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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Final Color Changers Check List

Since it looks like Walmart might be getting ready to close the books on the Color Changers singles and TRU seems to have dropped the two-pack from the online shop … for those interested, here should be the final and complete checklist for the Color Changers series.

I think RED was on the list once but I do not believe RED was ever released, let me know if I’m wrong.


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6 March 2011 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 25 Comments


  • John says:

    well I’m interested in the disney pixar cars but with money’s tight and a maybe a new collection is in my head and the other cars from the junkyard to the car shows might b interesting and I need a job to cover the budget crissis and looking foreward to maybe series 3 in the collection

  • gabriel says:

    mega sizes final checklist
    1 storm mcqueen
    2 marco
    3 mack
    4 al oft the lighty ear blimp
    5 dinoco helicopter
    6 barney
    7 dustin mellows
    8 chick hicks semi
    9 elvis rv
    10 gray semi
    11 sven
    12 rpm semi
    13 frank
    14 no stall semi
    15 ramone high n low
    16 octane gain semi
    17 richard clayton kensington
    18 t.j. hummer
    19 bessie
    20 brian
    21 marco axelbender
    22 mater cone teeth
    23 leroy snow tires
    24 miles
    25 chuck choke
    26 stu bop

  • Daniel says:

    LOL. TRU USA drops these, but TRU Canada picks them up.

    Just saw the Color Changers 3-packs for the first time at TRU in Canada this past weekend.

    Seems they will buy any non-metal Cars. First plastic, then wood, and even plaster (paintable) Cars!

  • djbennett22 says:

    more for kids, but better than the mini’s.

  • Eric says:

    Well, you can tell the adult collectors from the ones that do it for their kids. Haha

    My sons both LOVE these cars. Of course they are still young and enjoy bath time even more than Jack does. 🙂

    We even had to supplement with some Hot Wheels color changers in the lulls between cases. Granted, these Cars probably wouldn’t hold up well in a collection over time. You can see some of the ones at the store turning to their warm color and staying there… Aside from being a bit pricey, they really are great fun and get used pretty consistently. I too was a hater before they actually came out.

  • dikenlitel says:

    Well, besides a few I bought from the board, Color Changers have just arrived, I guess 10 different. I love them all.

    I can see there is a sale on stores. Can anyone help me to grab some of them ?

  • quercy says:

    Hey MET, just as a reminder… The collector guide for TOONs… you said maybe march…. we are in March 🙂

    (MET: I thought we were done but now … have to wait another month or so 🙂 ).

  • TarheelBill says:

    These are truly the “Champion” of all peg warmers.

  • pwschuh says:

    I still can’t believe anyone actually collects these.

  • LUCA says:

    anyone found Sally and Axel already??

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    I know everyone else it glad they are finished, but I am disappointed 🙁 I really liked these because I can take my cars to the beach and in the hot tub without worrying about them rusting! At least they made Sally before they stopped.

    *Sigh* farewell Color Changers 😥

  • jestrjef says:

    Speaking of “THE END” …. I just got home from Walmart, where the Toon Singles pegs have been empty for about two weeks. I asked the toy associate to scan the peg to see if any were on order or on the way ….

    she said there were none on order …

    none in transit …

    and none in the warehouse …

    they were in the system as NON-REPLENISHABLE ….

    meaning not orderable ….

    she then said, “DISCONTINUED” ….


    This store just got a fresh case two weeks back and they sold out in two days …. could this be TRUE????????? 🙁

    • Mariela says:

      Yes seriously..I was told the same thing, after I missed the case of Music Mater 🙁

    • oliversmom says:

      wow, Target discontinued megas, Walmart did not replenish, Tru raised prices
      WELCOME TO Collector’s HELL!!!

      • quercy says:

        This is all part of the evil Mattel plan by finishing line ONE this way (even if TOON is not really part of CARS 1) with a lot fewer cases with new CARS then automatically creating the ones called “collectibles”. Is it not what they are doing in the HotWheels world and other collectible products? Bessie is a good example of this practice. Apple Car may be an exception with a special agreement with the company, but the rest is probably all planned Mattel marketing… This is may be not exactly like I just said but close enough. Anyone have a better explanation?

  • PCC says:

    I doubt it is the end…surely there will be Cars 2 Color Changers.

  • They are not doing color changers anymore? Thank you! They found a perfect time to end them, before the Cars 2 stuff comes out!

  • Jack says:

    Can’t say I will miss them either. The only thing that worries me it’s that they make the new “diecast” cars with almost the same amount of plastic as these.
    Hopefully Mattel will cut down on the gimmicks and repacks for awhile and just give us new cars.

  • PVHauler_16 says:

    Thank god they’re over. Good riddance!

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