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Disney Pixar CARS 2 Buying Season: Report In! (Coupon Update)

TRU is up & running!

From BMW, this is the smaller TRU configuration but it will look basically like this …

The Ridezmaker stuff looks pretty nice … though you will need bigger and wider shelves. 🙂

“Kachow95” sends a pic of his haul from WM – looks like a little of everything – wow, what is it like to wheel a cart up the the aisle and just place things in it and then go up the register … weird way to shop for CARS …  🙂

And there’s still plenty of stuff on the shelves – also weird …

And “Carl” says look carefully … error … unless it was some idiot who replaced all 5 CARS there with these 5 CARS …

“Stephen S.” has found the best error so far …

The rare anti-gravity Finn you’ve been hearing about …

Now, just waiting on KM and Target …

Target’s still look empty here – not even the giant CARS 2 sign.

Celso from Miami says, “I found a 10% discount coupon at target.com offer valid at Target or Target.com valid until 5/28/2011 on Disney CARS 2 Toy.” (click for link to PRINT)

I’m presuming it’s good for one CARS 2 item.

Look, a CARS Clock to tell you when to start shopping. 🙂

The HOUR grows near …

Or report in at 9 AM Monday and give us the scoop – your shopping day (and adventures).

Send us your stories and your pics!

Your stories and report can go in the comments below.

Send your pics to me at metroxng @ gmail.com  (no spaces)., Thanks.

And happy cars hunting and shopping!

(BTW, Trading Forum restrictions are gone – sell and trade any CARS related items).


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  • aaaf317 says:

    Went to TRU over lunch today and found a metallic McQueen! My son was thrilled when I picked him up this afternoon. They must’ve just put them out today because I saw 6 on the pegs. I’m glad to have one now, and still looking for the K-Mart Mater.

  • danieljkurz says:

    Went to TRU on Monday, and they had nothing.

    Went back to TRU on Wednesday, and they had everything!

    They said “we put it all out on Tuesday.”


  • Kevin W says:

    –Ouch, my Target pre-order just got backordered!

    • Cars4aandR says:

      Same here…what’s the deal…had % of sellout…when I bought it was high but not sold out…C’on Target!

      • quercy says:

        I was wondering if I should have order or not…. Once again I have this confirmed… No more order online. Get fooled twice on my two orders at TRU… The only placed I got 100% satisfaction with online orders is with amazon.

  • DDD says:

    Weird…the barrel-blowout playsets I saw today just had Finn and the crane, but the ones at Kohls had a plastic Professor Z too.

    Missed the “tour” in Orlando by a day…would liked to have seen the “lifesize” versions 8^(

  • Kevin says:

    *** Raleigh North Carolina Cars 2 Alert ***

    I reluctantly stopped at the Kmart on Six Forks Road just as they were
    turning the lights off to close and discovered ALL of their Cars2 inventory still in sealed cases awaiting stocking/display.

    They have a full case of the Mater “Headphone” Exclusive, as well as at least 4 sealed cases of Cars 2 diecasts that I did not touch. Twin Packs, Launchers, Track Sets, etc – its all there in sealed cases awaiting your arrival tomorrow at 9:00AM.
    All inventory is adjacent to normal diecast isle next to the air hockey / pool table combo on display in wide isle. May get stocked tonight after hours but they’ve got it ALL!

  • mike from batavia says:

    http://tinyurl.com/3j4geew (pdf of target 10% off coupon) enjoy.

    • bobbyjack says:

      Thank you. I had printed one from home, but was unable to do so from work. Your link allowed me to print another one out here at work.

    • Jinzo says:

      Thank You 😀 This is making my day 😀
      10% Coupon + 10% employee Discount + %5 Target Check Card = Awesome! 😀

    • mike says:

      glad I can help. You can use the coupon on all the CARS 2 stuff. I used eight of them on the regular diecasts. (with the 10% off it almost matches the current walmart price of $3.50 per car)

      but heck use it on everything

      plus i have a target cc…which gives an additional 5% off

  • jezter says:

    I have decided NOT to go overboard with Cars 2 stuff… I am only buying what few I really want… though I do want all of the Cars Lego cause they look kewl… I did find something interesting at Target though… I saw several 2 different packaging of Cars… Finn McMissle and Rod Torque Redline… there was the regular size packaging with the series number and then a smaller card with no number next to the name… also Rod Torque Redline in the small package did not have his metallic coating… I decided to buy both versions of that one……

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Some stuff that I have found weird about this Cars 2 toys:
    1. Doesnt Finn look like he shouldn’t be as long? He just looks stretched.
    2. Is it just me, or do these Cars look so much better than the first movie? I mean, I was getting tired of seeing variants, Piston Cup Fans, Target Exclusives, and the same boring navy blue and tan cars over and over again! These new Cars brightened my day!

  • Cars4aandR says:

    Northern Maine –
    One K-Mart toys dept. clerk came in on her day off just to make sure that Cars 2 were out.(I went to see her last week and she said she had them in back but could only bring them out 5-16). Now that is Service…Bravo!…They did not have Carla & Crew Chief or Francesco & Crew Chief…Service desk called another K-Mart 1.5 hours further away to try to get them for me…Talked to that toy dept clerk and said if he found them he would keep them for me…Thanks for the effort…but no Carla or Francesco 2 pks there either.
    Wal Mart…drove 1.5 hours then had to wait another hour+ for clerk to bring them out.Wal Mart dropped the ball BIG time. Clerk said that she only got the floor layout this morning…and had to do other required work (cleaning department, price changes and the like) before placing Cars 2 on shelves!…was not even sure they had them in stockroom. Finally when Cars 2 came out…missing quite a few items…Whoever does their logistics and timing thereof at WMHQ needs a serious refresher course!
    No Targets or TRU close by…4 hours drive to get there…no thanks!

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      The KMart exclusive out today is Pit Crew Mater, which are packed 12 to an unclearly marked box. The crew chief sets are for later I think, maybe for KMart Cars day next month. Wow, that’s a lot of driving!

      • Cars4aandR says:

        Thanks for pointing out that the Crew Chief Sets are for K-Day #6…will get them then.
        I know this is not the trading forum but, as for the Case of 12 Exclusive Pit Crew Maters I picked up 2 and the other 10 are still there if someone wants them…I could pick them up and trade.
        As for the driving there are not too many cities (towns really) arround here and they are spread out…lots of wilderness and good people as I mentionned the ones from K-Mart.
        Do you know when the K-Mart 2 pk Race Team Fillmore with Headphones and Lightning McQueen are due out?
        Also, what about Wal Mart 2pks Fred Fisbowski(Yellow Acer)/Holly Shiftwell AND Professor Z / Red Grem are due out?

        • Man-I-Fold says:

          No prob. Good people are essential to good life! It sounds like you have a pleasant drive from store to store, eh? I don’t know when the crew chief/racer sets, or the second case of Walmart exclusive two-packs, are due out, but I’m looking forward to them! I’m sure Met and all will keep us informed… and entertained.

  • Shelby says:

    New Hampshire –

    TRU – ran into a fellow T5 collector Sunday morning. Seemed to be partially set up. Pegs weren’t overflowing but was able to get everything there I wanted.

    3 Walmarts 5/16 AM – only one had Cars 2 stuff. Singles were case b and very picked over. Plenty of two packs. Other two Walmarts were a complete waste of gas!

    Target – 5/16 AM – reset had begun but just barely. Only case b singles, no four packs out yet. Had some cool cars that you plug in and charge with the gas pump charger.

    Kmart – 5/16 AM – one had nothing and when I asked, I think they pretended to go out back and look but didn’t. The girl rolled her eyes when I was explaining what I was looking for. 2nd Kmart had the boxes on the floor at noonish and a nice stock boy opened them for me. Case b singles and one case of 12 exclusive Mater with headphones. Picked up two!

    No sign of deluxe sumo kingpin or petrov singles.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Are Case A singles only being found at TRU?

      • Man-I-Fold says:

        In the Chicago area thus far it seems like the case assignments are/were as follows:
        Case A: Lord & Taylor, possibly CVS
        Case B: Family dollar, Target, TRU, KMart
        Case B,C, and/or D: Walmart, Kohls (could be a combination of cases, but both stores have lots of Holleys and Rod Redlines)

        • Fillmore1234 says:

          Did I find Case C at my Wal-Mart? There was a Rod Torque Redline, Luigi & Guido, Francesco, Jeff Gorvette, Grem, Pit Crew Mater and Sarge, Lightning, Finn, Holley, and Raoul Caroule. No Fillmore, Professor Z, Acer, or Carla Veloso. Was that Case C, or just pickings?

          • Man-I-Fold says:

            That does match the character list for Case C, although you would need to match the quantity of each to the case assortment to be sure. BMW is very kindly keeping track of the cases here:
            Hope that’s ok to post.

          • BMW says:

            Most likely that was case C you found. Its a good case assortment.

            I Found Case D today and it is confirmed now on my case list.
            Fillmore yea, finally found him.

            I looked over the case assortments tonight through case E and came up with the short packed list of characters.
            shortest is Carla and Guido/Luigi (tied)
            next is Fillmore.

            Any one see case E or F yet Miles or G with Trunkov?

        • bobbyjack says:

          This what I found so far…
          Case A: Walmart
          Case B: Family Dollar, Walmart, TRU, Target, Kmart
          Case C: Walmart

          Shortcards: Target, Kmart

          Deluxes: Walmart, TRU, Target

          • Fillmore1234 says:

            Yep I found Case C! I just bought one of each but there were multiples of each one at Wal-Mart. Thanks to you guys for all the help!

  • Terri says:

    Was out all day. Kmart and Walmart really dropped the ball today. Most had nothing at all out. Had to hit several of each before I found what I wanted. Target was setting up when I got their at 8:00. In their defense they asked what we were looking for and did everything they could to find them first. Kmart employee tried to blame their lack of stocked items on a payroll problem. Continued to give me all kinds of excuses until I finally told her that, “No offense but I am a customer and when I am told something is going to be out on the 16th I expect it to be out. Your payroll problems should not be something I have to concern myself with. I toook the day off of work for this.” She did finally go in the back and find what we wanted. All in all I got everything I wanted but not without friends and myself driving a lot of miles. As a whole, I think Toys R Us did the best. They were ready, set up and helpful. Still a really fun and very expensive weekend!! Now time to save up more money.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I stopped and got the one I needed-Sarge. Basically, I am waiting for the release of the movie. The TRU and TGT I stopped at had a good assortment already pegged or stocked on end caps.

    I hope the movie is as good as the hype on the toys. It would have been nice to have waited for the release of the movie, so the little kids know what each character’s role is in the script.

    PS: Marvel Universe Wave 13 is out and the difficult figure to find is Cable with or without baby Hope!

  • Tom says:

    Germantown MD
    TGT Pretty much a full compliment. Their endcap displays looked awesome too!
    Kohl’s 1 or 2 singles only.
    Walmart Mater’s Spy Mission 2 packs only. Just the Mater and FMM ones.

    • bobbyjack says:

      I hit that Target about an hour after you did. Still only Case B singles. They had shortcards with Holley and Rod. Very disappointed with the price of Siddeley. On the website it was $20 but in the store it was $23! Used the 10% off coupon so it was still cheaper than Walmart or TRU. So I picked up Siddeley, Racing 4 pack #1 and submarine Finn. That cost almost as much as what I spent in Walmart in the morning. Hit Kmart next to my house. They had Case B singles and a few 2 packs. No exclusive Mater though. I asked an employee about it and she asked the manager. The manager said that Kmart was going to run a Cars 2 promotion today and the rest of the Cars 2 stuff would be put out then. So now I have to go back tonight after work. Gonna return some Family Dollar singles before I go.

  • BMW says:

    My nearest Target was setting out the pallets and pegging them this afternoon at 4:30 pm.
    Display was started but not finished when I left.

  • Monica says:

    Got an excellent haul at TRU yesterday and Target was up and running first thing this AM, yeah! Only missed the Lightning Racing 4 pack at Target and Chaos in London from TRU, so I am going back for seconds. WM and KMart both a bust. Checking different stores with my little guys this afternoon.

  • Tom says:

    I think Rod is my new favorite. He’s not a Ford but he does have a Michigan license plate!

  • Frog says:

    At 8:30 this morning, my Detroit Lakes MN Wal-Mart and K-Mart looked like before Christmas…no sign of anything CARS 2. Upon return at 12:30, Wal-Mart had two cases of singles out on an endcap with a few two-packs, but to their credit they were trying to get it set, KMart: nothing. The manager was stocking in the next aisle over so I ask him and was told, with a slight smirk, “Nope, not until the 16th.” When I kindly told him it WAS the 16th, at first he didn’t believe me and then proceeded to reluctantly wheel a cart out with 3 boxes on it. No opening, nothing, just left it sit. Since I didn’t have anything to open the cases with, I left. I returned about 4pm to find a few hanging diecast on an endcap and rest still in the 3 boxes. What a set of loser stores.

  • gsb says:

    Hi, Where is the Target’s Double Decker Bus Carrying Case ? Not at any of the SoCal stores ,Has any body out there seen ONE .Please let us know

  • matias says:

    is that uncle topolino on the fifht image? it looks smaler than i thought

  • LFlo says:

    Picked up one of each yesterday 5/15 @ TRU in Moreno Valley, CA Race Team Mater with Zen Master Pitty, Finn, Francesco, Holley, Professor Z, Jeff, Carla, Raoul, Acer, Grem, deluxe Red, and deluxe Dex. Opened them for my 3 yr old that LOVES them!

  • got
    Zero Gravity
    and Mater
    I can’t stop buying

  • MustangJoe says:

    Well tomorrow I’ll go to Target and get Brent Mustangburger and Darrel Cartrip. Guess I’m going to pass on Mater and McMissle for now until get a little more spending money.

  • Amanda says:

    So is everyones plan to just get one of every car available?

    • bobbyjack says:

      That’s mine because we open them. Our more difficult goal is to just get as close to only one as possible.(try to keep duplicates to a minimum!)

      • quercy says:

        I stick to my plan of “minimal duplicate” and I have a friend who is helping me in Dallas because in Little Rock, AR we have a very slow start. Wal-Mart are not Ready, Target and TRU; one out of two are in it but not set-up like TOYS STORY 3 was with all the big signs who amazed us and put us in the beat right away… (On this aspect I am very disappoint yes.) Here is what I am missing from MET Buying list Matrix…. and I know most won’t be out before couple weeks… So I am pretty much up to date I guess.

        Miles Axlerod
        Nigel Gearsley
        Race Team Mater w/headphones (K-Mart)
        Ramone Hi-Lo

        Finn McMissile Hydrofoil
        Sumo Kingpin
        Sumo Pinion

        2-PACK K-Mart
        Carla Veloso & Carla Veloso Crew Chief
        Francesco Bernoulli & Francesco Bernoulli Crew Chief

        2-PACK Wal-Mart
        Fred Fisbowski (Yellow Acer) & Holley Shiftwell
        Professor Z & Red Grem

        4-PACK Target
        Carla Veloso Fan + Miguel Camino + LMQ w/Racing Wheels + Raoul Raroule
        Jeff Gorvette + LMQ Fan + LMQ w/Racing Wheels + Max Schnell

        • bobbyjack says:

          The buying plan has worked good so far. I’ve been able to keep my doubles to just singles that I can return to Family Dollar for $5 each! Got one of each release except LMQ with party wheels and the ones on the checklist that have not been released yet. Only had to return six singles to Family Dollar. If they release the other 2 two packs from Mater’s Secret Mission soon, I’m only going to have to return Holley and Professor Z singles.

  • born2collect says:

    I found something today at Target that caught me by surprise. I don’t remember seeing a post on it. It looks like Target has an exclusive called – Charge Ups. They are like the old hot wheel sizzlers. No doubt there is a race track associated with these. There is an Allinol Globie fuel pump. It looks like there were six cars to a case:

    2 – McQueen
    1 – Nigel Gearsley
    1 – Jeff Corvette
    1 – Shu Todoroki
    1 – Max Schnell

    The charger was priced at $12.99. Each single car was priced at $9.99. Cool stuff.

    • Charlie says:

      I saw those also at the Pearland, TX location

    • cac1959 says:

      The race track was $49.99… I used the 10% coupon to get $5.00 off… I also got the 4 singles that were not in the track set.

      It uses D batteries instead of electricity… I hope it’s not too expensive to use.

    • cscalise says:

      The past few weeks have been good. 2 weeks ago I walked into a Family Dollar and asked the manager about cars 2 and she said she had them in the back and said their was a tag on it to not sell until 5/16. She said she wasn’t waiting and went back and got the box and I got all 8. On 5/15 I was taking my daughter to singing lessons and drove by a Toys R’ Us that I have never even walked in and I heard them calling my name so I had to stop. Walked in and they were in the process of putting it on the shelf. I told my daughter, “go get a buggy!!!”. Then at mid-night I went to the Super Wal-mart and they had everything set just nothing on the shelf. I talked to the stock guy and he got 2 other people and they brought it all out and let me pick out what I wanted. Next morning went to Target and was ALONE waiting by the door. The manager came out and asked why I was waiting. She said they weren’t on the shelf yet and called on her walkie that I was coming and to start opening the boxes and help me find what I needed. I don’t think there is anything I don’t have except for the ones on the list that aren’t even on ebay yet; so they must be no where. The manager for the Regular Walmart just down the street said they are doing theirs tonight so I will have to double check; and same with our Super K. I have to say the Car Gods were good to me this wave. I beat the eBay Hoarders we have, which is always a good thing.

  • mike in batavia says:

    I hit 3 24 hour walmarts last night…. first one in St. Charles, il … it was surrounded with police cars, DOH! … had to go to the North Aurora and they had zippo, I then traveled south to who knows where and I was able to only get a few two packs. (whoopie) I was dissappointed. 🙁 In the afternoon I went to the Batavia, iL walmart and again jack squat out. (only the deluxe ones) I got my Double Decker Bus. I finished up at Target (also in Batavia) and got all the cars I needed. They had all of the ones nicely set up in perfect harmony with each other. I was able to get one of each … I cried with emotion. LOL! (WHAT’S with the QUALITY CONTROL .. these are the worst paint jobs / production of the Mattel CARS so far… they remind me of dollar store generic cars) If anyone has the Kmart ones email me… too far for me to drive to find nothing. h a ll m a r k 212(at) yahoo (<–no spaces in email address)

  • DDD says:

    Disney Store had a COOL Siddely…it includes a diecast Finn that looks like the same scale as the Mattel cars. Siddely was nicer than Mattel’s, which all have swirls in the plastic on the nose. Check it out…also, they have passport books “for kids” that include some of the racing posters. The lady didn’t want to give me one, but she did 8^)

    • bobbyjack says:

      They have it up on DisneyStore.com. It does look cool. I’m gonna need to hear some more feedback because my 3 year old has a habit of breaking all his Disney Store Cars toys. I have to supervise him very closely whenever he plays with Frank. I’ll check it out when I go near a Disney Store in a couple weeks.

  • P-Daddy says:

    I got a Professor Z at Super Target this morning and AFTER opening it I noticed that the License Plate is upside down. I didn’t throw a match into the safe by opening a potentially “rare” item, did I?

  • MustangJoe says:

    Small display at Target but got everything I needed!

  • DEREK says:

    Kinda of a disappointing day. The 4 Wal-marts in my area were busy redoing the action figures today and said it would be a couple days before they even get the disney cars section. I thought this was supposed to be done before today. The Super K had case A (which I found 2 weeks ago at Family Dollar) and the first 4 deluxes, no Mater exlusive. Target had case a and all of the 2 packs and the checkout lanes carded + the deluxes. Meijer (who put the tags for the cars 2 up a week ago, still hadn’t put anything out. Toys R US got the same stuff as Target (only more expensive) and none of the exclusives. I thought case B was suppose to be out as well. So I wasn’t happy when I just return home when I was anticpating twice as much stuff out today than I actually found. The launchers to me are not worth the 10.99-12.99 they are price when I can get the two I need singlely for $3.99 in the near future.

  • kdthomas says:

    I told myself I wasn’t going to buy Cars 2 cars. Then I decided I would just get one McQueen to add to my McQueen varients collection. Then…

    Target – Had almost everything out except for the “pull-backs” and short cards at 8:30am. Picked up McQueen w/Racing Wheels, Double-Decker, Larger Red, Grem, Holly, and Finn.

    TRU – Went in as they opened up with 5 people. Only one was there for Cars stuff. He said his son works at Pixar and was wearing a “Night & Day” baseball cap. We both spotted the Ransburg McQueen and grabbed one leaving one on the shelf. Also got Acer and Professor Z there.

    KMart – Pretty much the same selection everywhere else except they had their exclusive Mater w/Headphones. They had about 12 on the pegs. No other Cars shoppers at 10:30am. At this point I told myself I would just get the racers…

    So, not going to “Collect Them All”, but will get the main characters and racers. Felt so weird to go into a store and see everything you want to buy on the shelf. 😀

    • quercy says:

      That’s exactly the way I start collecting… Good luck to not go too far in… 🙂 (kidding) I know you won’t be able to resist…

  • Cuddles says:

    Well here is my store report.

    Target, in Strongsville, Oh, where fully stocked this morning. I picked up a lot there. The Toys R Us in Fairlawn, Oh, put their stock out yesterday and looked picked over today. I did pick up one of the 5 packs that where on sale. The Walmart near by had nothing, nada, zip. I asked an a worker there and she had no clue what I was talking about.

    I picked up all the cars that where released today, so all in all, not a bad toy run.

  • Colby says:

    Austin, MN Walmart had nothing on their shelves.. Target had a really nice display, but everything was scattered around the toy department, or so it seemed. Anyone else have the cool race track display with the charger cars? I already forgot what they were called.. but you had to buy the separate charger that looked like a gas pump, and they would go around the track by themselves.. pretty neat!

  • Charlie says:

    Met – I’m trying to email you my picture from the Target in Pearland, TX today (absolutely PACKED with Cars 2 stuff), and I keep getting rejected – I removed the spaces per your instruction, and I can’t get it to work . .

  • Shawn says:

    One Walmart in Philly put their Cars 2 stock out last week. I picked up whatever I could there. Today, I found the remainder of what I want at Target (after stopping at two Walmarts that had not stocked yet and a TRU that seemed a little overpriced).
    I’m NOT going nuts this time around. I REFUSE to pay more than $4 per car (TRU). I WON’T buy multi-packs with cars we already have to get those we don’t (i.e. Mustangberger & Cartrip). I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars more for a launcher with a car we don’t have, but NO WAY is a launcher worth $7-8 more than a single. I even passed on Race Team Filmore and Sarge, because they’re only a little different that their Cars 1 version.

    • bobbyjack says:

      I agree with you and thought I was going to pass on Sarge and Fillmore too. But once I saw them this morning, of course I caved. I was able to resist the 5 packs only because we already had 3 or 4 of the cars in them.

      • Shawn says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one. I almost bought Sarge and Filmore because they do have the little “Race Team McQueen” logos, but I’m committed to cutting wherever I can. I did get Luigi and Guido, though, because they came with Topolino. I also got Race Team Mater, because he’s a major character, but I would have held out for Mater with headphones if I knew about it earlier.

  • Bombero1956 says:

    Western Massachusetts report.

    Target had so many singles out that they couldn’t keep them on the pegs. They also had a separate display of the lights and sounds cars along with multi car sets.

    TRU had regular singles and 5 car sets and Cars 2 color changers.

    Went to 2 Walmarts and they had zilch, nada, zero, bupkis. I asked an associate what happened to the Cars 2 stuff and she didn’t know anything about it.



  • apklimon says:

    Got up 1st thing this morning and did my rounds. In my town, Target, Kmart & Walmart are all within a mile of one another, so it made shopping easy. However, None of them had anything on the shelves!!!!! Target’s CARS isle was completely barren as if they emptied it last night and just got too lazy to refill it. Kmart had nothing out and when I went to a clerk she told me the stuff was still in the back and grabbed a box for me. Walmart also had only the basic singles out and only 2 rows at that. I mean c’mon….THIS IS CARS 2 NOT HOODWINKED 2!!!!!! Get with the program. Waited all year for May 16th and no one has them out. Fortunately I went to Kohl’s last week and got most of the singles and today I took a trip about 30 miles north to a TRU in Toms River. There I picked up the Metallic McQueen as well as the 2-pack exclusives and any other singles I couldn’t find at Kohls. I have to say though this experience has been highly frustrating. Don’t the stores recognize that Cars is a marketing Godsend? UNREAL

    • John in Missouri says:

      I think we all woke up expecting to find what MCL Sydney found at that Australian TRU the other day. However, reality is quickly sinking in that we’re just encountering the usual distribution nightmares from Mattel.

      • bobbyjack says:

        Yeah, how many TRUs are in Australia? Not every store here would be able to move that much merchandise in a short amount of time.

      • Justin-Case says:

        I called our TRU yesterday and the lady said that I should check back on Thursday or Friday this week?????? I was really surprised. Went to Target and it was a stravaganza. Awesome displays two isles worth of Cars2 stuff.

  • DDD says:

    Driving through Orlando today…got everything I wanted at TRU in Jacksonville yesterday but it’s hard not to keep looking. I keep eyeing that Tomber with oil can 8^) Just can’t justify it…lousy dupes! (Also, he looks identical to the regular version, with just a can and straw stuck to his mouth. I think he’ll be a fun character.)

    I figured out one way to rework the dupes and unwanted cars…I pulled the Petrov out of the five-pack I got my nephew and replaced him with the winged Holly from the three-pack. He’ll be much happier with her, and I get a second Petrov! It was a little too easy…ahem.

    Wal Marts slow to stock…Targets kind of spread out but full. Nice Professor Z shaker…actually looks like the real vehicle; not babified. But those darn sticker eyes! Also, hard to see a Target $19 4-pack when 5-packs are $15.99 at TRU. Ran into a nice TRU manager today and we talked about the Ridemakerz…she said she noticed they sold better when they were stacked flat, eyes out…makes a lot of sense! The packaging is awful, small logos with the roof facing out, but what a nice product, and a reasonable way to get a big vehicle. No Francesco yet, though.

  • kachow95 says:

    I have a question regarding the metallic mcqueen. I went to TRU as soon as they opened today but man-I-fold told me they were already out yesterday, so with my bad luck I didn’t find any metallic mcqueens. Store manager said, they will get a truck on Wed. so what are the chances of them receiving another case with metallic mcqueen?????
    I also went to k-mart in norridge and they had nothing.; few deluxe vehicles.I asked and a worker said not til’ tomorrow. I told her it had to be up today on the 16th and she said they can’t until the 17th. ?????

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      Kachow: Addison KMart just had a tiny end cap, and the Pit Crew Maters from the debacle a few weeks ago had disappeared. KMArt on Elston was just rolling out the pallets at about 9AM. I left 8 of the 12 PC Maters behind. Be quick, this store is the eBayer’s main store. Good luck! I must note that the store managers and floor-room clerks at both Chicago stores were very very helpful and kind. Just sent pics to Met. Gotta go to work now and try not to think about toy cars…. for at least a few minutes.

    • bobbyjack says:

      Might be worth checking out Wednesday to see if they get any of the other Cars that didn’t find their way to the pegs today.

  • Chase says:

    Well my Walmart was almost a complete disappointment as usual. I went last night and nothing was out not even any cases sitting in the aisle waiting to be put out. So I went this morning and still nothing. I just happened to be walking out one of the main entrances and saw three of those open tray type cases and that was it. No one else must have found them as I was the first person to take anything out of them. I will go back this afternoon but I am not expecting to find anything. This day turned into a real big let down. Thanks Walmart.

  • Tracy says:

    Target was still setting up at 8 am. Two Wal-Marts had nothing. Kmart had nothing. TRU was stocked full and I got everything there that I didn’t already have on preorder. Then went to another Target and got the 4-pack with Miguel Camino. Promptly returned the Shu launcher and single McQueen.

    Did anyone see Miles Axelrod anywhere? He’s the only one on my checklist I still need (I don’t do crew chiefs and variations).

  • Mark says:

    I’ve got a question about the 2 packs being sold.
    My wife picked up the McQueen with party wheels with Francesco Bernoulli we opened it but the cars seem like they’re MUCH cheaper quality than the original cars that were produced. Francesco feels all plastic.
    Can anyone tell me if the 2 packs are possibly not die-cast and we should have probably bought singles instead?


    • John in Missouri says:

      No different — with gas prices going up, up, up, and margins going down, down, down, Mattel had to make a move to save some money and you’re literally feeling the effects of it.

      • Mark says:

        figures…it’s pathetic.
        My son has a bunch from the first movie and they hold up really well.
        These…forget it…I think we’ll have to get replacements in a couple weeks.

    • bobbyjack says:

      I noticed that with all the Toon Cars and Final Laps in the last year or so. The designs of the cars have also been getting more elaborate which requires the use of injection mold plastic because of the weight of all the accessories. The Disney Store Cars use more metal and also break alot easier too. Not too many toys with this much detail for $4.

  • bwilson says:

    Walmart was a bust except two launchers. TRS had minimal available. Target was stocking shelves as I picked my plunder. Used coupon and will return later for more. Nice to be able to pick up new cars again.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Jefferson City, MO Report:

    Kmart — only 1 case of singles, but it was Case B that I found at Family Dollar 30 days ago. Also some Movie Moments and playsets. No Deluxe Mega Size and no Checklane cards.

    Target — 3 cases of singles, but again just Case B. There was 1 case of Checklane, so I picked up a coupld Rod Torque Redline — cool car!! There were also several cases of Movie Moments and a bunch of playsets and random stuff. No Deluxe Mega Size.

    Wal-Mart (West) — still nothing out (already been there twice today).

    Wal-Mart (East) — will check after work, but I don’t have high hopes for that store, since for the most part they never get anything new in.

    • John in Missouri says:


      Wal-Mart (East) — checked back after work, and was surprised to see a display! Oddly enough there were no singles, but they did have one case of Deluxe Mega Size, a bunch of Movie Moments, and about 6,000 of the Mater’s Secret Mission 2-packs.

      Sears — I asked the Associate if he expected to get any Cars 2 stuff in. He told me that they had them in the back, but were waiting until the movie comes out next month. I was like “REALLY???”. Where are Seth and Amy when you need them? 🙁

      • John in Missouri says:

        (cont’d, Day Two)

        Wal-Mart (West) — went by before work and found a whole bunch of unopened cases on a big metal cart thing, but no one in sight to stock the shelves. I didn’t have the time or patience to start slitting open boxes myself, but now I’m wondering if I should try during lunch or after work…

        • John in Missouri says:

          (cont’d yet again, Day Two)

          Wal-Mart (West) — decided to try my luck during the lunch hour and found them putting everything out, so I was finally able to grab Case A. No Fillmore though, so I guess he is in just in Case C?

          Target — thought I’d visit them again since they were still setting up yesterday, but nothing new. I did try the ChargeUps display — now THAT is fast!!

  • Dunroamin says:

    Had good TRU and Kmart haul.
    Can’t make it to TGT or WM, so I’m sending an uninformed friend with a lengthy list.
    Now it’s time to through them all on the bed and roll around in them like that scene in Indecent Proposal…
    …ooops…was that an overshare?

  • jestrjef says:

    It has been a CRAY BUSY 48+ hours around these parts! Saturday we hit the State Farm Agent’s Tour at Downtown Disney, yesterday we hit a few TRU and this morning befor work I hit Target!! The wallet is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going to hit a couple Walmart and Kmart after work today …. then go home to lock myself in a room to figure out what I should actually KEEEEEEP!! 😆

  • Kevin says:

    TRU and Target store in CARY NC are wiped out. Got there around 10:15AM to find lot’s of empty peg hooks. Did find a cool CARS BleRay DVD pack with the Ramsburg McQueen and Mater firetruck that I’d not seen before…

  • Rebecca says:

    Was going to sleep in today since I found almost everything yesterday at TRU but I had to go to Target this morning and get the racing 4 pack for my son and one for myself. It is really cool. 🙂

  • BigMOCats says:

    St. Louis area….what a joke! I hit 4 W-M’s this morning and not one of them had any new stuff or even a place to put out new stuff! I hit 4 Targets and only 1 had stuff out though only the 1 case assortments. Hit 2 K-Marts and one the lady had all the boxes she had sitting there and even opened them all for us but only Deluxe in 1:55, no singles, 2-packs or Maters. The 2nd K-Mart, I asked and the girl brought out a case of Maters from the back and let me buy 1. TRU had nothing new from what they had out yesterday…..and how was your day??

  • NCSTATA8 says:

    Here in Gastonia NC I’m working nights right now, was off today…so I hit two area WMs around 4am this morning….nothing. Later hit our target about 9am nicely stocked except no prof z or acer or carla to be found. ran over to KM prior to TRU opening and was bummed to see a local ebayer cleaning the pegs….but he missed a prof z and carla and I snagged them …so jackpot! Stopped at TRU was disappoinedt to find only one case of singles (but got a second prof z and acer. So that made me and the boys a set of the singles so far. Not too bad. TRU had the legos, but I resisted. Saw at least two other cars collectors out and about.

  • born2collect says:

    Here it is from Charlotte, NC. Over the last two weeks, I hit 4 Family Dollar stores in the area and one last week in Columbia, SC. All but one store had Cars 2 on the shelves. The holdout store was waiting for today to release the goods. Figures, the manager was an ex TRU manager. Last Friday evening, just east of Charlotte, the local Wally World was packed with the new stuff. The TRU’s in the area released their inventory yesterday. As of yesterday evening, slim pickin’s. I hit my nearest Target this morning. Yep at 08:00. I figured the older man that jumped if front of me to be first in the door was there for a laxitive, or that he saw me as fierce competition for the diecast goodies. Come to find out he was a hot wheels collector and was able to resume a normal breating pattern once he learned I was there for the Cars stuff. As usual, Target was not ready for the event. I snapped at a beautiful young associate in my anguish. Heck, I burned a day off from work for this! I asked for a manager and one quickly showed up. The mananger asked if I was a collector. I told him that I was, but I did not sell. Just buying in three’s for my two sons and I. Trying to stay out in front of the E-bayer’s. The manager would not let me open the boxes but let me pull items off the pegs once he finished a box. At one time, there were four associates working on the Cars allotment. I’ll have to say, that was a great Target experence. The manager was professional, eager to please and let me get in the way of their progress some. All in all, a very productive several of weeks!

  • L8rM8r says:

    Ohh the WM woes. How can I go to 3 WMs and none of them NONE of them had any new Cars 2 stuff. I had my checklist and was ready to go and found nada. I found more Cars 2 stuff at WM two weeks ago when some leaked out.

    Target on the other hand was fully stocked, but they only had Case B of the full cards and Case A of the short cards. I counted 4 Carla’s so I was guessing 4 case Bs out there and one case of the short cards.

    I have not found the latest Deluxe cars though.

    Any price updates from anyone able to get stuff at WM. Just wondering if it will be cheaper at WM or with the 10% off coupon. Thanks

    • bobbyjack says:

      About the same. Siddeley will be cheaper with the 10% off at Target because they are selling it for $2 cheaper than Walmart to begin with. Walmart will still be cheaper for 2 packs because with the Target coupon you only save 35 cents per 2 pack.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Hit TRU last night and Walmart this morning. Gonna hit Target and K-mart tonight after work. Has anyone seen any of the following on the pegs yet…
    Miles Axelrod single
    Petrov Trunkov single
    Deluxe Sumo Wrestlers
    Mater’s Secret Mission 2 pack w/ Holley and Fred
    Mater’s Secret Mission 2 pack w/ Prof. Z and Red Grem
    Finn McMissile Hydrofoil
    Lights and Sound Finn McMissile w/ weapon
    Lewis Hamilton Launcher
    Miguel Camino Launcher

    Just curious because if they haven’t been spotted then they must be coming in the next wave in a few weeks.

  • Tom says:

    Frederick, MD
    Target had 3 endcaps full of stuff. Got my first error, it is the Racing Rivalry 7 pack with no eyes Sarge. They had 2 so I got both in case anyone wants to trade for it. Is this rare? Anyone else seen this error?
    They also had motorized 1:55 Cars. I hadn’t heard about those previously.
    Walmart. had nothing! What the phonebook?!?

    • bobbyjack says:

      Hit that Walmart on my way in too. The toy guy said because of the remodel, they hadn’t had a chance to put the Cars stuff out yet. I guess the stuff they put out early two weeks ago must have been in the way or something.

  • Milton Calypeer says:

    Hit 6 walmarts in Columbis SC this morning and only 1 had anything out, a couple of 2 packs and some deluxe cars. I hit 2 Kmarts – nothing. And finally 2 Targets, they had nothing out but there were some boxes on the floor – I opened one and got the Brent Mustangburger 2 pack. Pretty disappointing morning but I had a good day at TRU yesterday.

  • Amanda says:

    HELLO ALL! im kinda new to this, i was wondering what ones will be rare this time around?? THANKS!!

  • MINIANO says:

    Has anyone picked up the Target “Indy Four-Pack 4” that includes “Lightning McQueen Fan”, who is a mini cooper? I have been to 4 Targets throughout the Philadelphia area and not one of them had it, yet there were plenty of every other pack available. As a MINI owner, this was the only pack I truly wanted!! Target’s website says it is available at each one of the stores.

    • collectormom says:

      Target uses the same DPCI for like items so really it just means they have the item, but you won’t know which pack they actually have until you get there

    • John in Missouri says:

      I thought that one was due out later?

      • bobbyjack says:

        Met said there would be another wave of releases anytime from two weeks from now until the movie release. Most likely will include Sumo guys, Finn Hydrofoil, Mater’s Secret Mission Case B, and Lewis and Michael launchers.

    • Rebecca says:

      I didn’t find mini either. I have found that you can’t go by their website that says the store has it available because that isn’t always the case. I learned the hard way on a few other things.

      • Rebecca says:

        mini is no longer on their website either. She either sold out or they really didn’t have it. 🙁

        • bobbyjack says:

          They took the four packs with McQueen’s Fan and Carla’s Fan down because they realized that they were not included in this first shipment. Same thing happened with the Sumo Wrestlers and Lewis Hamilton launcher on TRU.com. People who ordered them when they were up have been told their orders are on backorder. So now we have to find out when the next release date is going to be, and we can do this all over again!

          • MINIANO says:

            Target.com still has the “McQueen Fan” four pack up on their site, and it still says you can find it at local stores. The only thing that changed on the site is a little note that says “Arriving soon! Order now for shipment in 2 to 4 weeks”

  • Poppy says:

    From Middletown, NJ…
    Shopped Sunday at 3 TRU stores, did very well! Got all but 1 single #14 Race Team Fillmore. Thought I’d get it Monday when my target sets up. WRONG!! My Target had a great display, lots of singles, but no #14. I thought it was suppose to be in CASE A. Does anybody know where or when it is?

  • Dunroamin says:

    Kmart had 2 cases one with 12 Kmart exclusive maters with headphones and a case of shortcards of 6 main chracters…I think the assortment was
    5 Maters
    4 LM
    1 Z
    2 Holly
    2 Finn
    4 Francesco

    • jezter says:

      Glad some have found stuff at K-Mart… both K-Marts here in Augusta, GA had – NO – ZIP – ZERO – Cars 2 merchandise out for sale… there was not even an area for them… I find that hard to believe… of course I could never find anyone to ask them about it either……

      • John in Missouri says:

        Any Associates who could otherwise help you are too busy turning off half the lights, replacing broken floor tiles, and hanging “Out of Order” signs on the bathrooms.

      • Rebecca says:

        My Kmart was the same in Colorado Springs. They have all the old stuff on clearance that no one wants and nothing new.

    • L8rM8r says:

      That sounds about right and this is what I found at Target.

  • Colby says:

    Perhaps I’ve misted it, but what are you all finding for prices? Who’s the cheapest, Target or Walmart? (Only two stores in my area)

  • John in Missouri says:

    Nothing at WM this morning, but the Toy Manager was working on the reset, and promised to have Cars 2 stuff out today or tomorrow. 🙁

  • Sandy says:

    Go to target.com on the bottom left corner it says coupons. Then all the coupons come up. On the side it says toys and click on that and it should come up. But it only allows 2 print outs.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Gave myself enough time this morning to hit four Walmarts instead of the two I was planning on. First two Walmarts were a strike out. The third one was the charm. The nice lady told me she had been working all night to put the Cars and Transformers out. They had both Case A and B singles so I was able to pick up Rod, Sarge, and Fillmore. Rpag posted something interesting on the other Cars site that I will confirm. Saw Rod in a 5 pack last night and then bought him this morning as a single. The single is very shiny and the one in the 5 pack is duller. BMW confirmed that they came from different factories. They also had all the two packs @ $7. $1.50 less than TRU. Damaged Rod looks awesome! Got all 5 releases of those. They still only had Case A of Mater’s Secret Mission with Finn and Grem and Mater and Acer. Passed on those, we’re looking for Case B with Holley and Fred and Prof Z and Red Grem. Picked up L&S Spy Mater with dual mini guns! No machine gun sounds, darn it. Good start to the day. Going to hit Target after work for Racing 4 pack #1 and Siddeley. Hopefully Miles Axelrod too. Got the 10% coupon from Target.com in my pocket. If you want to use it in the store, you need to print it out. Use the promo code if ordering online. Might hit another Walmart if someone on here reports finding Mater’s Secret Mission cars Case B.

  • Dan Y says:

    Checked 2 Walmarts in State College, PA this morning between 5:30 and

    Not one new Pixar car anywhere to be found. I thought something was
    up as they have had the old cars on clearance but made no peg space
    for Cars 2. A bunch of boxes on a cart at one store, Do not release
    until May 16, 2001. But these were Hasbro Transformers boxes.

    I guess I’ll be camped out at Target at 8am this morning.

  • Jedi Rainman says:

    I just got back in from a round trip. I hit 6 Walmarts and a Meijers and none, I mean NONE of them had anything out. I had to ask at each store and they brought out a few cases of random stuff. I got all the singles but nothing more. What in the world were these stores or people thinking?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I went to walmart tonight to buy some printer ink, and stopped by the Cars section to see what it looked like. wow! Definitely not what I was expecting. One lone Gask-it lightyear launcher was hanging on the pegs. No other Cars items were in sight. I did check the clearance aisle, and there were still 50 or so of the Walmart exclusive House of Donut playsets being cleared out($9.97); but all the old Cars 1 singles and megas were nowhere to be found. I guess they will wait until tomorrow morning to put cars 2 stuff out.

    • Sandy says:

      Good Morning,
      Im in need of that gaskits launcher. If you do go back, could you please get it for me. Please email me at taz_sandy @ yahoo.com (remove spaces)

  • Monica says:

    I went to TRU this morning expecting to see the big front area display, but it was Pokemon :(. I was all sad, thinking I wasn’t going to find anything good, just a peg of the same race fan Guidos they have had for YEARS and some lenty Vern stragglers. But as I walk up the boys side main aisle, BAM, Cars 2 Board games, POW, Cars 2 LEEEEGGOOOOOSSSSS and I turn the corner of the Cars 2 aisle and WHAMO, singles, exclusives, deluxes, 2 packs, 5 packs, color changers, ridemakers, and more!!! I pawed through everything, drooling. I wanted to throw it all on the floor and roll around in it, but settled for throwing it all in my basket instead. I got everything I wanted, YESSS! I love you Cars 2. Thank you Met for the awesome checklist. I would have been lost without it. Can’t wait to hit my big Target tomorrow AM at opening!

  • Jenny says:

    Got mine at meijer in michigan at 12:00am sharp!!! Sooooo excited!!!

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Chicago TRU was the same as most here are reporting… simply awesome! Cars 1 and 2 expanded to take up the whole aisle, kicking Matchbox (also Mattel – ha) clean off the shelf! Walmart jumped the gun yesterday – yahoo! Now, it’s just down to KMart (exclusive) and Target (4-packs) in the AM. Hope KMArt’s scanners will read the bar code; oh and that the PitCrew Mater is on the shelf to begin with – heh. Is it bad to sleep with ones fingers crossed… all night? My plan is to give Jr. the Finn McMissile single on the MOVIE DAY, and then take him somewhere to get Siddely or Everett that afternoon, so I’ve gotta wait on those. The Walmarts near me had singles assortments with Rod Torque Redline, whereas TRU had a non-Rod singles lineup, maybe just case B, so if any of you are having trouble finding Rod, make sure and try Walmart and Kohls. Good luck and have a total blast, everyone!

    • bobbyjack says:

      Yeah, I’m definetly waiting until we see the movie before giving little Bobby Jack any of the Cars 2 cars. When we went to see Agents on a Mission, he didn’t care about Finn McMissile at all. He zeroed in on Mater and McQueen. The new cars will mean a lot more to him if he sees them in the movie first. We are going to see it Friday the 24th, Go to Kmart day in the morning on the 25th and see Cars 2 again later that day! Can’t wait.

  • handoe213 says:

    In Los Angeles, CA. Went to 3 targets nothing but empty shelves but they did have the prices up. 2 TRU’s nothing but lenticulars and color changers from Cars 1. 1 Walmart nothing but empty shelves but also had the prices. Neither had the posters but Im pretty sure they will stock the cars tomorrow. I hope.

  • John says:

    TRU Los Angeles, 2 locations; Cars 2, case A only, Randsburg LMcQ, 5 packs plus some new color changers, Siddely, Everett and some playsets. One store had cleared out Cars 1, the other did not. Cars 2 toys from other companies all over the store too. 5 packs on sale.

    Target, 1 clearance final lap.

    Amazon, email today that my Siddely preorder shipped today to arrive 16th.

  • BMW says:

    TRU -fully stocked and loaded this morning at opening. Sent Met pictures.
    Spent way too much but had a great time.
    They had 3 different 5 packs. All the singles and doubles. All combinations of Ridemakerz,all playsets, Lego including the huge 800 plus set, Air hogs including the 39.99 gravity defying Finn, RC cars, Finn with weapons, Lights and sounds, It was like Christmas.

  • Celso From Miami says:

    There is a Target 10% discount coupon at target.com also valid at the store
    Good Hunting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazy Cars says:

    Dayton OH area TRU had several CARS2 out that had been picked thru.
    Guy working the asile thought they were out Friday. I did pick up the TRU LMQ Exclusive and they did have the 5 packs. All in the CARS2 asile, nothing up front. Target / Wally had nothing…

  • Justin-Case says:

    Went to WM this afternoon, back to the toy section..nothing saw an associate so I played dumb and asked…he then proceeded to take me over to an isle where low and behold there were 3 skids of C2 cases with bright red boxes saying May 16th and about 3 other associates and the store manager. The associate I was talking to asked me if I knew exactly what I wanted and I said yes. So while everyone was not looking at us we grabbed the case I wanted and he said here you go. I didn’t ask and just walked straight to the register, paid and left. Went back tonight and NOTHING! Asked again and was told stricked orders to wait until tomorrow. Still got what I wanted. 🙂

  • Celso From Miami says:

    I went to disney store the have all cars2 single with display box since monday, at WM and Target Miami FL nothing new , at TRUS all old stuff…….I’m going to WM tonight at 12:00am to see the have the new stuff.. I hope for the best …….!!!!!!!!!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    I found Cars 2 toys at my Wal-Mart! At $3.47, they have never been this cheap in a whole year! I think I found Case C, Rod Torque Redline, but no Carla Veloso, Professor Z, Acer, or Pit Crew Fillmore. Also got 3 of the 4 new Deluxe, I didn’t need Red, and I got Siddely the Spy Jet. Then as I left, I saw TONS if Legos! I grabbed a Lightning with Guido set, a Finn, Professor Z, and Crabby (a boat) set, and a Mater and Holley Shiftwell set. Total price? Over $200 dollars!

  • I-am-speed says:

    Target = nothing

    TRU = 1 case of singles, 2 packs, deluxe, etc…..but NO 5-packs, which were in the ad!

    WM = EVERYTHING had just been put out when we got there at 3 PM! One worker was hauling away a flatbed with multiple unopened cases.

    **Already 1 error/variant found!

    Guido/Luigi/Uncle Topolino set(correct background) with Race Team Mater/Zen Master Pitty label!!!

  • Alex Stripto says:

    Shopped today! Tried local Target, KMart, and Walmart, NG. Hit Hazlet, NJ TRU and a jackpot. Got 9 Singles, 6 Movie Moments, 4 Deluxe and the 3 TRU exclusive 5-Packs. Traveled to the Eatontown TRU. Got 4 more Singles, the TRU exclusive Lightning McQueen and Siddeley. Had to stop by my Middletown Kohl’s. They had a nice selection of Launchers and 3-Pack character sets but they put price stickers on the front of the card. However, did pick up 1 more Single. So all-in-all had a good day purchasing 29 pieces to start my Cars2 collection! Will try Target, KMart, and Walmart again tomorrow!!

  • AidensMom624 says:

    Columbia, South Carolina …………

    TRU today was my big score — they were all set up & ready to roll. No display in the front though, in the back, in the ‘normal’ CARS aisle.

    Target today — nada, a few misc left over color changers and that was it – a bare aisle.

    WalMart today — nada, just a few of the larger toys, no diecast.

    KMart today was an “issue” … Mater’s were all on the shelf. Checkout dude says he can’t sell them to me, I asked for the manager, he stated he couldn’t sell them until the movie came out – rrriiiggghhhttt – I politely asked his name and his store number, told him they were to be on the shelves tomorrow, NOT IN JUNE, and since it was on the shelf I was going to buy it. He then tried to ring it up in “dept 4 as misc toys” for $6.99 but it wouldn’t ring up in “dept 4”. I stood there for about 10 minutes while he fumbled around, got a 20 year old who knew more than him, and rang up my single $6.99 Mater purchase. I told him there were 11 more on the shelf and he should go get them off before he had to do this all day :o)

    Now I have to sort thru the doubles, triples & quads we have of some cars … those will go in the Lightning pinata at Aiden’s birthday.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Bought multiples of all the new exciting Cars 2 Color Changers at TRU! Not. I can’t believe they are still making those. I hope they have improved the design because none of our old ones change color anymore. The 2 packs were priced @ $1.50 more than Walmart. If the 25% discount had been for all the Cars 2 stuff, I still would have spent over a hundred dollars in there. Because they didn’t, Walmart will be getting my business tomorrow morning. I only ended up buying 3 Metallic McQueens. One to keep and two to trade.

    (MET: I think Color Changers are a TRU exclusive – I can’t imagine that there was a big fight over that one. 🙂 ).

  • Hibma says:

    As of 6pm tonight, nothing is out, no signs up, very little room or empty pegs (all filled in after they stopped carrying CARS 1 essentially since before Christmas), or any sign of anything coming tonight at both WM and K-Mart in Detroit Lakes, MN. Incidently, we stopped at Grand Forks, ND yesterday and it was the same thing at Target and WM there and the Kohls in Fargo had no CARS 2 stocked, no signs, no pegs, nothing.

    I wonder if the upper midwest has a different stock date!!?!!!

  • Chick Hicks says:

    box on shelf, man guarding box, box says CARS 2, goes nere box, man yells at me,he says tommorow.

  • Went to Target today and the only stuff they had were the walkie talkies and the Zero Gravity Finn McMissile (Which I got last Sunday). No sign yet, no display yet. I went to TRU the other day and all they had was a lot of old stuff. No huge display yet. Nothing new until tomorrow. I’m going to Walmart tomorrow to get some of my goodies I need (Already got Mater, Francesco, Holley Shiftwell with wings and the lights and sounds cars at CVS 2 weeks ago).

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Still empty pegs at my Target, but now with a big sign saying, “Watch for exciting new display soon!”

  • RKelly says:

    Went to our local WM in Barrhaven (Nepean, ON, CAnada) on Friday night. They had Cars 2 stuff in boxes on pallets, getting ready for the shelves. Opened up one box to take a look and had to leave (my wife was in a hurry). Next morning there was nothing. I suspect they read the outside of the boxes and put it back in the stockroom. We are so law abiding in Canada.

    Saturday morning I went to the Kanata store and they had some product out. Made sure I bought the double decker buses. A regular car up here is $5.99, so they are definately not a deal. Shoppers Drug Mart had them for $6.99.

    I still have to check out Toys r Us.

    • Rebecca says:

      Wow that is horrible $5.99 and $6.99 for the singles. I am glad that they were $3.47 each here at Walmart and $3.99 at Target in the US. Some places in the world wants $9.99. I wouldn’t be getting them if they costs that. 🙁

  • por356 says:

    Warning! If you were like me you may have bought the singles at Family Dollar. I found myself with doubles when I bought some of the multipacks. When I tried to return the singles to Family Dollar, I was told that they have a 30 day return policy (I missed it by two days). They would issue a store credit but since I do not shop there normally (and will definitely not do so, now) I kept the duplicates. Check you receipt before returning them.

  • Micky says:

    Went to TRU this morning. No big Cars display up front but they did have several pegs (about half the isle) of Cars 2 stuff. Picked up what I wanted with no problem. They didn’t have all the stuff they had online yesterday but I spent enough money anyway 🙂

  • corinne says:

    Awsome, what a great day !! Now I am ready excited about tomarrow. Nothing here in new york at target, walmart & kmart yet. I felt like it was a shopping spree at tru. They had lots of good stuff but no deluxe , sumo #1, sumo #2 or finn hydrofoil . I ordered them from tru.com yesterday & now they are back-ordered buy thats okay as long as they arrive !!!

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Corrine,
      Where are you in NY? I live in NY, too. Im in Nassau county. I went to all the spots yesterday but nothing hopefully the pegs are full tomorrow.

      • corinne says:

        HI, I live in suffolk county . Stores are still empty so I will try target, walmart & kmart again about 9:00 pm tonight. GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri says:

    Wow!! I had so much fun today. TRU was awesome. Manager at our toys was so cool. He helped us with all the lego sets too. Made sure we found everyone we wanted. I spent way too much but had so much fun. Wasn’t going to buy the 5 pks till I noticed most characters had different eye expressions from the singles and 2 pks. Bought a couple ridemakerz too. Found the exclusive single too. Now time for a nap and off again to walmart for their exclusives tonight. Target and kmart tomorrow. Wow, I love this. Just wish there was enough money to go around. At least most of the big money stuff is done. Hope everyone is having the same success!!

  • DDD says:

    Edited version of comment from previous post:

    Just got back from Jacksonville TRU. Spent about an hour there! Pokemon was up front; all the C2 stuff was where Cars stuff usually is. Picked up two-packs to get Tomber and Papa (loved the Tomber sipping but not worth a whole five pack just for him). Also singles I wanted that weren’t at Kohls. Extras will go to my nephew but was able to keep them to a minimum. Also got him a five pack with the main characters–on sale for $15.99. Great price for five cars!

    Went back in for Geotrax Finn and Petrov. Too cute to pass up. My first Geotrax. Left the Lego set with the ship, but I like it. Unfortunately you have to look everywhere…it’s all spread out.

    One more thing I got…and which I recommend if you want a large scale Finn. If you get basic Ridemakerz Finn for $14.99 (on sale from $19.99) and a loose pack of silver rims, it makes a great supersize Finn. (There’s also a spy pack with weapons you can add…might get that.) The best part…the eyes are painted, not stickers like all the big Mattel stuff…such a shame. (I also spent plenty of time looking through the Mattel packs to find clean eyes…I don’t know how you all take chances buying online!) Ridemakerz are new to me and it took a while to figure out what I needed to get…the packaging is not eye-catching and I walked past it all initially.

    Long post. Sorry…but an exciting day!!

  • Rebecca says:

    I went to Walmart yesterday and ToysRUs today and got them all already in Colorado Springs, CO. I did get the ToysRUs McQueen exclusive and he is really cool. They only had a few. I was glad that they put them out early so I can sleep in tomorrow.:)

  • Milton Calypeer says:

    TRU in Columbia SC had all the Cars2 stuff out this morning. Gotta say thanks for the info to Met and the posters here at TFAD. I’ve picked up items at Family Dollar, CVS, Kohls, and now TRU that I wouldn’t have known about without this site. Happy hunting all!

  • Dorvack1 says:

    Stop by my TRUs this morning and they had all the new car2 merchandise for sale , got a couple of the McQueen exclusives and a few single card.
    I live in the san francisco bay area
    have fun hunting!

  • Bumper Save says:

    You misspelled your own email Met.

    (MET: Corrected. Thanks).

  • Dan in SWPa says:

    Walmat in our area had them out for sunday!!! Got them after church!!! Not all the packs were there. Picked up some of the 2 packs 2 weeks ago as they were the different ones. Got the Deluxe ones of Holly w/ wings, Fin sub, Double Decker bus and Red. 2 packs they had Fin w/ gun and Mater spy glasses. The best that I got was 2, Cars 2, display signs that they had left over with the world on them as they are mint!!!!! I gave a small donation to Childrens Hospital to get them. Stopped at Kmart and the kid said they had them in the back and they would not sell them until monday. I know were I will be Monday after work!!! My boy is already having fun with them. Good Luck to all and have fun!!!

  • por356 says:

    Some stores stocking on Sunday. I picked up a lot but I am also returning a lot that I bought at higher prices or that I have found doubles of in sets. Kohl’s has a sale on Cars 2 stuff but watch out that the price you are charged is the same price on the box. Mine was not.

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