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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Walmart Cube is Back

The Walmart Cube is back … thanks for the great pics, “JestrJef,” and “Manifold Mike!”

Sporting the next WM exclusive 2-pack … Fred Fisbowski (along with Holley Shiftwell)

Fred is an exclusive yellow Pacer … as is Tyler Gremlin … I hope all the other Gremlins are surnamed Gremlin’s – much easier to remember.

Are his glasses foggy? Or clear?

Now, everyone practice the evil laugh? Mwahahahahahaha …

And the mass arrival of Stephenson the Spy Train.

And the checklist of 2-packs (looks like they decided to change Red Grem Tyler’s last name … and from the CARS 2 Essential Guide, kind of diminishes the evil family of Trunklises if they name changed everyone to “Gremlin.”)

Thanks for the great pics, “JestrJef” and the CARS on card pics, “Manifold Mike.”


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