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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Target “Purge” of CARS

“BMW” sends along a photo that might explain why Target stores around the country seem to be ignoring a fairly obvious snipe on the boxes of CARS 2 products …

It looks like on the bottom of these boxes, there is an internal sticker …

Did they mean to place a “PURGE” notice for CARS 1 products to clear out the distribution centers-warehouses-back rooms and got carried away and labeled everything CARS?

Well, it’s been purged onto the floor …

Thanks for the photo, “BMW.”

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  • BMW says:

    Targets here have the short cards in the stockroom along with the Oversized. Scanning and asking at the service desk with the DPCI they haven’t received:
    long cards with the numbers
    None of the launchers in stock.
    None of the 2 packs yet

    Really don’t want the short cards. Prefer the numbered cards.
    Also heard that the Mcqueen on the short card has a dull flat front face segment, while the long card Mcqueen has a shiny face.

  • SweetBug says:

    Found Deluxe Holly Shiftwell with wings at a Target in Upland, CA. AMAZING!

  • gargan123 says:

    I still need a Timothy Timezone Truecoat and Johnathan Wrenchworths from the case before last and I have a list of about 30 Mater Tall Tales that I have never seen as well as the latest Haulers and Pit Crews. Sheesh!!!

  • Eric says:

    I just got the new Final Laps! Yeah buddy! I know Jeff told me he would streak the store if he found them, but fortunately for the rest of the world, I opted not to… Oh yeah! New Final Laps! Woo-Hoo!!! Look at me!

    Wait … what do you mean there was never a full case of Marlon released? Then how come my local Target had exactly 12 of them on the pegs? What about the 6 Arties and 6 Mattis case I just picked up? No? That was a bust too? Those aren’t real? Crap! I guess they were discontinued… Does that mean they will knock these last (yes, even slightly dusty) peg warmers down to clearance pricing? I wouldn’t mind an arsenal of $1.25 Marlons to guard my Cars 2 collection!

    P.S. – Anyone seen the new singles case of only lenticular Vern and Skip Richter? Some even come with a Chase Dinoco McQueen sans any collectible. Yeah, that must have been a Portland Wal-Mart exclusive. If you buy one of those, they throw in a Gil…

    C’mon May 16th … let’s break some wallets!

  • snosno says:

    Target tells me all the time that something is discontinued but its on the shelf the next day.

  • NascarFan says:

    So much for individual UPCs. Will they ever get it?

  • TarheelBill says:

    Here the TGT stores are saying definitely discontinued on the FLs. 🙁 They, along with WMs have also removed the space and labels for Haulers.

  • Jack says:

    Yes but just because Target discontinues an item does not mean it won’t be back again. The regular Storytellers released in Fall of 2008 were discontinued. A search of the DCPI # wouldn’t even be recognized after January 09. Then in the fall of 2009 they were suddenly available again still at the clearance price from earlier in the year and then the newer Storytellers followed them still with the same DCPI #.
    I believe we will see more new Cars 1 products again including the last final laps. Maybe not at Target but somewhere.

  • collectormom says:

    By the way have Brian (Antenna Ball guy) or Chuck “Choke” Cables been released in the US, I’ve never seen them and on eBay they all seem to be international packaging

    And do we know if the Mater’s Tall Tales line will continue as usual or will they go on hiatus for Cars2

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I’ve never seen the pegs at all the big box stores so void of Cars. Some variety stores are still clearing out their stockrooms, but, it is old stuff. With the drag time between placing an order and it being fulfilled by Mattel, I did not expect to see much of the product line. There would have to be a commitment by Target to order a minimum number of cases of Final Lap castings before product would be ramped up. If collectors are lucky, maybe, just maybe any production will end up with a liquidator such as Big Lots.

  • jestrjef says:

    Yeah …. it is a shame that the Final Lappers came to such an abrupt end … would have been great to go out in a blaze of glory with two NEW cases “PRUGED” from the warehouse … Oh well … sigh …. 🙁

  • sally says:

    final laps are discontinued. they said once may 16 hits cars 2 will come

  • bobbyjack says:

    If Final Laps are now done, I’m glad we didn’t trade away all the lenticular Wilmer Flattz!

  • MWH80 says:

    Is it just me, or is this ‘do not open until’ thing affecting alot of toy-area product at Target? It’s not just Cars, but there’s been multiple other toy lines that I have seen nothing new in the last 3 months since Christmas.

    I’ll play the pessimist here and just assume that Mattel just stopped the presses with the FL’s. Maybe we’ll get them somewhere down the line, if anyone can find them.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      Amen! There’s an article in today’s newspaper’s financial section under the by-line of Market Watch indicating Wal-Mart has seen the seventh consecutive quarterly decrease in same store sales. You’re right in the absence of merchandise in the toy aisles. My super stores have more empty space than I’ve ever seen.

      What I have experienced with Wal-Mart is the viewpoint that Wally World will determine what I/We should buy. Ask any manager and you will be told the store can get anything Wal-Mart carries. Try to get Wal-Mart to stock something that is not in Wal-Mart inventory and you will never get it. Their incompetent buyers determine what and when toys will appear. The other issue is not having stockroom inventory at any level, depending upon delivery from the manufacturer directly to the store to improve cash flow.

      Read the article ( and elsewhere reported) and the questions arises- Where did the additional 8,500 items for the stores go in the first place.

      These stores do not realize not everyone is having a bad time during the recession. Grandparents are sitting on $trillions waiting to buy toys! 🙂

      • BMW says:

        My husband said after looking at Walmarts yesterday, that I needed to sell them some Cars for their pegs.

        On another note, some people are selling the Walmart 2 packs on ebay. Has anyone actually seen any Cars 2 at Walmart on the pegs?

      • BMW says:

        Final Laps are discontinued.
        Have been watching for any HK/back door sellers to see if they
        have any of the supposedly last 8 “final lap”
        characters. None.
        So Big lots or any liquidators can’t sell
        what flat out was never manufactured.

        Maybe these Cars 1 characters will return at some time
        in the future in another packaging design, but not
        in Final Lap form.

  • collectormom says:

    I checked the scanner at my closest Target but they didn’t have any stock yet.

    I also noticed there were no shelf tags for Final Lap anymore, but there was a few weeks ago. Are we officially done with FL now? I hope not!

  • sidewall74shine says:

    Somethings telling me someone will put some out early, just like usual.

    • Justin-Case says:

      I agree. all these box stores are out for one thing…..$$$$$$. Can’t make it if you don’t have stuff on the pegs. And I think by now they all know we are just sitting here salivating for the Cars2 line.

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