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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Mattel’s Stunt Ramp Getaway Track Set

Some additional photos to make a little more sense of how this playset works …

Yea, maybe Grem is a zombie so he counts as an accessory …

I’m not exactly sure how Rod getaways as he’s either caught in the brown cage or …

D’oh – falls into the shipping container …

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  • Tom says:

    Rube Goldberg would be pleased to see all of the sets linked together…

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I guess whoever plays with this set gets to choose Rod’s fate with the little latch on the top of the cage. Keep him in there or let him go.

    Live or Die, man!

  • DDD says:

    So either way, Rod doesn’t get away. Maybe it’s supposed to be ironic. It’s interesting how many commenters have been troubled by Rod’s gratuitous demise. I don’t get it either, when it would have been so neat to have the one American super-hero spy rescued. But it’s so jarring to see him tortured and exploded AND still giving away (even if unintentionally) the information being sought. (I don’t buy that he’s really OK like Carla who also was “exploded”…we would have known by the end of the movie, and Leland showed us that Prof. Z doesn’t take prisoners.)

    I’m not complaining…it makes the movie perversely interesting, and the Rod toys are like posthumous treasures. It also makes him one of the few minor characters whose appeal is more than just their diecast design. (Speaking of which, a photo of the headlight vendor has turned up on the Pixar Wiki, in the trivia section of the Cars 2 article. She looks like a sleek, stylish red Miata, with those scary eyes. I hadn’t noticed that her windshield is clear, revealing her insides…no wonder Mater was freaked out. Could be an easy custom…)

    • hypercarrots says:

      creepy eyes like those chevron cars

      • sidewall74shine says:

        I thought about the chevron cars when I saw it. Anyway, I agree with bobbyjack on how Rod escapes. And, I do buy that he’s okay, and that Leland used a metal painted statue of himself when he was “cubed” and both are still okay and alive. Oh wait, did I say too much.

        • bobbyjack says:

          The cool thing about playing with the toys is you get to decide the outcome. If you want Rod to live, you get to come up with a cool way for him to escape!

  • hypercarrots says:

    acer is the zombie

  • trbotrex says:

    This looks cool. I hope it works as well as the Tokyo Spinout set. My son has sooo much fun with that.

  • WillsCars says:

    Looking at the tab under the tower where Rod sits, it seems this can be added to the other track sets that are out. Really like how all the sets fit together for a chain reaction!

  • LUCA says:

    Another neeeeeeeeeeed

  • Jacob says:

    So is he trying to get away from the camera man? That’s what the thing looks like on top to me. This will be on clearance in two weeks when all of the stores are trying to get rid of the over abundance of merchandise they are trying to push out with this movie… It makes me sad actually that they treated this movie like every other quick cash cow that will result in the stores never being able to stock new stuff.

    • Jack says:

      Yep I agree Jacob. This will be on clearance and they have went about this line as make as much cash as fast as we can. This set doesn’t look like there is too much to it either. An easy pass. How many play sets can you get anyway? Who has room for all this stuff?

      • sidewall74shine says:

        Although they usually clearance after Christmas, I think these may be clearances early because of movie release date and overstocked. That’s when I’ll be getting the Clutchenson 7 pack along with Everett and the fan stands. Lots will be n clearance because of overstocked and nobody wants to pay lots for a multipack with just one new car. I hope Mattel learns this lesson for wave 2.

  • jestrjef says:

    Looks interesting …. another “wait to see in person” decision.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I think if Rod lands in the cage, then the ramp drops down off the back, Rod gets away, and Acer pops off the top. I will make sure to let you know when I find it. Going to look for it today.

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