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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Fan Stand Display Open For Action

The Fan Stand Display does not look like much folded up – is it a CARS 2 fishing tackle box?

But opened, you will want one or 10?

Though, I don’t know – do you even have 40 CARS to fill this thing? 🙂

I mean, come on, that would take the normal CARS 2 collector years months minutes to fill!

And a first hand look at the upcoming Kmart exclusives, Francesco’s Crew Chief & Carla Velso’s crew chief from the 2-packs …

Francesco’s crew chief looks like an Alfa and obvious Carla’s is a VW Beetle.

A close up look at the top area … and the race track portion.

Not available yet – coming soon!

Yea, don’t judge a display stand by its closed form … it does help to have 40 cool CARS to fill it with. 🙂

So, how many will you line the wall with?

You can find the rest of the CARS 2 carrying cases here.

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  • LUCA says:


  • FireFox91 says:

    I need to get my son another case for his cars. I was thinking about this one or the other one with the launcher ramps in it. But if the going price is $35+ they can forget it. The Monster Truck Mater case (which is just a carry over Hot Wheels case) is only $13 at TRU and more than does the job. It even fits The King.

  • rpag says:

    I wonder if multiple cases could be connected?

  • jordan bellamy says:

    the green vw beetle is called CRUZ BESOURO 🙂

    • Stig McQueen says:

      As a long-time VW guy, I have GOT to get me some of these! Just what I need to treat my chronic case of Wolfsburg Syndrome (more commonly known as “aintgotanoldbeetleitis”). Of course, the only cure is a 1:1 VW of the aircooled variety…

      • Monica says:

        I had a pale blue 1969 VW beetle with its original black and gold CA plates way back when I was in college in the ’90’s. I loved that car, even though one time it stranded me…in the rain…alone…at night…in Westminster. I ended up selling it to a guy who was going to fix it up for his daughter and bought a brand new shiny red Honda.

  • Terri says:

    First case I have ever really wanted. I like it so much I will probably buy 2.

  • quercy says:

    Boxoffice.com has done projections of the coming movies and CARS 2 ($80 million) fall third behind Transformers 3 ($115 million) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II ($142 million). CARS 2 will, without any doubt, dethroned them easily will the sales of promotional items… Do you really believe Pixar won’t continue to produce more adventures of McQueen and Mater?… Collecting CARS will last at least for one generation, maybe more…. 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Wow, LOVE it!

  • BMW says:

    Quite a mixture of Cars 1 and 2 in that picture.
    This looks better than any of the other cases, and way better than that lame case that Target had from Cars 1.
    Definitely going to get this one, and maybe two.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Will they ever make a case that the KING fits in…jeeeeeez

    • John in Missouri says:

      Yes, and it looks like Yellow Ramone should have purchased two seats!

      I’d also like to know which genius at Mattel designed the flag stand to fit Guido and not Dexter Hoover! I mean, did they ever SEE the movie???

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    I could see passing all of the other playsets up in favor of this one. My kids just don’t seem to enjoy playsets that much. Jr. never plays with the Mater The Greater set, although he does use it to create other things, like Yeti’s snow cave for instance, but a cardboard box is just as good. This could easily be converted into a Cars 1 grandstand as well.

  • L8rM8r says:

    Wow now that is a cool carrying case, I too hope that they can be found for a little less $$ at WM or Target, but almost a must have.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    So is that Doc Hudson’s ghost in the back row?

    Does Ramone have brothers?

    Mia & Tia have a sister?

    Dexter Hoover forget his flags?

    And why do the 2nd and 4th row have little humps blocking their views? It’s bad enough when you have to sit in the nosebleed section at an odd angle; but then they put sight blockers in front of you too….

  • MurdockM says:

    too bad though, that you won’t be able to connect multiple display side by side to create something bigger.

  • jestrjef says:

    WOW!! This looks really flippin’ cool … but that price is a little scary … please oh please let Walmart or Target get is for like $35 …. PLEASE!! 🙂

  • NC says:

    Pretty cool! I will probably be getting this.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I guess it’s a good thing Cars dont have necks. What an odd angle to try and watch a race.

    Now that they have a Beetle mold, think they will make the little bug from Cars 1?

  • Jinzo says:

    Only thing that I have to complain is the dividers on the sides of the car. Look nice indeed. Seeing this is a Case rather than a display first, I could see why they have that. Look nice nevertheless. 😀

  • corinne says:

    $44.99 PRE-ORDER TRU.COM

    • Sandy says:

      I think thats kinda steep for the stand. Looks cool and all but to rich for my blood. And if some of you agree with me. These will sit and eventually be clearanced at a much more reasonable price. Just have to wait and see.

    • bobbyjack says:

      Umm. Nope. Not at that price. Maybe when they get clearanced after Christmas.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Do we have a retail price on this item yet? That will be the deciding factor on how many.

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