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M2 Acylic Display Cases – Nice for Mattel Disney Pixar Piston Cup Racers

For those who have been looking for a nice display for your Mattel Disney Pixar Piston Cup racers, M2 offers an option that is great on pricing for a solid Acrylic Display Case – though not 100% perfect …

The 5-pack sells for around $5.50 so basic pricing is great.

But as you can also see, all M2 releases have two screw holes to hold it to a base – which non of the Mattel CARS have … so it’s not quite flat …

But they do stack nicely – able to nestle on top of each other but not too tightly …

King will fit so that’s about as tall as you can go … so all the Piston Cup racers fit …

What’s nice is they do include free twist ties in which you can insert through the bottom (separate hole) and wrap around the wheels to hold them in place …

Nice to have included … or if you’re brave, you can probably Dremel down the M2 positioned holder … the case is also nicely designed so as you pull on the base through the notches on the left and right, it slides right off … some other cases are impossible to remove … and of course, a nice price at @$1 each.

You can also probably safely stack about 10 in a display area where people aren’t going to elbow past them …

“SlicePie” says he’s seen it at his WM for $5.97 but I’ve only seen it online.

Amazon/Collectible Diecast has it for $5.49 + shipping … I’m presuming the shipping is adjusted if you order more …

M2 is also very cool in telling you the exact dimensions of the name plate area for printing up your own name plates – it’s .35″ high and 2.35″ wide …

And just in case you want to know it all – The display box measures- 4″ Wide x 2″ Deep x 2″ Tall and the inside dimensions are 3 3/4″ Wide x 2 3/4″ Deep x 1 1/2″ Tall.

M2 also sells a fun item they call an Auto Lift …

It also has notches for M2 cars but a Mattel CAR will actually fit on it also … again, with the notch, it’s not the most secure choice …

Not much room to spare but you can effectively double your display area. 🙂

And it’s hard to tell (or believe) but this thing is SOLID METAL and feels like cast iron … and especially for about $2 each (it’s about $10 for a 5-pack).

You can get the M2 Auto Lift also from Amazon/Collectible Diecast for $9.99 + Shipping.

This 5-pack doesn’t come with any diecast cars but there are M2 sets with diecast cars + the auto lift. Also available on Amazon.

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24 January 2011 diecast, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail, Toys 20 Comments


  • Jinzo says:

    I really like these a lot… Might buy some for other cars 😀
    I was able to put my SOTS in 2 separate acrylic cases that I purchased from Micheal’s Think regular price they are $19.99 but I was able to catch them on sale for about 11.xx which is not too bad… only thing was that I had to give it a raceway feeling to it… I made an incline of cardboard (which I still have to paint/print) and it looks awesome with the background of the Mack Hauler w/ Bumper Save from Walmart couple years ago. 😀 I should post pics of it 😀

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    I have been getting my display cases from Children’s Toy Closet. I beleive they have an advertisement on this website. Cases hold 100 disney cars, $129.99 with free shipping. Check it out. They also have cases for disney haulers, and deluxe sized cars.

  • slicepie says:

    Also, one thing Met didn’t mention about these being stack-able (maybe he didn’t check), the top of the clear case actually snaps into the bottom of another case so they can be stacked securely without any wobbling.

  • slicepie says:

    I was going to send Met another photo of a few of these but I didn’t get it before the post, so here’s the Flickr link for anyone who would like to see.


  • Chris with tray says:

    Grabbed a 5-pack of these yesterday at WM. If you use the twist-tie just on the back wheels, the racers give off this cool wheelie effect.

  • TarheelBill says:

    M2 makes great dicast vehicles…now great cases too ! 🙂 The Dremel idea sounds like a winner.

  • NascarFan says:

    Drill out the stubs from BEHIND not from the top.

    from underneath they have a lip on them that can be drilled through and it will easily give way.

    Insert wire ACROSS the front axles / chassis and also ACROSS the rear chassis.

    Right to left Front and back

    NOT on the fine wire axle itself, It may cause the fine axles to bend if you tighten it to much.

    • Stig McQueen says:

      Very good tips! personally, I use “museum gel” to hold all of my diecasts and built-up kits in place, and skip the ties altogether. Some of my cars have been “secured” this way for years, without any incidents or ill-effects.

      These are nice cases, and I have no doubt that I’ll be acquiring quite a few myself, along with the lifts. But the prospect of having to Dremel out 66 nubs just for the Poston Cup starting grid (33 cars x 2 nubs per case) doesn’t really appeal to me. At $1 per case, the price is certainly right; but for those of us with 100+ CARS, it does add up; if you plan on displaying them all together, there are a lot of nice 100-car display cases that you can get for $100.

      I’ve got my eye on nice lighted case with the CARS logo on Ebay; a bit more than $1/car, but perhaps Mrs. Stig will actually permit me to hang it in the family room. I had been going for a “Mel’s Drive-In” theme (the kitchen has a diner theme, so it was natural), but she’s gone for more of a Disney Hollywood Studios motif. She knows she married a gearhead, but she still doesn’t like my “cars stuff” out where anybody has to look at it. I figure she can’t argue with me that a nice CARS display case would be inappropriate in a moviehouse setting, since CARS is a Disney Movie!

    • cac1959 says:

      I’ve used poster putty to secure Cars in the display case… it works well.

      I currently have 3 Carney Plastics display cases and plan to order another one next week.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    it’s a bit strange that M2 chose to cast the screw posts into the base if they intended these for use with any 1:64 diecast; Hot Wheels, Matchbox, JL, Jada, etc. are all going to high-center on those posts and refuse to sit flat. They should have kept the screws holes but cast the posts separately, so they could have a flat floor for everyone and still have the posts for M2 cars.

  • daniel's dad says:

    Wow…second M2 spotlight in a week. Keep it coming….

    Mater almost looks like the M2 tow truck in the most recent line.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Sweet!!! you know they are gonna pile up the sales from us!!!

  • LUCA says:

    But i don’t know if i can order….
    Can a poor italian boy ?

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