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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Contest! Plot Out CARS 3 For Rare T-Shirt!

“Born2Collect” has graciously donated several State Farm CARS 2 t-shirts for a contest!

Answer this in the comments below –

“If you had the opportunity to write and direct Cars 3, what would you base the movie on.”

You may enter as often as you wish as you will be judged by your entry content.

Born2Collect and his sons are hosting this contest and are the sole judges. They will pick the THREE best.


Grand Prize wins an XL CARS 2 t-shirt and a set of CARS 2 State Farm pencils.

2nd Prize wins the same XL CARS t-shirt but no pencils.

And third prize wins a KMart CARS Day #6 Poster (donated by Tizmanian)

The t-shirt says JOIN THE FORCE – STATE FARM on the sleeve … um, that slogan sounds vaguely familiar but don’t nobody tell George Lucas until after our contest is over.

Contest starts right now and runs through July 10, 2011 11:59:59 PM PST.

International entries are accepted.

Thanks “Born2Collect & Kids” for the contest prize and contest!

Born2Collect went to the mat to get us these prizes (not available in stores!) – for that he is now apparently finally properly insured – including coverage for Dutch Elm Disease (not for his property, for himself) as well as fully covered against anti-submarine missile damage and Mary Hart’s legs exploding in or around his treehouse.

Thanks B2C & kids for the fun contest & great prizes – thanks!

And good luck everyone. I look forward to hearing all your ideas!


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  • John in Missouri says:


    If you had the opportunity to write and direct “Cars 3″, what would you base the movie on?

    It would start off at Mater’s place, with Mater sleeping and snoring and talking in his sleep…

    Mater: “Rrr rrr rrr Francesco, rrr rrr Airplane, rrr rrr rrr McMissile, rrr rrr rrr Holley, rrr rrr Lemons, no no no a Bomb, rrr rrr yes yer Majesty…”

    Lightning: “Mater? Mater?”

    Mater: “Huh? What?”

    Lightning: “Mater are you…”

    Mater: “Hey Lightning, you’re OK!!”

    Lightning: “Of course I’m OK. …were you dreaming Mater?”

    Mater: “Wellllll, I guess so… See, you were in this World Grand Prix, and the guy running it was good, but then there were these spies, and they asked me to be a spy just like them, and then a bomb was stuck on me, and then I saved you from some Lemons, and did I mention I was a spy, and then I saved the Queen from me and the bomb that was stuck on me, and then the guy who was good was really bad, and then the Queen knighted me, and then…”

    Lightning: “Ha ha ha! Maybe I shouldn’t have let you ride on the Dinoco Helicopter yesterday! It must have made you dream all that spy stuff.”

    Mater: “A dream? So none of that there stuff I told you about was real?”

    Lightning: “No buddy, of course not!”

    Mater: “Well, what about your four Piston Cups?”

    Lightning (laughing): “FOUR?!?! I need to start working on the FIRST one Mater!”

    Mater: “Well then you suppose I could go for another ride on the Helicopter?”

    Lightning: “It’s already gone Mater, that’s why I came to see where you were this morning. Doc already took off to go help the folks at the Piston Cup design their new race track.”

    …OK, so that’s how I would start “Cars 3” — “Cars 2” was just a bad dream!!

    • Doc wouldn’t be in the movie because he flew away in the helicopter, and we didn’t have to see him fly away, so there’s no further need to explain where he is.

    • As word spreads that Lightning set up his headquarters in Radiator Springs, a lot of the former townies come back to reopen their shops. Some of these include Wimpy (owner of Wimpy’s Wipers), Johnny Butte (owner of the Radiator Springs Garage), and Miss Suzie (daughter of the previous owner of Mrs. Piston’s).

    • Another returning townie is Big Al, who left 15 years ago to attend college on a Tireball Scholarship. He majored in Dentistry, and after a career as a Professional Tireball Player, he decided to come back to Radiator Springs to open up a Dentist Office. And his first customer is, who else but Mater!! During most of the movie, Mater is wearing braces and winds up spitting a lot as he talks (usually on Miss Suzie who he seems to like a lot).

    • About 30 minutes of the movie would be racing highlights from the next season, and we see how Lightning McQueen wins his first Piston Cup, with Chick Hicks dropping down to 11th place in the standings.

    • Realizing how he achieved his victory, Chick Hicks decides to set up HIS headquarters just a few miles down a gravel road from Radiator Springs in a town called Sludgeville.

    • Meanwhile, Mater gets his braces removed to reveal a perfect smile, which soon — BOINNNNNNGGGGG — revert back to their bucktooth ways, which makes Miss Suzie yell out “You are so CUUUUUUTE!”.

    • But strange things start happening to Lightning’s headquarters, but all the townies help Lightning replace missing parts and fix things. One night Sheriff catches Chick Hicks cutting a hole in Lightning’s fence, and assigns HIM to pull Bessie to pave the gravel road from Sludgeville to Radiator Springs. Chick Hicks is mad, dirty, and covered in sludge!

    • Lightning McQueen goes on to win three more Piston Cups, bringing his total to four. Mater says to Lightning at the end of the movie, “You see buddy, I guess dreams really DO come true!”.

    • John in Missouri says:

      One more idea I had that I forgot to include — EVERYONE in Radiator Springs is a Lightning McQueen fan, even the little VW Beetles that fly around. They are such fans that they changed their paint to red with lightning bolts, and now they are called Lightning Bugs. 🙂

  • WillsCars says:

    Contest Entry:

    Radiator Springs is a hopping place now. Stores are all open with new businesses and there are many visitors from around the world to attend Lighting McQueen’s racing school, run by The King.
    One day a Greyhood car transport pulls into town. Holly Shiftwell gets off the transport and goes over to the Cozy Cone. There she gets the last room available and tells Sally, she is there is see an old friend. Sally gets a big smile on her face.
    Mater comes rambling down the street, enjoying how well the town is doing. Then he spots Holly, who is window shopping. He drives up to her and says “what are you doing here?” Holly replies, “I’ve come to see you Mater. I’ve gotten tired of the intelligence business and having too many friends compacted. All I know is, I was happy when I was around you, so I’ve come for a holiday, maybe even longer.” Mater says “well shooooot, we can have lots of dates now!”
    Now we go to a race track and see Lightning McQueen, the car who has won more Piston Cups and races then any other car. McQueen didn’t win every race, but he held the lead in this year’s Piston Cup standings. His only real competition was the rookie car, Glider Curtiss, who was second in points. McQueen was often annoyed by this upstart, yet he saw a lot of himself in the rookie. At this race McQueen yet again wins, but as always he just finds Mack and goes into the hauler. There he calls Sally and tells her he won, but he misses her, Mater and all his friends back home. Sally tells him, why don’t you just come home. McQueen just says he’ll call her later. Years of being on the road and racing have taken its toll on Lightning. McQueen backs out of his hauler and looks around at all the attention Glider is getting from the media. That was something he used to enjoy. McQueen gets back in his hauler and tells Mack to head to Radiator Springs. Mack says, “ah Boss, the next race isn’t there.” I know Mack, but it’s time I go home. Mack says “but boss, we don’t finish the season, Glider will win the Piston Cup!” McQueen just smiles and says “that’s right Mack, a rookie will win the Piston cup”
    Back at Radiator Springs, Sally and Lightning take an evening cruise to the Wagon Wheel. There Lightning sees his old pal Mater, who looks different. He isn’t so rusty anymore. The two old friends are happy to see each other and Mater introduces McQueen to his fiancee, Holly. McQueen says “I have been gone too long!” Sally and Holly start to chat. Mater and McQueen drive to an over-look. McQueen says to Mater, “do you remember that day I woke up in the impound and you were looking at me?” Mater says “I sure do buddy, what about it?” McQueen says “After all these years and everything we’ve been through, I now realize that was one of the best days of my life” Mater looks puzzled “how is that?” McQueen looks at Mater and tells him “that’s the day I meet my best friend and my life has been better ever since.” Mater says “Ka-chow” and Lightning says “Dad gum.” The two friends turn and admire at their town. The End.

  • Mario Mora says:

    As the sun set on the desert landscape, two silhouettes emerge from the distant horizon on a stretch of highway. Clouds of dust blossom behind them as they drive, neck in neck, or more aptly… rear bumber to rear bumper. The two vehicles, one a dilapidated and rusty tow truck, the other a sleek racing car are racing… backwards.

    “How far ahead do you think we are Mater?” yells out Lightning McQueen.

    “Bout a quarter mile as the crow flies!” responded Mater, “Sheeoooot, ain’t no WAY Crimson’s going to catch us now! Ain’t you heard? We’re the world’s BEST backwards drivers.”

    At that moment, a distant roar of an engine is heard.

    “No way…” utters McQueen, “is that?”

    “It’s HIM, It’s HIM, he’s done caught up to us Lightning!!! HOOOOO BOY!!!! He’s gonna git us!!”

    On the heat soaked asphalt horizon, a dark red streak carves through the dust clouds. Sleek and low in profile, the car’s throttle opens fully and with almost impossible vigor and power, begins to catch up to Mater and McQueen by the second… all while also, driving in reverse.

    “FLOOR IT MATER!!!” shouts McQueen, “He’s not taking us down today, we’re almost to Radiator Sp…!”

    Lightning is cut short as the car pursuing he and Mater, cuts off onto the dirt on the side of the highway, roaring with acceleration, quickly cutting back onto the asphalt, right in between Mater and McQueen, forcing them off the road, and rockets past them in a shower of rock and dirt.

    “WHAOOOAOAOOAOAAAA!!!!!!” shouts Mater.

    “Look Out!!!” yells McQueen.

    The two come to a spinning and abrupt stop on the sides of the highway, just on the outskirts of Radiator Springs.

    “That crazy wingnut!” stammers McQueen, “He could have killed us!”

    “BAHHAHAAAAAHAAAA!!!! Whoooooo HOO! He about shore enuff did, didn’t he?” laughed Mater.

    “Mater, that’s not funny.” replied McQueen “He’s reckless, and loud, and…”

    “Fast, shiny, and good looking, and did I mention ‘fast’? Go on dad, you’re on a roll there. Or at least you were until I just passed you and Mater.”

    “HAAAHAHHAA, ‘on a roll’, that’s funny right there, cause you were on a roll, on your tires Lightning, and now you ain’t. Boy, he got you pegged real good!” replied Mater.

    “NOT. HELPFUL.” deadpanned Lighting, “Crimson, you could have hurt one of us out there, especially yourself, what’s with that crazy driving stunt anyways? Running cars off the road? What are you a Tuner? You’re into Tuning aren’t you? Dang it! I should have seen this coming! Let’s seen under that body kit, there had BETTER not be LEDs under there!”

    Crimson Hornet McQueen was a very different sort of car, who not unlike his father Lightning, was prone to saying things before thinking about them. But more so, was prone to not listening to anyone but what little he might be thinking at the moment.

    “So how fast in reverse do you think I could go Mater?” asked Crimson.

    Stunned, Lighting interjects, “What. Are. You. TALKING. About?! I’m talking to yo…”

    “I’d say there’s no limit to it Crimson, I remember one time I went backwards so fast I went back in time! Yep! Boy, I tell you what, you ain’t lived till you see them Roman Chair-who-it-call-its. You think them races were intense in the World Grand Prix? Them ain’t NOTHING compared to that one time over there that I done seen that one thing with them.” rambled Mater.

    Staring at Mater and Crimson both in disbelief, Lightning muttered “I… think I need to go cool off, I’ll be at the car wash.”

    Driving off, Lightning wondered if he had ever been that reckless and full of himself when he first came here to Radiator Springs. The small down had done much to cure him of his ego and vanity, but Crimson having been assembled here at the local dealership, grew up in this small town under Lightning’s shadow. Maybe it wasn’t easy being the young model of an international race champion.

    “Uncle Mater, were you kidding about what you said?” asked Crimson.

    “Bout what, the tractor tipping? The Heavy Metal band? The day I…”, Mater started.

    “No, no!” exclaimed Crimson quickly, “About going so fast backwards that you went back in time? Did that really happen?”

    “Well OF COURSE it did!” proclaimed Mater.

    “… Do you think you could do it again?” asked Crimson.

    “Is my gurlfreind a super secret spy that turns into a plane?” replied Mater.

    Moments later, Mater and Crimson were at the old abandoned railway tunnel.

    “Uncle Mater, what are we doing here?” asked Crimson. The railway tunnel had long been rumored to have a witchmobile guarding it, and although Crimson thought of himself as pretty fearless, witchmobiles still gave him the creeps.

    “We’re fixin to go back in time!” Mater said proudly, “This is where I went back in time last time I went back…uh, in time. Trick to it is you get as far as you can in there, and then hit it in reverse, there’ll be sparks and scraping going on, but you build up speed in reverse and when you come out, if you’re going fast enough, BAM! you’re in the past. But you got to be careful, who knows what’s in the tunnel all the way in there? Rubble, old car parts,…”

    As usual, Crimson was only thinking about possibly becoming the fastest backwards driver he could, so he heard not one word Mater said. “Well, what are we waiting for?” excitedly, Crimson got onto the rails with his bare rims and raced forward into the rail tunnel. “Come on Uncle Mater!”

    “…rusty tools, but I try to be careful because I know that Stanley had store a lot of old unused dynamite down there after the rail road stopped running through there.” finished Mater.



    Mater’s eyes opened in sudden alarm. “DYNAMITE!!! SPARKS?! OH LORDY!!! CRIMSON GET OUT OF THERE!!!! That place ain’t safe!!!” And without a second thought, Mater leaped onto the rails, popped his tires off, pulled out his handy ghostlight lantern with his tow hook and shot down the rails after Crimson.

    Barreling down the tunnelway, Crimson could not hear Mater hollering after him. He couldn’t WAIT to prove how good of a backwards driver he was by going as fast as Uncle Mater had.

    But there was something coming up behind him… wasn’t there? He was sure he could hear his Uncle Mater, but it was now pitch black in the tunnel, except for… a glow… a GLOW from somewhere behind him. And it seemed to be catching up!!! “Oh NO!” thought Crimson! “It’s the witchmobile!!”

    Barreling down the tunnel after Crimson, the Ghostlight lantern bobbed and swung wildly in front of Mater as he tried to catch up to Crimson.

    “STOP!!! Crimson wait!!! Get Out!!!” shouted Mater.

    “The witchmobile!!” thought Crimson in a panic, “It knows my NAME, and it’s coming after me!!”


    the rest of the story goes as follow: mater accidentally sets of some old dynamite and he is propelled out of the tunnel, Crimson is no where to be found. Mater is grief stricken and believes that he’s inadvertently buried and possibly hurt or killed Crimson by trying to reenact one of his tall tales.

    Crimson remembers nothing from the explosion, but wakes bleary eyed to see what he thinks is the statue of Stanley looking at him. He asks outloud to himself where he is, and much to his surprise, the “statue” comes more into focus and proclaims: “Sheeoooot, you’re in Radiator Springs! The newest little town here in Carburetor County!”

  • Jack says:

    With the growth in popularity of Radiator Springs as a tourist attraction organized crime has moved in to try and take over. The Mob specifically comes in to terrorize the residents when many of the more prominent residents are out of town competing in races. To help fight these criminals a new mysterious Super Hero car appears. (Something like the Batmobile) This powerful crime fighter would chase the villains and bump them off the road causing them to wreck. Lightning McQueen found methods of this new hero to be very familiar. Lightning discovers this new hero to be Chick Kicks in disguise. Chick Hicks gave up racing after being disgraced in his Piston Cup victory and decided to use his talents to do good. The Mob also tries to intimidate Lightning McQueen during some of his races, most notably with their own race car entered into the races. When the Mob sends in reinforcements, Lightning, Mater, and the rest join forces with Chick Hicks (as a super hero) to stop their town from being over-run.

  • DjBennett22 says:

    i have no chance against these great stories so ill just say cars 3 is based on this. the gangs in radiator springs when siddely arrives with finn holley and a new car. they ask mater to join them and he says only if mah best friend mqueen can come. holley says sure but hell have to stay with finn and carlos (the new secret agent in traing)while me and the tow truck go to a fancy resturant on our honeymoon! mater just blows a bubble then relized what she says, “wheeeeee whooooo!!!” (its stange as mater is like 35 years older than her.) then there about to go when lightning says. sally has to go to, got that?! sure but its a dangerous place for a girl like her. mqueen: i think she can handle it… shes from the city. mater: i still havent forgot about those legal fees! so sally comes and they leave. but make many stops including one to drop off a runaway tractor that snuck in! they save the world and live happily ever after…beacuse owen wilson did a better voice acting job and was lightning who was back to number 1 in this movie! btw the townies had big roles in this one, and ramone got many paintjobs including one called cool chill ramone that was light and dark blue. the diecasts for the movie were 3 dollars for singles everywhere and were made bertter and twice and much metal as the dessert 2006 cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 = all in all it was pretty much the best movie ever made. period. 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:


    Q: If you had the opportunity to write and direct “Cars 3″, what would you base the movie on?

    A: I’d have the circus come to Radiator Springs, using the Circus Cars from “A Bug’s Life” during the ending credits of “Cars”.

  • quercy says:


    “Mater the tow cable guy”…. That’s says all!

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    If I had the opportunity to write and direct Cars 3 I would base it on one or two of the Boom Comics stories. They could do the Rally Race storyline, where Chick comes to a race in Radiator Springs and through his interaction with a disabled-kid-car, learns the value of helping others, and combine that with the prequel stories (Radiator Springs arc), where the townies tell their own stories of how they came to call Radiator Springs home. We would get to see all of the townies from the epilogue of Cars (1) a lot more, and get to see the Storytellers favorites, like Mater’s cousins, Bubba, and the Showstoppers on the big screen. We would get to see more of Holley and Mater interacting as well, as she quits the secret service in favor of charitable work based out of RS. There will be a heavy emphasis on Chick Hicks and his current and back story so we’ll see lots of him. The new Mattel diecast line will please all of the parent’s of kids who are just now turning 2, 3, and 4 and watching Cars (1) for the first time, as well as long time fans and collectors who can’t wait for Storytellers reissues and the new castings of the townies seen in Cars 2.

    • bobbyjack says:

      I really liked the Rally Race storyline and that was the first comic book I bought for my son a couple weeks ago. I am surprised he hasn’t torn the cover off yet. He can’t read it on his own yet, but he loves the pictures! When he watched Cars 2, he really focused on the racing and not so much the spy plotline. I think he will enjoy that aspect of the story after watching it a few hundred times on DVD in the next few years. Then he will be ready for Cars 3!

  • NascarFan says:


    Q: If you had the opportunity to write and direct “Cars 3″, what would you base the movie on?

    A: Hot Rod legends (in cars characters) meet to organize a World Wide “Rod Run” to end world hunger

  • Judging by the weekend’s big box office drop, I am not sure that there will be another full fledged sequel.
    Well, here is my entry. It should take place over a large time frame.
    There should be elements in there from The Godfather and Star Wars–how else are we ever going to get a Darth Mater.

  • Indy says:

    Here goes:
    After a decade of being McQueen’s aid and friend it is starting to take it’s toll on old Mater.
    Mater is getting slower,more confused and thinks he is not going to make it much longer.
    McQueen notices and takes a promotional year off to help his friend.
    He enters Mater in A classic cars backwards racing competition that takes place troughout the country.
    Meanwhile McQueen is seeking out old relatives and friends of Mater in the various places they visit helped out by Guido,Luigi,Ramone,Sarge and Fillmore.
    McQueen wants to unite them and hope this will bring back Mater’s spark.
    This epic journey will see McQueen get in hilarious trouble with pitgirls and Sally back in Radiator springs.
    Mater will fall in love with a female truck.
    Ramone will get more inspired by painting caused by the paintjobposse that travels along the championship.
    And Sarge will get in trouble with the green car movement only to by rescued by his old pall Fillmore.
    Virtually meeting every classic car in history this should be a delight!
    All to end back in Radiator Springs with A massive reunion and party.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Here is Manifold Jr.’s Cars 3 entry, he is 5 years old….
    Cars 3 would be based on Finn McMissile and Mater hanging out and having fun in Radiator Springs.
    The evil cars from Cars 2 are all in jail, so Finn gets a chance to relax with his friend Mater in Radiator Springs. Mater shows him how to scare cows (Tractors), and they watch Lightning McQueen race at the local track. Chick Hicks changes his tires and goes back to racing, and then changes his tires again and again and again and goes back to racing, and then gets his tires changed again and again again. And that’s the end of that thing. There’s a part with Holley Shiftwell as well. Mack is in this movie and talks about Finn McMissile. They mostly just have fun. There are no deaths. THE END

  • carly ball 101010101 says:

    Q: if you had the opportunity to write cars 3 what would it be based on.

    A: well it would be based on friendship and how everyone stands together to help the town stay….. here’s a plot I thought up

    Lighting McQueen since becoming a very well know race-car, had finally got in second place but it didn’t matter after all it was just a empty cup. But what really got his pistons pumping was that they were going to change the name of the piston cup ( right now it was named after Doc Hudson who passed away since then) to something for chick since he won. How could they do that lighting said as he went back to Radiator springs. Everyone was happy that he was here but heard the news about the cup and comforted him.
    “sorry buddy mater said it just a cup” but then something came to his mind and he rushed to the phone and phone up dinoco.
    he said on the phone to Tex about having a Radiator springs marathon for everyone to come, them if they see how famous doc was (way more than chick)they might name the cup after doc again. They both agreed it as good idea and got ready for they marathon/party.

    but after the first day which went off without a hitch or tire. some cars came during the night and sabotaged the area. so as the residents cleaned up mater thought up a plan to find the sabotage-rs at night. so when he left at night he saw to cars setting up the fireworks that were meant for the last day. as he crept closer they saw him and made run for it accidentally setting off the fire works, as they residents came out see the commotion. They gasped when they saw mater their and started to believe the mater was the sabotage-er. mater couldn’t believe that his friends whould think that way, so he left radiator springs maybe for good 🙁

    As he was on the mother road he saw chick talking about how he was the guy who was ruining radiator springs good reputation and causing them to leave and put in a huge new mega mall and he would be the new face of the mass media.

    As mater heard this he hurried home and told his friends. They didn’t believe him until the press came and started asking questions like why would mater do that to his hometown and is it because this place is bad. finally mater got up on the stage for the marathon and told everyone he didn’t do it. he was going to tell on chick but decided not too. As the press left chick came up and asked mater why he didn’t tell the press. mater said because he wasn’t like that and he wouldn’t do that too a friend. As everyone said sorry to mater lighting got up on the stage and said OK everybody we knew that something might happen here soon so i just wanted to say no mater whats happens will always be together.

    Then it goes to a month later. Tex got the cup named after Doc again, With all they money raised they put in tinier mall which attracted some new people. Lighting became a father, and mater got an award for most outstanding friend in radiator springs he could n’t any be happier.

    and as the story comes to an end (you can still make a 4 if you like) it goes to lighting narrating a poem he made on top of wheel well as it fades to credits

    here’s the poem:

    Radiator Springs so bright and strong
    your hospitality makes me say you did no wrong
    and as i look down at my best friends in the crowd
    I have one thing to say… Doc you would have been proud :’)

    THE end 🙂

  • Jack says:

     Contest entry

    Lightning McQueen & Sally now have children and their little girl car( Lizzie McQueen) wants to follow in her famous fathers foot steps and be a racer.
     Instead Lightning wants his son Laser McQueen, who would rather hang out with Maters son and wants to fix and change tires at Casa  Della tires much to the chagrin of Lightning. However the more Lightning pushes Laser the more he rebels. 
     Although she can outrace all her brothers, Her father Lightning doesn’t want that life for his daughter and tries to dissuade her for becoming a race car. 
     So she goes out on her own and joins a dirt track circuit and starts to make a name for herself. 
     Meanwhile Chick Hicks son is doing very well on the Piston Cup circuit and gets invited to the world grand prix. 
     Chick’s plan is for his son to win the World Grand Prix and build a racing town that will make Radiator Springs a thing of the past. So he can finally get revenge on Lightning. 
     Radiator Springs is being considered for landmark status and Chick’s family backed by a huge global corporate sponsor doesn’t want that to happen. Instead they want their new glitzy town to be the racing headquarters of the world. 
      Lightning has a dream and is visited by Doc who gives him good advice- let your children be what they want. Lightning finally realizes he should have let his daughter do want she wanted to all along and now needs her knowing she is the only one that can beat Chick Hicks son and ensure Radiator Springs remains the city he built it up to be. As well as guarantee landmark status that will have to be approved if a race car from Radiator Springs wins the World Grand Prix. 
     So Lightning visits his daughter and asks for forgiveness and for her help. She agrees on one condition. That her dad be her crew chief and her brother laser be in charge of tire changes. 
     Lightnings daughter and he agree  and despite all the naysayers she enters the race. 
     Coming down the stretch of the deciding race Chick Hicks son is going to bump Lizzie and make sure she doesn’t win at all costs. 
     However Francesco son’s Giuseppe  Bernoulli sees what is happening and sacrifices his own chance to win by cutting off Chick and making him drive off the road. 
     Giuseppe helps Lizzy become the first female car to ever win the World Grand Prix. When asked why Giuseppe sacrificed his own chance to help Lizzie win he professes his love for her. It was love at first site between them. They had secretly been checking each other out and flirting but no one could know because they were racing against each other.     
     So Giuseppe and Lizzie have a   big Italian wedding in Radiator Springs, while at the same time celebrating the Landmark status given to Radiator Springs which means Radiator Springs will last forever as the landmark Capitol of racing. 
     Lots of racing, racers, relationships and character development. They way Cars ought to be. 
     The End. 
    When can we start production to make up for the wrong direction of Cars 2?

  • Dan in SWPa says:

    My story would be about the kids of Lighting and Sally with the kids of Towmater and Holly Shiftwell. As they grow up spoiled kid and how they learn lessions of life to turn it to good young adults.

  • Mikey says:

    McQueen goes back to Radiator Springs. They all talk about Cars 2 with the everyone. Then they all decide to take a trip to Hollywood. They end up going to a toy store and they run in to the Toy Story crew. Then they all talk about making it big in Hollywood and they all plan on making a movie called ” A Car Toy Story”

  • PirateDad says:

    Cars 3 will be in typical Hollywood fashion.. a prequel that rips off many other movies…

    It will be called Rise of the Planet of the Cars.

    Movie opens with the a beach shot of the Statue of Stanley covered in sand…. Fade to 50 years earlier where the Autobots and humans have defeated the Decipicons for the 23rd time, and in a celebration with too much champagne and motoroil, a VERY bad coupling occurs between Sam Witwiki and a newly introduced Autobot, Vrrrmmmmmm. The ill conceived love child of this union is none other than Stanley himself.

    Through a strategic alliance between the Decepticons and Cyberdine, the Human population is wiped out and the Crossbreed Automous Robot Seedlings, or CARS are all that are left to repopulate the earth.

  • Zobovor says:

    My version of Cars 3:

    The powers that be have decreed that Radiator Springs must be demolished and replaced with a shiny new town that can properly accommodate all the new business. Naturally, Lightning McQueen and his friends are horrified by the prospect of their beloved home being flattened. The gang does everything possible to try to prevent this——Sally organizes a protest; Ramone and Flo get on TV to advertise their existing businesses; Sarge and Fillmore try to get the town declared an historic landmark; Luigi and Guido even try to sabotage the bulldozers.

    Meanwhile, Mater and Lightning travel thousands of miles to talk to the CEO in charge of the demolition. They encounter every obstacle imaginable, and have to outrun a locomotive, disguise themselves to get across international borders, and escape from a mob of fans after their true identities are discovered. At long last, they reach the corporate headquarters but are unable to persuade the demolition company to halt the destruction of Radiator Springs.

    The gang watches sadly as their beloved town is destroyed. They come to realize that the town itself is just a bunch of buildings, that it was the ones living there and their friendship with each other who made it truly special. What’s more, the new town really is a sight to behold. It includes a shopping center that creates hundreds of new jobs and brings more cars into Radiator Springs to live than ever before. In the center of town is a lovely commemorative statue of the one and only Doc Hudson.

    By the film’s end, Lightning McQueen and Sally are married and have a small brood of tiny little remote controlled cars.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Contest entry

    Could it be as simple as a Take-Off of Canon Ball Run?!!?

    I think so… More to come…

    Da-da-da!!! CARptain Kmart!!!

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      J.J. McQueen: Stoopid. That’s just Stoopid Mictor! Your silly split personality cost us the race! You need to get rid of him. I don;t ever want to see him again!

      Mictor: That’s o.k. J.J. I always wanted to be Captain AMERICAR!!! Da-da-da!!!!


      Lightning McQueen – J.J. McQueen

      Mater – Mictor

      Finn McMissle – Seymour Glodcarb, Jr.

      Sally – Pamela Glovebox

      Sarge – Morris Fenderbomb

      Fillmore – Jamie Brake

      Lizzie – Doctor Nicole Van Helsing

      Mia – Marcie Hatchback, Miata Babe #1

      Tia – Jill Drivers, Miata Babe #2

      Kabuto Ninja – Jack-me Chan

      Maybe replace the Sheik with Professor Z and introduce a whole slew of new characters based on the bikers the meet just before the end of the movie… AKA Peter Honda (As himself of course!)

      The storyline would be follow loosely of course…

      Mater would drive backwards for most of the race.

      Cars 3 – Canon Car Run. Why not!

      Thanks again for the great contest guys!!!

  • Bill says:

    My idea for the next Cars movie would be to have a rival car gang enter into radiator springs to try and take over since it has become a popular place. McQueen,Mater and the others challenge the bullies to a multiple-event competition , like an automotive olympics to save radiator springs. Each character would have an opportunity to show their true personality and talents. Of course in the end the radiator springs gang would win because they are the better characters.
    Bill Mohr

  • bobbyjack says:

    With all the extra cars now living in Radiator Springs, someone thinks it would be a good idea to open one of those Big Box Retailers (Buy-N-Large) there. At first all the characters are excited about how good this will be for their town. But thanks to Mater, one by one the cars realize that this could threaten to put each and every one of them out of business and its up to Mater to discourage the big executives that coming to Radiator Springs might not be in their best interest. A back to basics, why small town America is still important…

  • aaaf317 says:


    If I had the opportunity to write and direct “Cars 3″, I would base the movie on the appeal of open-wheeled racing. 😎

  • PirateDad says:

    Thanks for this great contest B2C and kids! I will start thinking right now and look forward to the multiple scripts from John in Missouri and Quercy.

  • John in Missouri says:


    Q: If you had the opportunity to write and direct “Cars 3”, what would you base the movie on?

    A: Well, for starters, how about “Cars”?!?!?!?!??! Did you hear me Brad Bird?!?!?

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