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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Easter CARS 2012

What better way to celebrate one holiday and plan ahead for the one 11 holidays away?

Our investigative reporters never sleep!

I know you’re super duper psyched to know what CARS 2 Easter CARS are coming in 2012?

Are you sitting down? Have you taken your heart palpitations medications?

Holley Shiftwell

Lightning McQueen

Race Team Sarge

Rod Redline Torque

Okay, 12 guesses to guess the color of the 4 eggs … okay, maybe you only need 4 guesses.

It’s not listed as a Target exclusive … yet … so that might be different but otherwise, you can sit back down now.

BTW, Christmas CARS singles are coming back – looks like many of the Christmas CARS released last year – not sure if any box sets are coming.

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