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As John Cleese Might Say – You’re Not Fooling Anyone

I’m not very big on the April Fool’s thing as it’s a lot of work to fool some of the people some of the time and if you fool all of he people all of the time, people tend to get all rioty … so to avoid any unpleasantries – how about some useful April tomfoolery from the the How Much is Inside website which asks and answers important questions like – How much Oreo filling is there in an Oreo pack?

Like a mini Mythbusters with a budget of$11 dollars, they answer many other questions you’ve always wanted to know

Speaking of wanting to know – what was the Montgomery Wards catalog like in 1944?

You can buy an army set for $.95 though of course – couldn’t you buy like 15 loaves of bread for $.95 in 1944?

This was a waste of $2.98 …

All it told me was to leave it mint in box until the year 2000 and somebody named eBay would pay me a thousand for it – yea, right – ebay – that’s not even a word.

I did not realize the Ouija board game was like the iPad-iPhone of the 1940’s with a myriad of sizes and it was a touchscreen of sorts. 🙂

Not only has Monopoly & Sorry survived … this last page of the catalog looks suspiciously like the offerings of Christmas 2010 …

(There are 1944 NSFW unmentionables on page 41 – though you really, really have to use your imaginations as it’s mostly pencil etchings … 🙂 ).

Via WishBookWeb.com which has other olden catalogs.

Happy April’s Fool – have some fruited cake!

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