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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Target & TRU Clearance

The Target & TRU post holiday clearance has begun …

Probably not enough to clear the shelves …

Target’s clearance varies – so look around – it’s $10.98 here but there are places where it’s lower.

Haulers are on sale – doesn’t look like anything new.

And last chance at TRU!

No, really – last chance … why won’t you believe me? 🙂

And these should be on clearance soon.

And not on clearance but if you want your money’s worth in resin & plastic – not only is this huge but HEAVY! Not hollow …

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8 January 2011 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 27 Comments


  • VDC says:

    I stopped at 4 targets, 3 Walmarts, 3 K Marts and saw each store making it’s own prices.

    Targets in the more “upscale” neighborhoods keep the Mater 5 pack at 30% off. Another Target by me marked everything down 75% and one person took 7 Shopping carts and cleared them out of almost everything. Walmart has slim to no cars but they are remodeling the one store I visited. Another Walmart by me has a 7 by 5 foot section of cars and MOST are McQueen, Mattel needs to visit that store and take ownership of all of the extra McQueens there. Heck that sounds like a contest, How Many McQueens does your store have and post a pic to prove it!

    Kmart still has some old Kmart Day 3, 4 & 5 cars all on sale for $2.99 until next Friday.

    ok..my report is out.

  • Joe says:

    The Target near my house (Portland, Oregon) had 29 of the Christmas sets but had only marked them down to $20.98. Mid-week (Wednesday or Thursday) they marked them down to $7.48, or whatever the 75% off price point was. Someone bought every single one of them. I had been going in daily to check and this was a bit frustrating. All the other stores in the area are at $20.98 or $14.98.

  • BBIG MIKE says:


    • DDD says:

      Not as concerned about the Woohoo Mater with the scratched eyes I had to settle for in the TRU Christmas set I bought a few weeks ago, having picked up four ornament-package singles today for 50 cents each!

      Almost makes up for having been to at least 20 Targets between Orlando and Birmingham over the last week…and still no Wrenchworths!

  • quercy says:

    I walked in TRU… there was no more lenticulars, no more GIL, no more Color change and no more wooden cars… only TOONS and playsets… I was in state of shock… Then I stop at Target… same thing! only some 9 Pack at $19.99 and Final laps cars… No lenticulars, no color change, no more haulers either… I couldn’t believe it! I bought some Nitroade Crew set in clearance at $9.98 and the last 6 Final laps they have released because there was about at least 3 or 4 of each… I was paying and repeating to myself… “it cannot be true, it cannot be true”… I went trough the tag detector at the door then the buzzer start and quickly a security agent grab me by the shoulder and start to shake me saying I must go to work!?!… I was all confused… Then I wake-up. My wife want me to kill the buzzer get dress and go to work… What a dream! I wish this could be real because honestly I think hundreds if not thousand of CARS collectors are dreaming about this isn’t it?

  • babychristianscars says:

    The only cool toy clearance item I saw so far and would have bought if I collect hotwheels.

    It was this huge set of 50 hotwheel cars in a fancy black cardboard box, said limiited edition. It was at wal-mart but I have never seen it before.

    On sale for $11.99.

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      Yeah that is cool. I saw one of those at WalMart on Touhy in Niles/Chicago just last 2 nights ago. I did get the Nascar Dale Earnhardt (Sr.) diecast for $2, which made up for a lousy Cars selection. Gasprin pretty much has his paint job, I guess.

  • BMW says:

    1. Target Christmas 5 packs 20.98 Pit Crews 9.98 haulers 7.99 lentys 4.09
    2. Target Christmas 5 packs 14.98 Pit Crews 9.98 haulers 7.99 lentys 3.50
    TRU Christmas Santa Sets 5.00 Globes 1.24 Lentys 3.99

    1. Target only had 5 Christmas Sets
    2. Target had 10 or more Christmas sets.
    Saw one Wrenchworths and left it.
    I saved 95.00 on price matching and returns with my receipts.

  • I-am-speed says:

    After our nearest Target store completed it’s Spring reset, the shelf tag for Pit Crew sets no longer exists.

    Perhaps we’ve seen the last of the Pit Crew sets at the retail level?

    Maybe they’re gone for good, aside from the Nitroade sets that have shown up in on occasion?

    A sad day for Cars collectors if they don’t return. 🙁

  • I found a Kmart exclusive Dale Earnhardt Jr. with rubber tires at TRU today.

  • Sandy says:

    These price are low. I went to my local TRU and to my surprise the Chistmas Cars were marked down and then I used my coupons so I got it down for even lower. And one target I went to had no cars displayed only a sign that said- Look out for something new. Maybe some kind of display case? Or Cars 2? Have to wait and see…. Really looking forward to the new haulers and Cars2.

  • Gil says:

    I got the Octane Gain Pit Crew for $10.80!

  • scott says:

    if any1 needs i can get pit crew sets of chick,dinoco and octane . will sell for $10 each plus shipping. also have rocky and eddie.$7


  • Monica says:

    TRU is so crazy with the “clearance” prices. They keep things on the shelves for literally years! They need to mark those Guidos down to .99 and clear those pegs for Cars 2 merch!

    • BMW says:

      Or at least dust them. Even a museum keeps artifacts in better shape.
      I saw an upside down Guido, and felt sorry. How many years has he been upside down in that package? 4?

  • MWH80 says:

    One Target in my area had the Christmas and Cars Toons packs (like Mater the Greater and Heavy Metal Mater) marked down to $7.98.

    Though there is no uniform price cut. Another Target I went to just had the packs marked down to $20.98.

    Plus, if you know where to look you can find the Ocane Gain crew set.

      • MWH80 says:

        lou- it was the Target store on Broadway near the Wilson Red Line Stop.

        Last I looked that had a pretty decent supply of the Cars Christmas packs, but that was a few days ago. They had maybe 3-5 of the HMM 4-packs.

        They also had some stacks of Crew sets, with 1-2 of the Octane.

        • Man-I-Fold says:

          Lou: Octane Gain Crew was at many Targets as of last week, but at the $13 price. I saw them at Elston, Howard, Touhy, and I think others. The Wilson Yard Target finally set out the last 2 Bumper Save crews from their stash, during the start of the clearance; one for me, one for Ryan A. Yours has the better paint and decal job on the Chief, though. Haven’t seen Bumper Save anywhere else in the city or ‘burbs. Happy Hunting!

  • scott says:

    pit crew set 4.98 at my store

    (MET: That’s a nice price).

  • NascarFan says:

    Agreed, probably not low enough

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