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Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Kmart CARS Day #6 Today – 11:00 AM

What is the Kmart CARS Collector Event Day?

Twice a year, Kmart stores offer EXCLUSIVE rubber tire Piston Cup racers. You c=can skip the event and buy an entire case of 20 (link below). If you prefer not to buy an entire case, the in-store event is today, Saturday June 25, 2011 at 11: 00 AM (your local time).

How Does it Work?

Generally around the toy section, they will set up a table – you will also see some people gathered about (from some to hopefully not too many). At around 11 AM, they will begin letting people draw numbers. The rules are that ANYONE who is capable of physically drawing a numbered ticket is eligible to draw … meaning pretty much anyone from the age of 6 month and up … they will then call out numbers randomly from the draw – if your number is called, the will start to cut open a box for you – you are allowed to select up to 5 CARS in the first go around.

Will I get the CARS I want?

See below for checklist of CARS in this case. It’s 4 from CARS 1, & 3 from CARS 2. It all depends on what you are looking for and it will all depend on how many boxes the store receives and how many people are drawing tickets. Now after everyone who has drawn a number has picked their 5, some stores hold additional drawings – other stores just open it up as a free for all.

How early should I go to the event?

OFFICIALLY, they are supposed to draw numbers at 11 AM and in the order of your drawn number. So, you might show up at 10:58 and draw a low number or show up at 8:30 AM and draw a high number.

WARNING – there are stores that aren’t going to follow the official, guidelines so you probably want to show up at least by 10:30-10:45 and scope out the situation … in some cases, you actually have to remind them to re-read their instructions. It’s by the number you draw and not when you begin to line up.

Good luck and have fun.

Here is the LINK for Online CASES

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  • SandyfromLI says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Our Kmart Day 6 was okay to say the least. My son and I got there about 1 hour late. So when we finally got to the toy section there was a sales associate with 2 master cases so 8 cases total. I asked her if I can look at the cases that were opened and she told me to go to the pegs that the cars were there. So I walked down the isle and no Kmart 6 cars. So I went back and told her that those were not from the event she just held. She then said they are all the same. So instead of standing there and trying to argue with her, I kindly asked her if we can look at the cases she had on the dolly. So she said yes. We got what we wanted. But no posters. Like a compulsive buyer, I bought a whole case. Then we took a stroll down the toy isle and saw the same associate then grab a huge rubbermaid tub and dumped all the cars in there. I was surely glad I got there before she did that. Went and paid $90+ for these cars and didn’t get the limited edition poster I was suppose to get with a Cars purchase. I was wondering if I should go back? I really do want to but my husband will think Im CRAZY to drive 4o mins away for some posters. So it was really not the best event. But my son was thrilled to get Nigel, Shu, and hydrolic ramone. So it made his day.

    • Chiko911 says:

      You should just take your recipt to customer service and they should give you 2 of those since you bought more than $25dls and they should still have more posters of the event check that if not try to get one from other members from the blog that probably have extras…

  • Chiko911 says:

    Well guys im from Laredo Texas and here we only have one Kmart they had 11 boxes that contained 80 cars per box, there were like 40 people that were only collectors, we got to get a free poster each one of us I got two one for my office and one for my sons room.

    But the Hard thing about Laredo is that we live here like very south Texas next to the border to Mexico and we get a lot people that are Re-salers that buy by 100Β΄s of cars to take to Mexico, but the good thing was that I was able to get my collection 2 of each and some extra ones to open for my son, that day we went to Wal Mart afterwards and found Miles Axelrod, and Carla Veloso which was in the process of being an excellent day, then we went to Disney Store and got our Puzzle which was very awsome! my Son loved it and to make it a perfect day we went to see the movie which my son probably enjoyed the first one more than this one.

    Just to let you guys know IΒ΄m totally new to this if you all have any information that you could share with me to complete our collection of Cars 2 would totally appreciated, I wanted to know if you any of you guys had Nigel Gearsly not the exclusive one but the normal one I will pay the shipping and the cost of the car please let me know chuy_9v@hotmail.com and if any of you guys need any car send me and e-mail I will make my best to help you since here in Laredo we have the Mattel warehouse that sends of all the toys to other stores and they have an outlet store which some times they get Cars toys and much more shipper.

  • Chillwill007 says:

    O ya not to menrion I also got 5 of the motion posters. That they gave away with $25 in purchases 2 from last night when we purchased a cool cars rocking chair and some cloths and 3 from today. ;}

  • Chillwill007 says:

    that she didnt find any maters. Well while she was going in the back to get the boxes I found 4 of the mater with head set on and took 2 for me and gave her the other 2. Not only that I also found 5 of the other rubber tire cars from the last event on sale. After that I went to walmart and found the other 2 cars that we where missing. Axlrod, and trunkov. So know after 4 days and about 6 stores I got my son the whole set from #1 – #19 plus the 2 mater wit head set and 2 rubber tire set from this event and 5 out of the last event. Does any one know how many where in the last set?

  • NascarFan says:

    I ordered a bunch of Kmart cases online over the past week, should they send whole master cases with paper posters, I will be giving them away also, just pay for postage.

    I will post more information if I get them.

  • Chillwill007 says:

    So since I just started collecting this for my son I didnt know about yesterdays event till about 930 last night when we stopped in kmart. None of them there knew about any left overs. So I called this morning and spoke wit a manager and she told me they had a couple boxes left. I went in after feeding & dressing my 20 month old and was .atill able to gdt 2 sets of the 6 rubber tires plus 3 of the hi lo ramone. No posters as they where givin out yesterday. The manager was real cool but knew nothing of the collectability of them and said she just bought a few for her son but was sa

  • Michigander says:

    First, we would like to THANK Mattel and K-Mart for having these events!!!

    We were down state visiting relatives.

    We went to their local K-Mart for the “CARS 2” event and were surprised to be one of ONLY two families attending!?

    At 11:00am, the Manager brought out 2x Master Boxes.

    Since their were only two children, the Manager would ONLY open one Master Box of 4x “CARS” cases?

    The two children each got to open a case – the other 2x unopened cases and the other unopened Master Box were kept to the side.
    The Manager said “for any other people who show up later”?

    Their were 2x Posters in the one Master Box – one for each of the two children.

    Our Son picked out a set of the seven “Event” diecast plus a few extras to open.

    There were no “two-packs”, no other new or different “CARS 2” merchandise, and nothing else at the store worth buying – we got the feeling this particular store is on the short list to being permanantly closed?

    As we were leaving, we asked the Manager if we could have the cardboard “Event” poster at the front of the store?
    The Manager said “No”.

    Our Son got what he wanted so, we are happy with the event!

    But,we could not help thinking how strange this K-Mart does events?

    Either this store Manager (and his buddies?) are hording the extras for themselves or the store will be stuck with hundreds of leftover pegwarmers?

    Again, we are thankful to have what we do but, why does it seem like the K-Mart “Pixar CARS” events always have WAY TOO MANY cases and not enough people but, the K-Mart “Hotwheels” events NEVER have enough cases and way too many people???

    • NascarFan says:

      Just a few notes:

      I know that from email conversations with Kmart Reps that Mattel held up the two packs release. Why is still unknown here but I know BMW and I have asked if they were going to be on Kmart day and was told they would not be.

      As far as opening only one of those master cases, they may have felt it was easier to leave them boxed up so they did not have to re box them for storage.

      We have had that happen here and other stores too.

      Posters being given away:

      Some Kmart Managers have this policy “no giveaways” and do not read the rules that they can give these away to Cars Fans but they have selective eye sight. Maybe its like some do not read stereo instructions, or the orange labels on the outside of the box not to put these on the shelves before the release date.

      In store photos:

      Some stores do not care, some do

      But with our store yesterday we were told no photos until they started taking photos. “Oh Hey double standards huh”??? Then we could get ours and when they realized we were posting these photos to promote Kmart Days here and overseas forums so that those overseas people could see, then it was fine.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      The assistant manager at my store did the same thing. There were three people there. She gave each of us a box and left the others on the dolly. Given the case assortment and the lack of demand, why should she have every case opened? At the last event the same people were there. I watched two young guys open every box and look at every car, then just buy a minimal amount of cars. The sales associate had to repack everything. I’ve been to Hot Wheels event where just about all the cars from twenty cases were sold and nothing to repack since the remainder went directly onto the resolving metal stand. My K-Mart still has tons of castings from the last every unsold at markdown prices. These events are totally overrated from the retailers viewpoint.

      • NascarFan says:

        Our Utah club members and myself always help the Kmart associates repack boxes and fold up and put away tables.

        They are the only retailer doing this for any collectors period. We should all help when the events are over twice a year.

      • NascarFan says:

        I have 4 Lenticular posters left over. I will be asking for the “honor system” to be sending these to people who missed them.

        You will be asked to pay for a cardboard tube and postage.

        You can send cash back or a check. Paypal works too.

        one per person please


    • Rebecca says:

      I was a little upset because my son asked for the cardboard poster at the door also and they told him “NO”. It makes no sense because they gave us the one last October. The lady hosting the event this time was kind of rude. I missed the regular guy that we use to have.

  • John says:

    About a dozen people at our Kmart and more than 40 boxes of cars. Instead of numbers, staff just handed everyone a box and a poster. By 11:10 it was over and there were plenty of cars left for the pegs. No crew chief 2-packs.

    The nearest Target had three of the new 7-packs with Carla’s fan and Lewis Hamilton, but the quality was so poor we had to pass on all of them.
    Even on sale!

    • Chowee says:

      This was my first Cars event since my boy only recently discovered the movie. As a result, we’ve been on a massive buying spree trying to get vehicles from both films.
      Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get there until about 7 p.m. and the Ramone’s and poster’s were all gone :(. Still, my son got the Nigel and Shu, so he was happy.
      Thanks for a great site and a great resource for the new collector!

  • Chiko911 says:


  • Chiko911 says:




  • MustangJoe says:

    I decided not to go. This is my first time ever collecting Pixar Cars. Anyways I’m hearing rumors that Rip Clutchgoneski is gonna be available in K-Day 7. So do you guys think he will be released just with rubber tires or will Mattel release him with plastic tires too? If he is gonna be released with just rubber tires then I’m gonna have to get the rubber tire cars. I already opened the ones I bought and I’m trying to save money and reduce duplicates.

    • John in Missouri says:

      If I may ask, you’re hearing rumors from whom?

    • bobbyjack says:

      Thought it was pretty much official who the 7 cars for Kmart day 7 are going to be. I’m now thinking we may not see Clutchgonski until Kmart day 8. If Kmart is not gone by then.

      • John in Missouri says:

        One thing we overlooked yesterday but found this morning at Kmart is a poster of a lot of the characters from “Cars 2”, Rip Clutchgoneski included. I couldn’t resist it, and plunked down my $5.99 + tax. That and several more Cars got me the free 3D poster too.

    • Rebecca says:

      I didn’t see or hear anything about Rip Clutchgoneski available in KDay-7. Looking at the poster he isn’t on there either to come out then.

  • Tom says:

    Ended up going to the Kmart on University in Durham, NC. Everything was cool. There were 4 parties present and 2 master cases so everyone got what they needed including posters. The clerks were friendly but thought you had to be 18 in order to participate. Fortunately management (or security) corrected that and everyone got a ticket before the drawing started. If I’d have known they give away the store poster we probably could have scored it too. Of course my boy took one look at the poster and said he wanted the Popemobile! Afterward, we went to the Target down the street. What a contrast! Nice new, clean store. They were also hosting some type of public safety day, so my not got to climb all over the fire truck, ambulance, bomb squad truck, etc. That was a real bonus. Funniest part was when he climbed in the ambulance, the EMT asked him if he knew what kind of truck it was, he responded “Yes, it’s a Ford.” We all had a good laugh. That kid has some wit and killer timing.

  • quercy says:

    Very smooth and easy. 6 adults two kids, all from the same family and us, my wife and my son, as friends for two master cases. I got 2 of each cars, my son got a selection of 3 he wants to play with (one was not even from the KMart day. It was Acer since we have seen the movie yesterday he now knows what Acer is capable of… πŸ™‚ ) Got two posters, the entrance big poster and two free 3D poster. The only difference with this event and any other stores is the “release date” in known. There is nothing special more. No video (CARS 1 or CARS 2 trailers, balloons,coloring sheets or card games for kids, or little gift like they do at TRU to promote new toys like Chuggington, etc… I am disappoint in that sense. Otherwise I am please to get them all in once. Of course as a “collector day” there was no sign of new 2-pack crew chief…

  • Angry says:

    I really hate when you ***** take more than you need of a car. My 3 year old just wants one Hi-Lo Ramone and I couldn’t get one. The fat guy in front me walked out with 4 of them. Probably on his way to pick up his second big mac extra value meal at 11:15. I hate those idiots.

    • quercy says:

      If the rules were applied he should not be able to get more than ONE Ramone at the time. You should report this to NascarFan… On the other side he may have bought 4 to please his kids who couldn’t attend or some other relatives of friends who do not have a KMart close like I did… you never know what are people needs…

    • slicepie says:

      Next time get there earlier and stop disappointing your child!

    • Tom says:

      You really are an angry person, for that I feel sorry for you. However to make nasty, offensive, hateful and baseless statements here is totally uncalled for. Quercy is right, your beef is with Kmart, not any other shopper. Just curious, what evidence do you have proving the person who bought the 4 Ramones is a T5ADer? This is a civil forum and remarks such as yours are not welcome. Hopefully they will be “Met-orated” directly.

      • quercy says:

        Thank you Tom. “High-Five!” or should I say “High-T5AD” πŸ˜‰

      • Jack says:

        Very well said Tom. Terrible post by an angry guy. At least his screen name fits him. I truly hope he doesn’t display that type of name calling and presumptuous stereotyping in front of his young child. Simply awful.

      • Lorri says:

        Totally agree. And I think everyone here knows how I feel about the use of “retard” as an insult. This is not the place for those kind of comments. Actually NO place is the place for those kind of comments. Give your child a good example.

    • bobbyjack says:

      Don’t think you have trouble finding this car at 2 per case and most Kmarts got way more than they will need. Hydraulic Ramone has also been released at other major retailers along with Nigel Gearsley. But you would probably know that if you didn’t just sit at your computer creating profiles to go on different sites to insult people. For your 3 year old’s sake, please adjust your attitude.

  • gorgeous703 says:

    I wasn’t able to attend the event and was scared that I’d have a hard time finding Hydraulic Ramone. But I had some time to go visit my nearest Kmart around 8pm and there was an abundance of each car! πŸ™‚ I was able to get every single one but I wasn’t able to get one of the posters. πŸ™
    I was able to get one of the 3d posters since I spent over $25 for free which was nice but now I’m curious as to when/where I can get the other 3 posters since this one indicates #2 of 4. If anyone knows any info please share. Thanks!

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Two master cases for three people. I think K-Mart is taking a bath on these events. The end caps of prior K-Mart days have so many peg warmers, I do not understand why K-Mart continues the promotions. The assistant manager running the show even had to make jokes about the low interest. She did say the events for Hot Wheels is well attended. That’s an understatement: 3 vs. 35??

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Well, it turns out that Jr. Manifold had a swimming lesson at 11AM, so Baby Manifold went with me to eat goldfish crackers in a stroller at the KMart Electronics department in Norridge, IL…. oh, and to pick up his big brother’s Cars cars of course! They had two master cases, so 8 boxes of 20, and baby and I were the only ones there. A few others stopped by just to see what was going on, and one was even surprised that you had to buy them – this happens every time! We were able to pick through all 8 boxes as to get some cars for my kids, Lou, and Chiesurin. They even gave us the front-of-store poster. It was cool that the same, really nice and helpful clerk from last year handled the event, and she even had a printout of the Mattel rules – too bad she didn’t need it. The cars scanned correctly (always a bonus – heh heh) and my baby made it without screaming and didn’t even drop one goldfish cracker! The minute we arrived back home, Jr. asked where the new cars were, and he was very pleased to have “Ramone’s big brother” and Francesco (I’m saving the rest for later as he just got some new Cars 2 cars yesterday)! He ripped them open, declared his satisfaction with Francesco’s rubber tires while rolling him back and forth on our kitchen table, and then commenced work on building each one a new custom house out of recycled cardboard. Francesco’s house has a painted red exterior with an all green interior – his first Cars 2 playset. Can’t wait for October!

  • Rebecca says:

    Even though there are some of the cars already out in the Kmart 7 event I am looking forward to that one compared to what was offered on this one. The money I saved today I will use towards the next event. I still have to say my favorite event so far was the last one Kmart 5 with Tach O Mint, Gask-Its and Faux Wheel. πŸ™‚

  • bobbyjack says:

    I am so glad we waited to open the Cars 2 cars. My son has been looking at his new poster and keeps telling me he NEEDS ALL those cars. Little does he know that there are only six cars on it that we don’t have yet. After the big bang of the getting all the race cars at once yesterday, we are only going to open 3 or 4 per week from here on out. With the dozen or so Cars 1 cars we still have to open, we should be set for the next few months at least. Hopefully that will give us enough time for those last six to be released!

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      That’s funny, my son was doing the same thing today while looking at the big KMart poster. “I want this, and this one, and I want this one, and this one….” He of course has no idea that we already have a lot of them, especially the main characters. He loves the bad guys. Chick Hicks was his favorite in Cars. The monsters in Scooby doo are his absolute favorite. Wait, should I be worried?

  • NascarFan says:

    Utah Disney – Pixar “Cars” Club Kmart Cars Day #6

    getting cars for overseas members


    Not everyone could show up at the same Kmart but we did get a bunch of cars for

    overseas people

    Myself, Kevin



    another customer and My wife robin

    • John in Missouri says:

      Let the conspiracy theories abound — it would appear that someone repacked your Kmart’s master cartons! They looked nothing like what mine had and have always had (official Mattel markings, etc.).

  • mike in batavia says:

    such a great deal ….i had to send from my phone. Sears has 25 percent off all cars toys… I had to get a manager override since the cars diecast did not automatically give the 25 off…. So not be able to hit kmart today paid off. Flyers were all over the toy section that shows the discount. Looks good until june 30. Kachow!

  • Mariela says:

    Plenty of cases, 9 master cases in total!
    I got extra posters if anyone didn’t get any..let me know!

    I have a question…in the next event Kmart 7 in October, the poster shows 7 racers will be available with rubber tires, but there’s one missing!! Are we gonna have an “Apple case” again?

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    Normally my store gets 1 master case, but we got 2 this time, so I wasn’t worried a bit. With only 4 people there for the event, everyone got what they wanted with tons to spare. My kids picked up the cars they wanted and each got a poster as well.

    Unless they put rubber tires on the Apple car, pitties, townies, tuners, or other characters from the original, I believe I’m finished with Cars collecting. But don’t fret, Met, you have a reader for life!

  • TarheelBill says:

    Our Kmart had been getting ten master cases…last year got six master cases…today had two master cases. Only eight of us there (we had twenty last October) so everyone got a case. Got Lightning, Chick, King x2…couldn’t resist taking a couple of Ramone home also. The excitement of the past five just wasn’t there today but everything went well.

  • kevin roche says:

    i messed up and thought it was next week, so needless to say i went late, got all but the ramone—anyone have extras, please let me know

    ramone only, thanks


  • bobbyjack says:

    1100 AM in Martinsburg, WV. It was just me and two other dads and their sons aged 2 to 4. My son only cared about getting another Francesco which is his new favorite. We got Shu and Nigel and Ramone of course too. I have decided to keep an unopened set of rubber tire WGP cars since the rest will be released in October. Where the heck is Rip Clutchgonski? I guess he will be the new Mac iCar. Each kid got a poster and we headed out to see the movie again. Even better the second time. My son wants to go again. I told him he had to wait for the DVD. Got two of the double sided mini posters at the theatre and they are all up on his wall now. After looking at the poster, not too many cars left to get. But after seeing the movie again, there should be many more to come!

  • jestrjef says:

    Our Kmart day was as smooth as the last 4. There were 4 groups of us there, and everyone got to go through a new case. Some got a second shot at a new case. Everyone got posters and left as happy folks. We waited until everyone left to ask about the store front poster, and they happily handed it to us and said enjoy!! πŸ™‚

    After that, we drove to the Disney Store to finish out our passports, have an adventure, and get the cool puzzles!!!!

    a great day was had by all … even the plants and flowers, as the thunderstorms started on our way back home. πŸ˜€

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Anybody else notice that Ramone has a Radiator Springs car club plaque in his rear window? Now _that’s_ new! And cool…

    • Mariela says:

      Thanks! I was trying to figure out what it says! πŸ˜›

    • MackDaddy says:

      Nice spy, eagle eye!! 😯

    • John in Missouri says:

      Anyone else also notice that for about 65 cents more in parts, they could have very easily made Ramone’s hydraulics work for real? The Low Riderz I found a few years ago fold up and down to make those cars look like a real low rider.

      I wonder how many kids (and adults) will break off the cheap plastic they used to make Ramone’s struts like this?

      (MET: People should actually be carefully removing it from the plastic bubble casing – most CARS you can just yank, with Hydraulic Ramone – you should definitely cut him out …).

      • Stig McQueen says:

        I had the same thought, but then I recalled that the Low Riderz car that Stigette had when she was little broke fairly quickly; the rear axle assembly snapped off. I expect that there were also issues with the size of the moving parts and the need to make sure they couldn’t be easily popped off and swallowed. Even if they marketed it as an “adult collectible,” every kid would still want one.

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    Went to Kmart in Broomfield this morning at around 8:30 am, just to scope things out. The manager and a clerk had no idea what time the event started. The manager said 9:00 the clerk said 10:00. They had to call some other store to find out what time it actually started. The clerk said that Mattel had not given them much info about this event. They had no sign at the door. Went back at about 10:30 for the event. I talked with another collector that I have known for a while–we were the only two people there. By 11:00, there were nine of us. They had 2 master cases which meant 8 cases. The manager who was running the event, gave out tickets, my number was the second one called. I think it’s a cool event to have, something for us to look forward too twice a year. I now have all 36 racers with rubber tires, since I purchased a custom Apple with rubber tires on Ebay. I have my own Speedway of the South.

  • Rob says:

    Well our event went very well, had everything I needed by 11:45, plenty of extras left behind. Picked up a few extra posters if anyone would like one free of charge, especially our overseas friends. I also have a few extra 3D posters you receive when purchasing 25.00 of Cars 2 items.

    Went to another Kmart for a few other cars items and came across 4 master cases unopened so I bought all of them so if anyone needs any cars let me know

    Thanks Rob9my6kids)

  • kdthomas says:

    Very happy with these events. I like getting the racers as singles. I remember everyone jumping up and down as to when we would ever see this Ramone. Wondering when they would complete the line. KMart came through again and it looks like they are doing the same with the new racers. I think the true reason why some people are not happy is because there is an abundance to go around for everyone which leaves less trade/Ebay material.

    • Jack says:

      Ken your thinking is off again. Had they put in an Apple or other sought after Cars I would have been happy regardless if there were 1,000 Apples and every store and I already have a real Apple. I would love to have a couple more to play with though.
      As for Hi Lo Ramone I have already had them for a few weeks. They are in case F of the regular singles and will be even cheaper in some of the stores then they were today. The 4 packs with Shu and the rest are available for 12.00 ea right now so also less than the Kmart price and have hard plastic wheels that actually roll.
      No most collectors don’t like the assortment because of no new cars. Plain and simple. Nothing deeper to it than that.
      I will be way more excited to get a new case of deluxe with The Pope and either the Pope mobile or the Queen car than I was today.
      New Cars or sought after cars are what we want. It’s not that complicated. I have talked to many great collectors. Many that don’t even sell or trade and they didn’t like the assortment either.
      Besides go check EBay and you will find most rubber tire cars don’t have much value if you can get the same car in plastic tires. Very few collectors care. They just want the different characters. Wheels material doesn’t really matter to the average buyer. Just to a very small percentage that want the whole set that way.

  • collectormom says:

    We had a nice time at our event. Our family was there and an adult collector. We all got what we wanted and a poster too. It’s so nice to finally check mark Hi-Lo Ramone in our 2009 Collector Guide!

    The gentleman that was there was very nice. He said he’d heard of T5 so that’s good. If you’re out there friend send me a message if you’re every looking for something!

  • slicepie says:

    Well I sure hope this event isn’t a sign of things to come for the Cars world. 8 Master Cartons – 32 cases at my store, which is one of the busiest during these events. But today, only about 14 people came and most of them were from Canada.

    We walked out with everything in bulk including several master carton posters. If anyone needs one let me know. I think we took about 8 when we left. Oh, and ours didn’t have the big store poster either.


  • born2collect says:

    I had good luck this morning, just south-east of Charlotte. Eight boxes and four collectors. Got everything I wanted and a poster too. There was also a 3D poster available from k-mart with a $25 or more purchase of Cars 2 merchindise.On the back of the print is a certificate of authenticity. This print is one of four prints created to support the 2011 Kmart power packed summer program. There should also be one for Green Lantern, Transformers 3, and Captain America movies. The Kmart I visited this morning did not have a front door poster. If you have one or know of anyone that does, I’m buying!!!!

  • Simba1814 says:

    Just got home from event in Denver, it was myself and one other guy who showed up at 11:10. They had 8 boxes to go through. The clerk opened all the boxes for me and said have fun. I got all that I needed, a poster and the store big poster. I now am only missing one store poster from past events. It has been a great Cars weekend!

  • BBIG MIKE says:


  • scott says:

    Got there and only me and my daughter was there. So we got everything we wanted, including all the posters they had. Pretty Cool

  • Rebecca says:

    I did find it interesting that there was one lady and her kids at my Kmart cleaning out some of the clearance items. They must be new collectors is what I was thinking. πŸ™‚

  • NC says:

    I was the only one at my collector’s event. Got everything I wanted and also got a poster. My K-mart still has stuff on the pegs from Kday 3 though!

  • John in Missouri says:

    I think I angered the Cars gods with my review of the movie yesterday — all five of the posters we won were still in the cart when sideways rain hit us in the parking lot! So they are all now laying flat on the floor drying off. Some of the Cars were wet too, but I can exchange / return them tomorrow. Today was also the first time we did NOT walk out with the store poster, so Cars gods, I apologize!!!

    Anyway, nice event as usual, but the official rules sheet has changed to only allow 4 Cars per participant, and NO DUPLICATES especially for Hydraulic Ramone. It actually says that on the sheet!

    Weird how there were four rows of five Cars in each case.

    • John in Missouri says:

      With all remaining racers except for Clutchgoneski scheduled for Kmart Day 7, I really have to wonder what Kmart Day 8 will be like a year from now, or if they’ll even have the event.

      • NascarFan says:

        Well kmart day 7 up thru 8 and 9 are in the planning stages I hear

        • Jack says:

          I agree John. I don’t know what they can put in Kmart 8 and 9. After seeing the movie and with Mattel putting out so Many important releases right away I can’t see there being much to collect in a year or two from now.
          I don’t know why Disney only put in 12 or so racers in the whole movie. It just doesn’t make sense. Surely they must know that the racers were so important to collectors.
          It almost seems like they know either the economy is going to totally sink or something else dramatic is going to happen and they aren’t planning for people wanting the Cars in a couple years from now. Something isn’t right.

      • bobbyjack says:

        Or if they’ll even be in business. My Sears is closing down. Target and Walmart are always packed. My Kmart is like Radiator Springs before McQueen crashed there.

  • Bumper Save says:

    I was one of about a dozen there. The lady at ours only let us take 4! Did that happen to anyone else?

    • Rebecca says:

      We had this also but instead she gave each of us a box since there were so few people.

    • Rebecca says:

      I was not very pleased with this collection as it looked like a lot of others were not either since there were so few people there compaired to the past. We got everything we wanted including the poster. The store is going to be stuck with a lot of extras. Hopefully the next event is better than this one.

  • PirateDad says:

    I know that everyone thinks that the assortment is poor, but I can also recall most people wanting Rubber Tire MQ and Chick and King after the previous KM days…. seems no one is ever satisfied.

    I personally am pleased to complete (minus the stuck up iCar) the Rubber Tire Racers, and was THRILLED to get Hydraulic or Hi and LO Ramone.

    I am not collecting them all this time around, so I was also very happy to get Nigel and Shu for $3.99 instead of $10-12 for a launcher. I welcome Kmart Day 7 to complete the WGP Rubber Tire Racers and the singles instead of the 4 packs and launchers and 7 packs and 10 packs.

    Got the collector poster AND the Store one…which also completes my collection…6 KM days and 6 Store poster!!!!

    • Jack says:

      Well Shu, Nigel and the rest are all scheduled as singles for even less at Walmart. So it’s not as if you won’t get them as singles.
      It’s not true about never being satisfied. Yes it’s true they had to finish the rubber tire line but they should have added some totally different cars. Like true exclusives. Most people were completely satisfied with Kmart day 1 and two because of the new cars involved.
      It’s great that you were personally happy but it’s obvious that the majority were not and that’s what important.
      Bottom line is the assortments are not worthy of a collectors day event. Just 2 or three new cars could have changed that. Now if they put in a Mama Topolino and some pitty guitar players maybe they would be onto something.

      • PirateDad says:

        I must agree to disagree, after all it is called a Collector Event, and since they are offering us their exclusives Rubber Tire Racers, they are not obligated to have any first to markets. We were fortunate to get Hi Lo Ramone, a first to market. Coupled with 6 other Exclusives, marketed to Collectors, not as toys soley, I think that they have met their mandate.

        Wood I have liked a Colossus XXL and a ANY of the VW Bugs to be in the case? Sure I wood, but Kmart found a niche with Rubber Tire Racers adn they completed that for us. They will also continue that for #7. Will there be a #8….who knows, based on attendence, probably not. I personally think the attendence has more to do with A. timing…should have been 1 to 2 weeks later and B. Advertising…Kmart does not do enough to promote this event.

        Don;t get me wrong, I wish Mattel wood stop trying to screw me out of my money and just give me every car in a single package, so I can collect them all, without duplicates. But I like the line of Rubber Tire Racers and the fact that the packaging is unique and if I did not, I could have spoken with my wallet and not bought them.

        • Indykjt says:

          Well put PD!!! I loved this assortment, and the case count for each car was great as well… same number of racers in each. I too think the timing could have been better to give more people a chance to see the movie (like me!), but I was able to get everything I wanted, so it worked out!

          And I love the new Ramone!

  • babychristianscars says:

    I can only dream to ever own a poster. No kmart anywhere near me.

    • Lorri says:

      I have an extra one you can have! send me your address, to lorri ranslam at gmail dot com

    • jestrjef says:

      Etho, I already have one of EVERYTHING for you to go in the box I already have here for you. Check your email. Where have you been young lady?? Straight to the principal’s office with you!! πŸ˜†

  • Jack says:

    Absolutely dead event. Kmarts awful assortment has really gotten to them this time. A couple people at one of my stores. 1 person at another. Both stores got 4 master cartons. 1 store has 3 full left plus. These cars will still be there in a year from now.
    The companies involved are great at making a crappy event. They should get a clue and put some new cars in the cases. Simply awful job! Thanks Kmart and Mattel for nothing. The October event has all repeats too. What a waste of a year. They should hire someone with a brain over there. My 7 year old son could hops a better event.
    Here is a clue- rubber tires are not a big enough variation to build an event around. Only a few diehards care. Most people want all new cars. They could have repeated Todd and Mini and did better.
    I am just so disgusted with them. KMart S**ks and anyone who says differently is living in an alternate reality.

    (MET: NO crew chiefs?)

    • LASinCA says:

      Funny. I thought more or less the same thing about the assortment. And the first how many cases of the whole line are just the same cars over and over. Enough already. You would think they had learned their lesson from the original movie to move on and add the new stuff. The marketing people really have their heads up their…

    • Jack says:

      Nope they didn’t have any crew chiefs nor have I heard of anyone finding them yet. They did find hundreds more Kmart 4 days in the back. Which figures because no one really wanted that assortment either.

    • NascarFan says:

      Well Jack… thanks bud. At least its not a conspiracy.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Went solo cuz my son had a birthday party…ended up being solo at the event too…only ticket…we still shook the raffle container for good measure…haha

    I picked up some posters and those lenticular thingys they had too…

    They should ahve waited a week to let more people see the movie…

    hope everyone had an uneventful event like me and got everything they wanted!

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Our event went well, at least for us. Stig Jr. and I got there at about 11:00, found the table they had set up with two employees and a manager; we were the first (and at the time we left, the only) ones there. They had about 6 cases, handed me the box cutter to open the first; Stig Jr. picked out a Ramone, Shu, Nigel and Francesco, and a Ramone for Stigette. The manager gave him a poster and one for his sister, and seeing as how there was nobody else there, figured it was OK if I picked some CARS, too. I snagged Ramone, Nigel and Shu for my collection.

    Stig Jr. wore his LEGO Mater t-shirt that he got at last Saturday’s LEGO Club meeting at the LEGO Store. I wore my Disney hat with the CARS pin.

    The best part was, it ended up not costing me anything! I had two $25 Sears gift cards that I got as a “rebate” from a recent clothes-shopping trip, and with Sears and Kmart being the same company, I was able to use them to pay for the CARS!

    Oh, and all the traffic lights were green all the way there — and back! Great morning!

    (MET: That’s funny right there).

  • huffdaddy says:

    They also had some older rubber tire cars on clearance. I got a gas-kits (rubber wheels) for $2.40 and a 3 car rubber wheel gift set (gas-kits, faux-wheel and LM) for $8. The cars 2 stuff was spread out to 3 different areas so I had to do some searching to get my $8 launchers but I finally found them as well. Keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss anything!!

  • apklimon says:

    Nice and easy….Was at electronics but not set up. When i asked where it was being held the clerk pulled out 4 cases from behind the shelf and handed me some posters. Picked up one of each and 4 Ramones (since I have some Walmart employees for friends). All in all very smooth and quick.

  • huffdaddy says:

    We had 4 people and 4 master cases at our event. Got to pick one of each and got a poster. Maybe two minutes start to finish. Was actually set up in electronics and not in the toy section.

  • Wraukn says:

    Only my wife and myself at our event. 3 master cases and scored all the cardboard and foamcore posters. And a Ramone with no eyes. It looks like he fell asleep after he lifted himself up.

  • RandyJr. says:

    Very smooth. Hung around a few minutes beforehand and my daughter and I were the only ones there at 11 am. We got to open our own box, pick out one of each new car (and an extra Ramone), snag a poster and out the door and on our way in five minutes flat.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Event starts in less than 30 minutes here, leaving the house now!

  • john says:

    can anyone that going to this get us a poster?? we are in atlanta just incase that matters. i would appreciate it. i could trade for it to if needed. thanks. let me know josborne@trendinfluence(dot)com

    • NascarFan says:

      Rumors have it there is supposed to be plenty posters to go around.

      Plenty of them in the master cases.

      If no one helps you let me know I will be getting some for scanning and then give them out, just pay mailing costs.


      • john says:

        hopefully someone will have an extra but i wouldn’t mind having a digital copy regardless so i might hit you back regardless. ANYONE THT HAS AN EXTRA LET ME KNOW! we saw the movie last night and the kid was AMPED UP! love this franchise.

  • DDD says:

    Dumb question, but they go on the pegs after the sale, right? Still available afterward if not sold out?

    • Dunroamin says:

      Actually, they end up in a shopping cart or a tote and get all banged up…at least in my local kmart…

      On another note, talked to an employee and he offered me all the in store posters I want…the only one woth having is the big foam core one that it about 3×5…all the others have diaper pictures all over them…haha

      He also said that Kmart does not have the 2 packs and he tried to order them but can’t becasue he needs the UPC…I’m sure my online order will end up being wrong…oh well…worth a try with free shipping…

    • John in Missouri says:

      Mine always takes all the extras to the back stockroom, so you may need to ask for them if you back in a few days.

  • NascarFan says:

    If anyone has any Kmart Day #6 Issues:

    Let me know your store number and city and state.

    I will send this forward to the higher ups.


    • Rowald says:

      Two of the Kmarts in the PHX area all started their event at 10 am. I got there around 10:55 and already saw the six synthetic rubber tires on the pegs. Had to drive 6.5 miles to another Kmart to get Hydraulic Ramone. Sucks that all the fliers said event at 11am.

  • Tom says:

    Our first K Day, here’s to hoping it’s not a goat rodeo!

  • bobbyjack says:

    After watching my son play with his new WGP cars last night, we already need a new Shu because he lost a bunch of paint off his front end. Francesco is his new favorite character after seeing the movie yesterday. Might as well get another Nigel too while we’re at it, so instead of just getting Ramone we will be getting the 3 new rubber tire ones to keep on card for emergency use only.

  • Chiko911 says:


  • Jesus says:


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