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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Toys R Us 10-Pack = Two 5-Packs

The 10-pack is finally out … if you’ve not bought any CARS 2 CARS, well, it’s a great deal as you get a bunch for $44.99 plus two exclusives (the Kabuki Dancers) plus Wasabi Mater – only available in another TRU 5 pack.

But if you’ve been opening all along … it is not exactly the deal of the century.

Thanks for the nice pics, Francis C.

Now you’re asking – hey, what’s up with the headline – what does it mean?

D’uh … 10 = 5×2 … what does that have to do with anything?

Well, in case you thought you might outfox Mr. Matty, the Kabuki Dancers are coming in a 5-pack … well, two to be exact.

Thanks for the great close up pics, “BMW.”

Funny, how that worked out that way (well, not haha funny).

Yes, the next 5-pack is this:

Well, you do save slightly as I believe the 5-packs are $18.99 so if you can hold out, you save a few bucks … though of course, the rest of the pack is not exactly new new though in theory, there should be an exclusive and if Kabuki Dancer #1 is part of the 10-pack, one of the other 4 is considered an exclusive?

They are really nicely done.

Presuming the dancer on the right is Kabuki Dancer #2 (yes, they have names but the future list is just that – a list and just calls them #1 & #2).

Yes, Kabuki Dancer #2 is coming in October in a separate and DIFFERENT Tokyo Box Set.*

* I do NOT know 100% if the dancer #2 is this one.

It’s also unknown what the other 4 CARS of that 5-pack is other than it’s TOKYO SOMETHING.

There is also an Italy Race Box Set – Francesco’s mother is the exclusive?

So, Scenario A is that if you can wait until October, you can save a few bucks to get both Kabuki Dancers by buying the 5-Packs … and more if they go on sale for $15.99 again.

Scenario B is if Kabuki Dancer #2 in the listing is NOT the blue one and a third Kabuki Dancer, then the grand plan is not so grand.

Good luck!

Fram Motor Oil came up the with the slogan – you can pay me now or PAY me later … which is very fitting here.

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  • babychristianscars says:

    Hoping HOping that this will be in my hands someday but I wont pay double retail to own it.

    I have returned all the first single cars knowing this 10 pack was coming someday.

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    Again–not save, but SAFE—SORRY

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, Co

    Forgot to mention in my earlier post, HAPPY 4TH TO EVERYONE-BE SAVE.

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    I found the set with the Kabuki dancers at the TRU on Mississippi and I-225 in Aurora a couple of days ago. Couldn’t justify paying $44.95 for just those two cars, although they are really cute. The other 8 cars are just repeats. Mattel is making a killing with exclusives and repeats. Want a different car, you have to buy more of the same. This is worst then Lightning in three packs from Cars 1.

  • I Love Cars, I am still working on getting Mood Springs Launcher and Gaskit’s Launcher. If anyone can help me out please E-mail me at: interpreterj@yahoo.com

    The quality of these new Cars2 cars made it easy to skip most of these new items. I admit thou the Kabuki Dancers are some of my favorite characters in the movie. The way they dance in the movie is just too cool. Like someone said earlier, I will wait and obtain them later.

    I decided instead of buying another closet full of cars, to enjoy seeing the movie itself for what it is. A James Bond type of film and focus on the original Cars and work on completing that collection. With 37 racers (I think)that is just too cool. New movie has what a dozen race cars? Boring! What happen? The Race cars are what I love about Cars the most. The Motor Speedway of the South Set is hands down the best Cars collectible ever made. I would sell every asset I have before I part with my SOTS set!

    Thanks for the ear and eyes, later Mater.. ha ha that’s funny… “Later Mater”.

  • Mario Mora says:

    The box above has cemented my stance on doing a waiting game. I did the same with the 9 pack from Target and managed to pick it up for $11.

    I know the reasons that toy companies churn out these sets as they do, but it does make it extremely difficult for me to stay excited about the collecting prospect.

    There are literally some cars that I had already decided I would find however I could as singles if available, and the rest, I guess I’ll be playing catch up with on down the years.

    Truthfully, I actually enjoy being able to find stuff years down the road with other collections I have (I collect a lot of vintage sega stuff), and it adds the the fun aspect of being an incurable collector.

    But man, Mattel can certainly try my patience and the limits of my wallet with the way they get these characters out… 🙂

  • Refriedbeans says:

    Sorry this is off topic. Could someone tell me where I can find a picture of Winner Circle McQueen?

  • quercy says:

    Well as soon as I saw the first pic my words were “AH NOOOOOOO” and after reading all your depressing and negative comments I have decided to stop collecting… Like Buzz said “Farewell my friends”

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      Heh heh heh. 🙂 This is a joke, right Quercy? :>O After writing that I wouldn’t be purchasing this set in order to get the geisha girls I paid $18.50 for a loose Francesco Bernoulli fan – what a hypocrite I am!

      • quercy says:

        I do not know if it is a joke or not yet… give me a couple days to think about it… I am really mad about this. Have you seen “Night at teh Museum” I am like Auguste Rodin’s the Thinker… “I’m thinking…. I’m thinking…”

        • Man-I-Fold says:

          He’s thinking, people – thinking, thinking… Come on Quercy, pull through! Take another look at these cars. They are nice, no? You caaaannnot resist! 🙂

          • quercy says:

            That’s the problem. I want these cars since Tokyo TOON!!! My wife was happy to know they were coming soon. She wants them to put in her car (the real one) When I told her it will cost $100 to get hers and mine!!! The said…. well I cannot repeat what she said in here 🙂 I am also very upset by this technique. Thanks Man-I-Fold trying to keep me in but I will need more than that to accept to have a partial collection…

            • bobbyjack says:

              I bet my wife is going to freak when we open this box set tonight. She is going to be thinking…”how much did he spend on toys now?”
              You can’t quit now Mr. Quercy, look how far you are already into this. I am not going to quit until my kids get into something else. With the ages they are now, I might be in it when Cars 3 comes along!

              • quercy says:

                I know….. I just bought Rollin Bowlin yesterday before I saw that (word I cannot say in here) pack of 10… I am just missing Guido/Luigi with paint rollers and of course these japanese beautiful girly cars… 🙁 But don’t get me wrong, I am still very very very mad about this.

                • bobbyjack says:

                  Not sure I’m even going to attempt to aquire the Luigi/Guido Chase w/ paint cans and rollers. Maybe if we get a Casa Della Tires playset one day, it might be worth looking into. Until then, we will focus on more realistic aquisitions.

  • Micky says:

    I returned two TRU 5-packs. The one with Tomber sipping oil and the one with Wasabi Mater. Never did buy the one with Uncle Topolino w/tires. I will get this 10-pack when it hits my TRU.

    • bobbyjack says:

      I never bought the 5 packs. Just the 2 of the 4 packs from Target. 2 McQueens, 5 other race cars and a Ronnie. Opened them both after seeing the movie Friday. My son acted out the crashes about 50 times so I need a new Francesco anyway. The 10 pack will work out good. We will be able to open it and he will have a good start for the Spys and Lemons. Then we will gradually open the rest of the singles and two packs. Any duplicates from a 2 pack will go to Grandma’s house. The extra Miles single we have is now up for trade. Not too bad if you think about it. With the extra Metallic McQueen, now I can return two of them later on.

  • gabriel says:

    kabuki small

  • snosno says:

    Got mine yesterday thanks to Bobby Jack and immediatly packed up all my Target 4 packs (other then the one with Ronnie) and TRU 5 packs and am taking them back. As Jeff said triples are too much to handle. I’ll sacrifice Tomber w/oil can and Uncle Topolino w/tires. You get Wasabi mater in this pack so don’t need that one either. As for the Target pack all your really sacrificing with them is Miguel and I will buy him in a Kmart day or just get the launcher which my TRU had too along with Lewis Hamilton.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Like sidewall74shine I would be buying more product if not for these multipacks – colossal wastes of money. Luckily, these truly great looking characters have almost no screen time, so my sons probably won’t miss them. Even the Double Decker Bus is a virtually unimportant purchase. I’m also in luck that Tomber doesn’t sip much oil in the movie, Uncle Topolino doesn’t get a tire change, and the Wasabi Mater casting is not well executed, as I won’t be purchasing their respective multipacks. Thanks Pixar, thanks Mattel – I love these toys but must draw the line somewhere.

  • sirtip says:

    Off the subject, has anyone in the Houston area found any kingpins or hydro Finns, I’ve searched everywhere

  • Jacob says:

    I was going to try and collect line number two as I enjoyed the first line, but these gimmicks have me calling it quits, and returning what I have. Also, after seeing the movie, and complete lack of character development, my guess is that this line will follow suit with other movie merchandise where they see good sales initially, and then end up clearancing everything to get rid of it, never to finish it. I think Mattel sees this as well given the amount of releases they have flooded the market with trying to get as much revenue as possible in a short period of time. If you ask me, the movie, and the merchandising will be the end of this line.

    • John in Missouri says:

      I agree with you, and I think pegwarmers are going to kill this line as well.

      It’s called “turn and earn” — if the pegs are clogged, no one (especially Wal-Mart) is going to reorder anything.

    • Jack says:

      Yep my sentiments exactly Jacob, well said. However I truly feel that the rush to make as much money as fast as they can and making a movie with only a few racers and one that cannot withstand long term interest in collecting didn’t happen by accident.
      I believe these huge global corporations know that the events coming in the next year or two will make collecting less feasible for most regular people.
      I have an idea of some of the things which may occur like the total crash of the dollar but we will find out soon enough.
      Some people know some things that they aren’t telling us about yet.

      • Jacob says:

        Agreed Jack. Never can tell. I just remember me and my kids associating with each character from the first movie because they seemed like real emotional people. My son was so disappointed with the racers, and really is not interested in getting any more of the cars from the second movie. I would be surprised if they can extend the line out to the time the DVD comes out, but can guarantee that it will be done after the last surge of sales with that. There is absolutely no way that this can sustain for the 4 years that the original line did with no connections drawing you in.

        • Jack says:

          Seems we are in exact agreement. The question I want to know is why? Surely Disney and the rest of the corporations involved could have easily made this movie to keep collecting exciting for a long time. I don’t believe it’s just an error in their part.
          They could have included so many more racers. A couple of minutes of highlights featuring Lighting winning Piston Cups. Highlights of foreign racers winning trophies and racers in different countries etc.
          No way do I believe they just didn’t realize this. It’s more like they intentionally didn’t bother. So why? Why would they not take advantage and try to keep this thing going? That’s the question. Also notice how Prince Charles was totally left out and instead Prince William was featured. I hear they have big plans for Wille to tak over a UN type global governing body someday, if that’s true then you know the big players already know that and wanted our children to know prince Wille better.
          Oh well. Our only hope now is some TV specials to fill in the gaps. Otherwise it will soon to be time to move on. Very sad.

    • Rebecca says:

      I kind of feel the same. As for the movie my family liked the first one much better.

    • Mcmean says:

      Yup, I agree too. After the holidays, Mattel will be better off restocking some of the cars 1 stuff for all the new 2 year olds out there.

  • BMW says:

    My nearest TRU here sold out. The guy in toys said he saw them but all were gone when I went in on Sunday. He checked the region via the computer, and 2 stores showed a couple. He called each to check if those stores still had any on shelf. One store had 2 left.

    I Found out that not all TRUs are getting this 10 pack, just the high traffic high volume stores., as the computer shows “not eligible” when checking for certain stores.

    The dancers are incredibly detailed. Shigeko is the blue, Okuni is the pink. Don’t remember the third one.

    • collectormom says:

      I was able to have the store order something for me that they didn’t have in stock. If its available on their site they can place the order with free shipping, they treat it like an in-store purchase. We don’t have a TRU here but when we go to see Gramma this weekend we’ll go to TRU. If they don’t have it I’m going to have them order it for me

      • BMW says:

        Yes, you can get it online and the free metallic Mcqueen. And some trus are nice enough to do what yours did. Just saying for those who go into the stores looking for this set, they should call ahead with the item number to see if their store is getting this set, as not all trus are eligible for receiving this set in store.
        The item number is on the TRU website.

        • Rebecca says:

          Not anymore it is sold out.

          • collectormom says:

            They are available again, just ordered ours. But it is odd that this morning we tried to order it, only to see that it was sold out as we were going to add to our shopping cart. For the heck of it I checked it again just now and shows its available again.

          • bmw says:

            That went fast Rebecca-
            My son just told me that his nearest TRU is now sold out. He saw one this morning when he went to get a price adjustment on the gold mcqueens, and went back at lunchtime, and it was gone by then.

    • bobbyjack says:

      Yeah, I brought the printout from the computer to a TRU yesterday and they were able to tell me which stores had them. Called one of the stores and the manager said they would hold it for me tonight. Hope its there when I get off work! Thanks for the heads up, BMW!

      • bmw says:

        Glad my post on finding these on Sunday helped.
        The set is actually around 40 dollars with tax, when you consider the value of the free Mcqueen. I returned 2 Mcqueens I had already bought, when I got the free ones on Sunday.
        Also returned a bunch of singles which at 4.19 each (TRU) helped pay for this set. With all the exclusives showing up in box sets, collecting singles is becoming harder to justify.
        This has been going on for quite a while, with the exclusives in box sets, and limited releases (thinking of Spare O Mint 3 car box set, 9 Car Speedway Set, Flos V-8 Cafe, etc) and many others.

    • John in Missouri says:

      “The guy in toys” — LOL!!

      There’s been a few times when I called the nearest TRU and wanted to ask the Operator for “the toy department”.

      • BMW says:

        He was walking through the diecast toy dept funny! And was the most knowledgable and helpful person in the whole store. Ask for him: The guy in (diecast) toys. LOL

      • BMW says:

        I bought the 3 TRU 5 packs on May 16th on sale at 15.99. Each car was 3.20 each, a good price. I returned a bunch of singles that I paid 5.00 each for at Family Dollar, when I got the 5 packs. So price wise the 5 packs were a better deal per car price. I am keeping my 3 5 packs and the 10 pack from TRU. In the 4 TRU sets there are 2 Finns, 2 RT Mater, 2 Wasabi Mater, and 2 Mcqueen with Racing wheels as repeats in these sets.

  • collectormom says:

    We’ve been waiting to buy and/or open some Cars2 Cars for this box set. We need most of what’s in the box, and getting the Metallic Finish LMQ for free will be an added bonus!

  • Jack says:

    These look very nice but Mattel isnt getting my money for this. I have had more than enough of this gimmick of 1 or a couple of new ones in a set with repeats.
    Only a very small percentage of buyers will buy this one but I do believe you will at some point see a major sale on this. Then maybe I will pick it up.

  • jestrjef says:

    Very nice cars!! What a mess mattel has made. Grrrrr …. all these multipacks make it almost impossible to not have TRIPLES … I do not mind double … but triples … UGH …. I guess the kids around the block might like some!! 😉

    • bobbyjack says:

      If your kids got both sets of Grandparents, that’s how I break up my triples. The one where they spend the most time gets the doubles and the other grandparents get the triples.

  • I-am-speed says:

    Here we go again, forcing us to return and purchase due to 2 “exclusives”. I’ve already got 8 of these, at better prices than $4.50 each. 🙁

  • Corinne says:

    The kabuki dancers are awsome, got mine with a FREE matallic Mcqueen !!

  • bobbyjack says:

    If I remember correctly, the Kabuki cars were shown in Tokyo Mater and Cars 2 in groups of three. Going to go ahead and get the 10 pack now and then just hope the 5 pack in October will have the third Kabuki car.

    Hopefully the Italy Race Box set will have Mater in Insane Francesco Fan disguise with the security cars.

  • kdthomas says:

    Scenario C: Skip these entirely. 😀 These box sets are old. I figured they would have learned this after discounting last years 9-Pack from $39.99 to $8.

    • jestrjef says:

      Hate to break it to you … but TRU is NOT Target …. TRU will put it on clearance for $2 off and it will sit on the shelf for 6 years!! 😆

      • Mcmean says:

        Agreed. My TRU still has pegs of Mega Size Semi Cabs. They have been there for over a year now. TRU does occasionally have buy one get one 50% off. Maybe one can hope for that and pick up a couple different $40+ items. They had a similar sale on Toy story 3 stuff a month or so after the movie was out.

    • bobbyjack says:

      I will wait until Target puts the 7 pack with Frank Clutchenson on Clearence. Sarge’s Boot Camp are still full price in some TRUs.

      • sidewall74shine says:

        My TRU still has Bootcamp sets full price. I’d say return the Wasabi Mater 5 pack and get this. If the Kabuki #2 is different than the blue one, get that pack. I think they’ll only put 1 exclusive, sadly. Why, all buying strategies are down the drain now. TRU is way overpriced. Remember those old 5 packs when 3 or 4 out of 5 were new? I’m only collecting racers with chiefs in the Kmart 2 packs, and the lemons. I would be collecting more if Mattel didn’t pack in all those duplicates.

        • Zobovor says:

          Mattel packs in the duplicates because they know that kids want Lightning McQueen and Mater, not random background characters whose names they can’t even pronounce. If Mattel had produced the Kabuki dancers in, say, a 2-pack or something, they never would have sold. They would have been the worst pegwarmers in history. Packing the obscure characters in a larger set with core characters ensures that kids get the toys they want and the more obscure characters are still made available to the collectors that want them.

          In a perfect world, every Cars 2 toy would be available in a single pack for three bucks and we would only have to buy each toy once. Mattel doesn’t want to clog the pegs up with toys that don’t sell, especially this early in the game. Two or three months ago, my local Walmart had literally dozens of Vern the Taxi toys and Skip Ricter toys and that was it. The same cars lingered there forever because nobody was buying them, and since they weren’t selling, the store wasn’t reordering.

          • Jack says:

            No. This is not true. A two pack of these girls would have flew off the shelves just like most of every Tokyo car has. These would have sold at least as good as Bye Bye cars, maybe better.
            A look at the pegs lately prove there are way too many Lightnings and Maters on the pegs already.
            No Mattel repacks doubles with new cars to try sell more regular castings to the collectors that want the exclusives, if these two dancing girls weren’t in this pack it really wouldn’t sell then.

            • bobbyjack says:

              To this day, I still have not seen a Bye-Bye Kar or a Yojimbo hanging on a peg in a store. I saw a Tokyo Mater with Oil stains once and bought it. Except for Van San and Manji, which I saw in great quantity, the other Tokyo Mater cars I only saw a handful of times.

          • Rebecca says:

            I totally disagree with this. I think people would have bought more if they had just put the dancers in the 2 pack by themselves. People don’t want 50 of the same repeats over and over. It is a waste of money.

          • John in Missouri says:

            Mattel THINKS kids want McQueen and Mater (and I would assume Finn McMissile since he’s packed 5 to every case from now until infinity — and beyond).

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