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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Professor Z Paint – The Final Chapter

Okay, we can take Professor Z off the variant list – at least when it comes to the mysterious “door handle,” on his face.

“DDD” who owns this unique Z was kind enough to snap two final pics that puts the mystery in a better light …

It does look like the painter guy meant to triangle-brush stroke the back and instead did the front and apparently only allowed ONE gray brushstroke a CAR then passed it along.

So, “DDD” owns the only Professor Z with a door handle on the front and an unpainted back. Not a variant but an error.

As NO ONE else has reported finding a similar CAR.

However, there are definitely some Professor Z’s with a clear monocle and others with a hazy one -it seems the hazy ones are all older production ones?

So, thanks for looking everyone and thanks for the fun mystery, “DDD.”

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