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Disney Pixar CARS 2: The Massive & Complete LEGO Checklist

In case you need to get in the mood to add LEGO’s to your CARS 2 collection, check out the AMAZING and AWESOME CARS 2 trailer done entirely in LEGO by Stop-Motion Animation Director, Patrick Boivin.


Now, to collect some CARS 2 LEGO to make your own …

These are NOT in scale to each other – you can guess how large and how many pieces the set is by the open pic on the right (the piece count is also listed on the box itself).

The only two currently not out yet are BIG BENTLEY BUST OUT and SPY JET ESCAPE.

Thanks Nikko for the box pics!

You can find everything direct from the LEGO SHOP – free shipping with $75 purchase through May 31 (plus Lego VIP reward points)

Or Amazon – here’s their LEGO CARS 2 page.

You can also find some cool LEGO MAKING OF CARS 2 BRICK VIDEOS HERE.

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