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Disney Pixar CARS 2: The Massive & Complete LEGO Checklist

In case you need to get in the mood to add LEGO’s to your CARS 2 collection, check out the AMAZING and AWESOME CARS 2 trailer done entirely in LEGO by Stop-Motion Animation Director, Patrick Boivin.


Now, to collect some CARS 2 LEGO to make your own …

These are NOT in scale to each other – you can guess how large and how many pieces the set is by the open pic on the right (the piece count is also listed on the box itself).

The only two currently not out yet are BIG BENTLEY BUST OUT and SPY JET ESCAPE.

Thanks Nikko for the box pics!

You can find everything direct from the LEGO SHOP – free shipping with $75 purchase through May 31 (plus Lego VIP reward points)

Or Amazon – here’s their LEGO CARS 2 page.

You can also find some cool LEGO MAKING OF CARS 2 BRICK VIDEOS HERE.

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23 May 2011 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3, Lego 17 Comments


  • hollywood7 says:

    Makes me want to stay home from work and play Lego… How much fun Vrrrrm

  • Mr. T says:

    Wow! Explosions and clouds are done in Legos!

  • The Loner says:

    WOW!! That trailer is beyond awesome!!!

  • quercy says:

    My son must NOT see that clip…. There will be hundreds of lego pieces EVERYWHERE !!! 🙂

  • Monica says:

    In the trailer, I love how even the explosions and clouds and splashes are in Lego.

    (MET: Yea, it would be weird to buy like 6,000 clear pieces just to make clouds though 🙂 ).

  • DJBENNETT22 says:

    Some are displayed at my wal-mart but i dont get why the backround is the old piston cup stadium. and speaking of which i am reading the rally race comic and everytime you see the grandstands its pictures of fans from the movie, and dousnt even match up correctly have the time!

  • Dunroamin says:

    I received several of them from my wife and kids for my Birthday last Friday. I have the Rad. Springs LM, Classic mater, Escape at Sea and the Ultimate LM. I haven’t built the parge mcQueen but it looks pretty cool. Hopefully, it will be as sweet as the pizza planet truck I got last birthday.
    Didn’t nkpw they were going to release mater! looks like a good Father’s day present 🙂

  • Monica says:

    These are so cute, I am stoked Lego decided to do a line this year besides Duplo (which my boys say are for babies).

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Awesome video; Stig Jr. and I watched it the other night, and then he wanted to see the “regular” trailer. He was amazed at how closely the LEGO trailer follows the other one (practically frame-by-frame!). More fuel for his current LEGO stop-motion moviemaking obsession…

    Saw all of the sets at the LEGO store on Saturday; Stig Jr. spent his allowance money on the mini LMQ, and has been modifying it with his own parts ever since to make “spy gear” for his “missions.”

    Also signed him up for the June 18 LEGO club meeting; the theme, of course, is CARS!

    (They say that there are @60 LEGO bricks for every human on Earth; looking around my living room floor, I’m thinking that’s low!)

  • cac1959 says:

    Wow… I’ve seen these in stores… my grandson tried to get me to buy all the ones we saw at Meijer last night… I saw the Tokyo set at TRU last Monday… It was hard not to buy them, but there are so many things available to purchase…

    The trailer is awesome.

  • collectormom says:

    Hilarious! My boys discovered Lego a few years ago. Between Lego and Cars its a full on obsession

  • corinne says:

    AWSOME !!

  • jestrjef says:

    SUPER COOL!! Glad my son has not quite discovered Lego’s yet …. but I am sure it won’t be long …. maybe this will be the start of more trouble! 🙂

    • Dodger says:

      Same here with my son- this is a trailer I wont show to him; to keep the “trouble” away
      for some time.
      But I love the Cars-logo at the end build up with legos…too funny…

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