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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Kmart, You’re Funny …

As a great rusty ole truck once said, “Kmart, You’re funny.”

Yes, this car does not exist.

There is a Lights & Sounds Finn McMissile (NOT an EXCLUSIVE).

There is a Finn McMissile with weapons (Walmart Exclusive – NOT with Lights & Sounds in a 2-pack with Grem).

This photo in this context is WRONG.

There is NO SUCH CAR available at Kmart.

Nolo existo.

“BobbyJack,” was nice enough to be the brave man to step forward to see if you ordered it, what would you really get?

He was offered Lights & Sounds Lightning McQueen.

Ohhh – so close …

And when he question what was happening?

“They said if they don’t have the exact item you order, they give you either the next UPC number up or down.”

Kmart, You’re funny.

But feel free to order and spin the blue light wheel and see what you get. And like calling QVC, you get to have a nice free conversation with the gofer-lay away-customer service employee – maybe get a recipe for pecan pie or how their niece is doing in college. It’s nice to make new friends and test their refund policy.

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  • bobbyjack says:

    You know, a good customizer who knew what he was doing could take the weapon off a Finn w/ weapons and just glue it to the side of a L&S Finn McMissile. Ta-Da! Or Mattel could release this car and we wouldn’t have to do that.

  • NascarFan says:

    BMW just sent me this:

    Kmart “Cars 2” Cases are now posted on Sears.com

    Does not look like its “LIVE” but it is now up and contents are photographed.

    I and BMW have an email int Kmart Exectutives to verify this.


  • NascarFan says:

    Well this is not the first time they list a Cars vehicle that isn’t even in their warehouse.

    Several times we have went through this.

    I have driven to Wyoming to see why and have the paperwork to show why these specific items never get to the purchasers.

    I did try to get that job but, oh well

  • FireFox91 says:

    K-Mart is by far the worst department store out there. Every time I go in to one, they lack current stock, their stores are sloppy, their prices are high, and their employees are incompetent. They seem to apply these same policies to their website. I really have no idea how they are still in business.

  • MackDaddy says:

    Bait and switch.

  • slicepie says:

    This car does exist in Case C. I didn’t think to take a photo before I sent off my cases.

  • quercy says:

    We must understand the technology is not ready yet to order a specific product having the correct description and picture. Internet, server, digital camera, computers and web page programs are too primitive to make this possible. Stop trying to do like fiction movies. We need another 10 to 15 years of development…

  • James Mcool says:

    Yesterday I saw a Finn Micmissile set at Kohls. Check it out!

  • Jack says:

    These do exsist. There are some in Case C Lights and Sounds.

  • Tom says:

    Someone should email the Kmart execs. re. this folderol. Maybe it would make them not happy.

  • BBIG MIKE says:


  • bobbyjack says:

    I first saw this Car on TRU.com It was up for a few hours before they pulled it down along with the Sumo Wrestlers. Then when I saw it again on Kmart.com, I thought maybe it does exist? I decided to order it because they had a ship to store option that didn’t cost any extra. It would only go to a store near where I work, so it wasn’t that much of an inconvenience. The email confirmation after I ordered called it a Light and Sounds Spy Mater. I thought that was a Walmart exclusive? So while walking back to the layaway section, I was convinced I was either going to get L&S Spy Mater or regular L&S Finn McMissile(he was still the one in the picture). To my suprise, they tried to give me Lights and Sounds Lightning McQueen! I guess that whole Lights and Sounds Mc thing confused them. I think this car really will be released later on. The picture shows a different eye postion than the Finn w/ weapon in the 2 pack with Grem. No more cars hunting I guess until someone reports a sighting of the Sumos, Finn Hydrofoil, Mater’s Secret Mission 2 packs Case B, or Miles Axelrod on the pegs somewhere. Otherwise we can wait until Kmart Day 6.

  • jestrjef says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Way to get everyone’s hopes up for a super cool car and then drop us on our head! I sure hope they DO come out with L/S Spy McMissile do the road. 🙂

  • apklimon says:

    No surprise here…This is the same store that handed me Race Team Mater and then tried to tell me it was Pit Crew Mater AFTER I SHOWED THEM A PICTURE!!! It took 3 trips to the storage room before they were able to find the actual diecast. Maybe Mattel should switch the “Kmart Cars Collector Days” to Target.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Maybe GEICO should take over Kmart.com — so easy a Caveman could identify one UPC from another!

  • corinne says:

    I ordered the spy finn mcmissile (w/weapons) with lights & sounds from tru.com. It is now on back-order. They also had a lights & sounds rod torque redline also on back-order .

  • cac1959 says:

    Other than Kmart Cars Collector event cases, I won’t order online from Kmart.com… too many stories about getting the wrong product… and last time I ordered 6 Kmart 5 cases I ended up receiving 3 Kmart 5 and 3 Kmart 4 cases… eventually I received my money back and ended up getting the Cars I needed at stores and with the help of friends. ToysRUs online sales are just as bad… I ordered the Radiator Springs 5 pack with Lizzie and received the Radiator Springs 5 pack with Sheriff and the 4 Tunerz… and ordered 4 Shiny Wax Haulers and received 4 Sidewall Shine Haulers – arranged for a return on April 5 and they just sent UPS to pick the package up yesterday – 45 days after the first contact.

    It should not be difficult for an online ordering and fulfillment system to work properly.

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