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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Kmart – Small & Cute Trumps Grumpy Adults

While us adults might feel a bit grumpy and yelley at Kmart, we are trumped by the cute …

Carl C’s daughter, Mazzy has no problems shopping at Kmart – they even have shelved CARS for her at her height. 🙂

“At kmart cars day 5 – they messed up and opened up all the cases. so when we got there they just said “help yourself”. which was disappointing since the whole ticket thing is part of the fun. Then on day 6 my mom was with us, mazzy got picked first then went to her box and grandma yells out “go ahead and pick your cars!” (before they gave the green light). but mazzy remembered from day 4 that you get a ticket and wait till they tell you to open, so she waited patiently and we all giggled. too funny. good times. thats what this is all about….”

And with manners! Good thing she hasn’t seen the crazy “adults” pushing, shoving or running off with the boxes …

And here she is on May 15th …CARS Collecting – not so hard …

Though the lesson might be, if you’re really cute, Cars will literally fall into your lap? 🙂

“Her fav right now is probably Holly, but since they have been a part of most her life the favs change. it was actually a great learning experience since she could name all her cars before she could say the alphabet. and it was a great incentive since most of the collection was built thru “on-time” and “pee-pee” prizes. not to mention the countless hours (and still counting) of bonding time. i dont have to tell you, but the value of cars is truly priceless. speaking of easy collecting, one more pic attached of her on the big day – the first day of cars 2 diecast release (may 15). she was cracking up everybody at TRU with her excitement. daddy was pretty excited also. i’ll never forget filling the cart (and her lap) that day.”

Nice to hear a nice story. 🙂

Thanks Carl C. and Mazzy! Good luck with your collecting!

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  • babychristianscars says:

    absolutely adorable.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Thanks for the reminder of what joy there is in this hobby! It can be easy to forget, with all of the daily frustrations with Mattel and the stores, but so easy to remember when you see the expression on the little ones’ faces, such as with Mazzy in the cart – simply a priceless expression!

  • Terri says:

    Awesome story! Thank you for sharing!

  • Addiction101 says:

    That’s funny about knowing the cars names before the alphabet, because my son was the same way he could name every character, including obscure ones, from the first movie before he turned 2.

  • TheCaptain says:

    Whew! All 3 kiddos off to sleep after a long day (TRU, gymnastics, ballet, kmart, lunch, target, etc) so I can finally post a decent comment.
    Being an A/V freak, I have always appreciated pixar flicks, even pre-kids. I especially looked forward to cars since I’m also a nascar fan. Mazzy was born that year (’06), I got her first car in ’07 (a cruisin’ mcqueen. I’m a chevy guy and was drawn to the ‘vette throwback). What started as an occasional new car turned into shopping for them as our thing to do together (nothing beats finding a new car with you child. To the point that I’m bummed when I find one without her), which turned into searching for them at every available moment, which has resulted in a near complete collection.
    All that said, I’ve been following take 5 for years and finally decided to sign up so I could join in the fun. A huge thanks to met for this post, it made mazzy’s day to see herself here. She knows of take 5 since this is where I show her the new cars that we need to look for (daddy was pretty stoked also).

    • jestrjef says:

      Welcome to the Carscraziness!! I know exactly how you feel when it comes to hunting with the kids! It is an awesome feeling whne you find something with your kids there ….. even better when THEY FIND IT!! We did a little hunting yesterday morning and my soon to be 5 year old son spotted the Frank C. 7 pack all by himself! He was VERY VERY quick to point out that he did not have the blue and white car OR the black car in the back yet … the man was 2 for 2 … he did not have either car … well … at leats not at that point … he does now!! 😀

      • TheCaptain says:

        thanks for the warm welcome! good on yer boy for spotting the new ones. the best sound in the world is “daddy, daddy, we don’t have THIS one!”. except for the few occasions when i had already found it and was saving for a special occasion. busted!

  • TheCaptain says:

    thanks met & all! We also have twin 2yr olds so I’m looking forward to many more years of cars fun ahead!

  • Bumper Save says:

    It stinks that I’m too big to sit in a cart full of Cars. Adorable!

  • Mariela says:

    Cute story and cute little girl! 🙂

  • DDD says:

    So cute! My little nephew gets a car or two (or more) when I go over for dinner. The other night we were racing with Chick and King and I had to be “she,” which is what he calls King…maybe it’s the powder blue body and big spoiler? Whenever I set “she” down he would pick him up and force him back in my hand…the mix of cars and “human” faces is the perfect combination, for me too I guess.

    • TheCaptain says:

      lucky nephew! i get it, and disney finally got it by creating a movie to draw in the boys. little did they know that there would also be some girl fans!

  • bobbyjack says:

    The whole reason I collect cars. If it wasn’t for my son, I most likely would never have even watched Cars a second time. I fell asleep the first time I watched it. We have a lot of fun on my days off figuring out what stores to check and which ones we can skip. Also was able to get him potty trained right after he turned 2 because of Cars. The money I saved on Diapers and Pull-Ups has been spent on this hobby.

    • Jack says:

      Ditto BobbyJack. My son is how I got here too. The looks on their faces like Carls cutie above when they get new cars is the best part about the collecting period.

    • TheCaptain says:

      That’s a great way to think of it bobbyjack, since they are expensive prizes! It’s also a great way to release cars into the collection – you can’t just give a kid 400 cars all at once. Well, you could but I don’t think it would be as much fun. Of course we didn’t get them all at once anyways.

  • John in Missouri says:


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