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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Kmart Crew Chiefs Arrive in … France

Other than “JesterJef’s” find in Florida, they are pretty hard to find in the US … though apparently they can be found in France at Carrefour (the world’s second largest retailer).

The Exclusive Carrefour is a sticker that can be removed.

Thanks, “David V.”

Photos courtesy of “Burn Out’s Car Collection.”


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  • BuddhaMike says:

    Found nine of these in Charlottesville, VA two nights ago (2 Carla, 7 Fillmore). Visited a Kmart in Waynesboro and another in Harrisonburg yesterday, and called Richmond today, and none of those stores have gotten them yet. So there appears to be no even distribution to Kmarts within a region. I’m wondering how exclusive cars get distributed. Do they close their eyes and poke their finger on a map and say, “OK, send them here” and then start the process over again.?

  • Pontiac Michigan says:

    Found Exclives Earphone Mater/McQ and the Carla Velosa with VW Chief at
    2 different K-marts around Pontiac, Michigan area. So they must be
    comming up I-75 from Florida with the SnowBirds!

  • danrio says:

    In most cases, it doesn’t really matter how close or how far away your nearest KMart is, mine is only 3 minutes down the road and it still doesn’t have any of the 2-pack crew sets.
    By the way, it was my “KMart ordering saga” article that prompted over 50 comments on the subject of KMart ordering last week. The only call I’ve gotten from K-Mart since I last “spoke” (a very gentle word) to them was a call from someone named “Rick” in Pennsylvania (I’m in California, by the way). Rick, I’m sure, was the recipient of the buck passed to him by the person(s) I “spoke” to aout the 2 cancelled orders and who told me they were going to try to make this better. Rick said he didn’t take care of this kind of problem but would pass it on to someone who does (or was it someone who cares? – I’m a little hard of hearing, sometimes). Either way, it’s been a long pass!

  • Tom says:

    C’mon Kmart!
    What are you waiting for?!?
    Lord ‘ave mercy!

  • BMW says:

    Wish Sears would sell these. The nearest Kmart is 150 miles from here, and I won’t ever order on line until the on line ordering is fixed.
    Thank goodness for friends who help out.

  • Monica says:

    Dang, I wish my nearest KMart wasn’t so far away!

    • oliversmom says:

      I am joining your club, Monica…

      • sidewall74shine says:

        Me 3. My nearest one is far. “My” Kmart (Actually by my parents’ house) isn’t that good, still old stuff, but hopefully these will be there. I will be going soon, so wish me luck. If Kmart goes out of business, maybe Target will get these as exclusives.

  • Mariela says:

    I think I will have to send my in-laws to visit Carrefour in Argentina!! There’s plenty of those stores over there as well.. 😮

  • Chris says:

    Come on, Mattel Canada. Get with it! These sets are all setup with international packaging and everything. Just distribute them!

  • Chihualover says:

    I just found several of both sets in a Kmart in Winchester, Virginia. They had 3 Carla/Chief combos and 7 LM/Fillmore combos. The Kmart website also pictured the Francesco/Chief 2 pack but the backs of the above combos only have the 2 sets above pictured, not 3 (no Francesco/Chief pictured).

    Then I happened to go to ToysRUS and drop $200 bucks on the new wooden 2 packs. They are too cute! There are 19 packs (on the TRU website), I bought 15 at the store, 2 online and still need to find the last 2.

    I hear an intervention calling my name:)

  • jestrjef says:

    It is good to see that these are starting to pop up in more places. I still have only seen them the one time and I have checked numerous Kmarts at numerous times since. 😀

  • cac1959 says:

    I found them in Muncie (Indiana) on Saturday… there are 4 Carla/Crew chief and 8 McQueen with racing wheels/Fillmore with headset per case of 12… I’ve only found them in 1 of 3 Kmart stores I’ve gone to.

    I think distribution will be a lot like the Pit Crew Mater (Starter) single… I found them at 1 of 8 Kmart stores the first week they were reported… and now they’re pegwarmers at every Kmart I’ve gone to.

    I really like the International cardback… it’s quite “Bully”!

  • rpag says:

    I found these this weekend in central PA. It was just these two in the case. There seemed to be more of McQueen/Fillmore than Carla/Chief

  • oliversmom says:

    Thanks David! I feel like visiting France again would be absolute necessity!!!!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Wow! Great find I just wish I lived in France right now. Was Francesco and Giuseppe Motorosi there? Or will he be released with Jeff Gorvette and John Lassetire?

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