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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Kmart, You’re Funny …

As a great rusty ole truck once said, “Kmart, You’re funny.”

Yes, this car does not exist.

There is a Lights & Sounds Finn McMissile (NOT an EXCLUSIVE).

There is a Finn McMissile with weapons (Walmart Exclusive – NOT with Lights & Sounds in a 2-pack with Grem).

This photo in this context is WRONG.

There is NO SUCH CAR available at Kmart.

Nolo existo.

“BobbyJack,” was nice enough to be the brave man to step forward to see if you ordered it, what would you really get?

He was offered Lights & Sounds Lightning McQueen.

Ohhh – so close …

And when he question what was happening?

“They said if they don’t have the exact item you order, they give you either the next UPC number up or down.”

Kmart, You’re funny.

But feel free to order and spin the blue light wheel and see what you get. And like calling QVC, you get to have a nice free conversation with the gofer-lay away-customer service employee – maybe get a recipe for pecan pie or how their niece is doing in college. It’s nice to make new friends and test their refund policy.

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