooked, wrinkled, peeling-up eye stickers!

  • John in Missouri says:


  • hostile takeover banker says:

    I wish there were some 1:55s like these.

    • John in Missouri says:

      This is exactly why I don’t yell “First!” anymore — your comment must have been awaiting moderation, and just now posted.

      • hostile takeover banker says:

        Yes, everytime I post I get the message and it takes a while to properly show. I thought it may be a lag on the site (which I clearly noticed when the Forums were up and running) but more likely Met is making sure I am not posting “First” or anything else silly! Where is that Futurerobot?

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