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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Let Them Eat CARS (Officially Licensed CARS 2 Food, Of Course)

You can live, drink and eat a full CARS 2 life …

Already in stores … saw this at Target – on sale, only $.96 a box for “dinner.”

Yes, it looks like a blend of CARS 1 & CARs 2 artwork, probably because Kraft started printing these boxes a while back and since they would be out early, not all the artwork got approved …

Remember if you’re building your CARS 2 marketing museum – eat the Yogurt first …

Shouldn’t McQueen be Punch?

We’ve had these for a while – are these actually shaped like CARS? Or a ‘fun shapes’ code word for random?

With wrappers you can write on … be sure and write and draw something deep and profound, I know kids will spend hours reading the wrapper … or not – RRIIPPPPPPP … nom, nom, nom … the polite kids will hand you the wrapper, some will glue them to your back or toss … 🙂

And of course, what’s a film without a limited edition cereal?

Though sorry – vanilla flavored cereal with “red circled fun?”

What is that? If they can glue a rice grid to a corn grid encased in a wheat grid, they can’t make a red shaped McQ puff? Someone clearly took the lazy way out … I want chocolate Lightyear tires, vanilla Piston Cups, marshmallow Lightning McQueen’s, maple flavored Mater’s, and mint Ramone’s in every bite … plus a rubber tire Apple car in every box … along with a comic on the back for reading through 3 bowls. Is that too much to ask?

Hey, if you can cut them into Mickey’s – you can certain do car shapes … AND if you don’t eat them, you’ll have like shrunken CAR cheese shrinky dinks in a few years …

Hey, little baby – if you have a banana shaped banana flavored pooh cookie, you better be sharing with me! I’ll pass on something called steamies …

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