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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Color Changers LIVE to Fight Another CARS 2 Day

Color changers will be changing into CARS 2 …

From our recent survey when asked what you thought about Color Changers for CARS 2 … 4% of you said LOVE IT … and with the maybe’s – 20% are interested … good news for you – color changers are now and forever … well, at last through 2011.

No photos yet of what they look like but they won’t look too different than the metal diecast counterparts … as for the first wave of releases, it looks like there’s really only one carry over (Ramone) … though Pit Team Sarge will obviously not too different than CARS 1 Sarge save for the new logo … So, here’s your first CARS 2 check list.

The 2-packs stay exclusive to TRU … and no, I do not know if the multiple packs of Lightning and Francesco are all the same or whether they are different color shifts “variants.” Just to be safe – collect them all.  😛

There will also be a track set called, “Color Splash Speedway Track Set,” no photos but I’m presuming there will be some wet or splash zone that the CARS will zoom through?

BTW, did you know they can make metal diecast color changers but apparently the kids in the test kitchen thought they changed too slowly – I’M BORED – hence the faster plastic versions … so blame the kids … or the parents who raised these impatient kids … or society … 😛

The CARS 1 Color Changers Checklist is HERE.

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  • bobbyjack says:

    Just saw the Cars 2 Color Changers on TRU.com. Sigh. I hope these are a TRU exclusive because Walmart and Target weren’t able to get rid of them until they were clearanced. I will not be getting them unless they have improved the quality of the color changing ability. We have 7 cars right now that don’t change color anymore and they aren’t even a year old!

  • Jonny2scarves says:

    I love the colour changes. You can get them in USA and Europe, so why won’t they release them in the UK?! If you can get them in France why can’t you get them In England? It’s the same with all the 4-packs and boxsets – they make European versions but won’t sell them in the UK. Don’t Mattel want my money?! Crazy.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    How’s about some peg warmer changers?!?!?

    Like you wish for what you really want and they turn into them with a loud Kachow!!!

  • Jenyelle says:

    I like!!!

  • jestrjef says:

    We have a couple color changers, but the pegs around us are FLOODED with them. The Lenti’s sell faster that the color changers around here. I am pretty suprised to see this line continue.

    On another note, Walmart had a HUGE display of beach towels today and two of them were CARS 2!! They were AWESOME and my son went crazy!! (yes, in Florida beach season has already kicked in 😉 )

    • L8rM8r says:

      Same around here, well except for the sun and beach, these things don’t seem to be moving where everything else is pretty much bare now that a lot of the Cars line of stuff is being discontinued.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Manifold Jr. has only one color changer and it’s the old Flinstones car (hot wheels edition), not a Cars car. The Color Changers are pretty much the only series, or branch, of Disney Pixar cars that I wouldn’t, and still won’t, buy, not even as gifts. Maybe they are keeping them as a price point strategy? In other words, if the mainline remains in the $3.50 to $4.00 range, which are now reverting back to the classic eyes that actually sell well, maybe they are keeping the color changers and Toons so that they can still keep us used to paying $5.99 per car? By the way, the Flinstones car is a combination of plastic and diecast, and even though it is 20+ years old now it still changes!

  • kerner7777 says:

    Yeah, who is Sabastian? As for the color changers, I have all of them eccept for Sally and Axle Accelerator. I will get all of the Cars 2 ones, eccept for Sheriff and Darrell Cartrip, unless they are a different color than the first movie ones.

  • cac1959 says:

    While I am excited about the upcoming Cars2 diecasts, I will not buy Color Changers… I don’t have any from the first movie, and I won’t buy any of these…

    And I won’t buy any wood Cars from Cars or Cars2… they’re not selling at 25% off, $12.99 for the 2 pack… I’d consider them if the price was $3.99 per 2 pack… but that’s as much as I’d spend on them.

  • What?! I thought this was an early April fools day joke but its real

  • lou says:


    When are we getting the next Final Lap case cars? Is Wilmar Flatz coming in the Final Lap series? If so, shouldn’t a new case be coming soon?

  • Daniel says:

    Great! Let’s hope they make Wood Cars for Cars 2 also.

    (if there was a sarcastic font, it would have been used.)

  • NorCalRik says:

    just have a few of the color changers for the tub. the kids enjoy them in there.

  • bobbyjack says:

    We bought some color changers last summer and played with them in the hot tub. They seemed to be fun as long as you had a cup of ice water to keep next to the tub. My son enjoyed them so when the next wave came out, we bought the tuners because those are my son’s favorite cars. No sooner did we open the tuners when the original ones we bought stopped working. Even tried freezing them but Ramone stayed Yellow. The plastic easily scratched and wherever a scratch was, it wouldn’t change color either. Soon, the tuners stopped changing color too. My son still plays with them in the tub, but I think he has forgotten that at one time they changed color. They don’t seem to sell very well and the pegs are always full of them. I have noticed that some people seem to hide Final Laps behind them at Target so maybe they are good for something.

  • Dan in SWPa says:

    I do not like the color changers as I will not waste my money

  • daniel's dad says:

    FFS…were color changers more successful than the Deluxe assortment. Oh wait did they ship a lot more of the color changers..yea they did in my area.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Who’s Sebastian?? Francesco’s Crew Chief??

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