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Disney Pixar CARS 2: The International Movie Trailer – Different Scenes

The international version of trailer #3 is slightly different and features some additional CARS not shown in the US trailer or they are more prominently featured.

More European-France scenes … but, of course.

(notice the street runoff tunnel is a car grill in the back?)

And of course, two iconic French Citroen cars – the Deux Chevaux (2CV) & the Citroen DS.

Qui, qui – we want!

A German iconic car, the BMW 2002.

The Radiator Springs left-behind gang waves goodbye … Lizzie once again is not there …

BTW, Red is “upgraded” to “deluxe-oversized” CAR …

Better look at Finn’s jet-ski’s.

New haulers? Hopefully … and remember in CARS World, this is just oil sludge – something everyone has seen all over the driveway …

Minions with welding gear variants?

Better look at the sub … and the starting grid.

Review of the CARS in trailer version #3.

McQueen says HOW MANY?

You can view the French version of the international trailer here.

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