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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Carrying Cases Checklist REVISED

The names of the Carrying Cases have finally been clarified and corrected – turns out the “Stow ‘nΒ  Go” is actually this!

Yea, doesn’t look like much stowed up but unfolded …

I think it’s about the closest thing to a townie playset we’ll be getting.

Yes, kids, I know, Ramone’s is not to the right of Flo’s and Casa Della is across the street but what are you gonna do?

So, while it’s not really a carrying case and vaguely a playset – it is called Stow ‘n Go and has a handle and since it’s lumped in with carrying cases, we’ll put it there … and along that line of thinking, while Siddeley, Stephenson and Everett don’t exactly hold a lot of CARS, they are no lessΒ  carrying cases with play features like the Fan Stand, Speedway or the Double Decker Bus so anything not specifically a trackset I have moved over to the carrying case checklist …

In theory, the ones not out should be out in the next few weeks so shout out if you spot them on shelves.

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