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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Sarge – What Won’t Kill You Will Pay You

Most people just returned their Sarge back in ought ’07 when he was leaden with lead and got a refund from Mattel but apparently you could also join in a class action lawsuit – the modern day stoning – only with lawyers … Mattel folded after 4 years of lawyering …

$175 – not bad … usually I get a voucher to redeem for a pack of gum. (I missed this money grabbing opportunity – guess my mind went blank from all the lead in my system – it is a mystery why my blood lead is so elevated ..).

(I think this might be the actual correct usage of the word IRONY or is it double IRONY since I have lead in me and not iron).

I do not know if you can still get in on it or you missed the one time Mattel buys you a round … a case of CARS or two.

Somethings tells me that “Mr. LCC-20” will be indirectly feed this back to Mattel via Target, WM & TRU. 🙂

So, settling this lawsuit proves the old adage, ‘this doesn’t cost money, this makes us money indirectly.’

Who else scored money? Money, money, money.

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27 April 2011 Disney Pixar, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 23 Comments


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