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Backup Back to the Future …

Via Top Cultured (some links NSFW).

Some Captions …

10) Marty has some ‘splaining to do.

09) “DeLorean Repo.” I never miss an episode.

08) For sale? Over my dead body! I’d just as soon sell my pork ‘n bean can collection!

07) I meant to go back in time and grab a DeSoto dealership. Missed it by that much.

06) My barter trade started with a Lea Thompson photo which I traded for a Mr. Coffee machine … the rest is hazy.

05) You found the secret 80’s Club meeting site! Great Scott!

04) When you buy the DVD, the Blu Ray, the Trilogy, the Trilogy Blu Ray, the Ultimate Anniversary DVD set … you get a lotta rewards points.

03) Variant tires, variant tail lights, arrow in the tail pipe version … you know how it is – sometimes, you just have to collect them all.

02)Anyone can hoard cats and newspapers …

01) Digital River NEVER gets any orders right.

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8 August 2011 movies 13 Comments


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