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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Wrestling Scale

In case you’re wondering about the scale of the Mattel versions of the Mater Monster Truck Wrestling CARS versus the Disney store ones?

Mattel Beanie Mater & Mattel I-Screamer …

Not far off … note, I Screamer’s wheels are in the “low” position …

But in the high shock piston position?

Well …

What if everybody is right?

Er, collect ’em all? (Mattel Beanie Mater and Disney Store I-Screamer).

And side by side …

The Mattel 3-pack (still available at TRU.com).

Of course in addition to the HUGE 1:48 scale I Screamer, you can also buy all the Toons in the 20-pack – ON SALE.

Or the Disney Store also seems to be selling a 1:64 version Mater Wrestling  5-pack – anyone pick up one of these yet? I’m presuming the scale is 1:64 (ish) since it’s only $19.50 – on sale for $15 (let me know if you get it).

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28 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 11 Comments


  • Scully says:

    While plastic, I couldn’t pass up the Disney Store wrestling pack they had for $15. Came with McMean, Tormentor, I-Screamer and Ref Pitty along with a ring. My son’s gonna love it for Christmas. The wheels move good and they seem pretty sturdy.

  • NascarFan says:

    The Disney Store larger scale singles are super nice, and all metal. very well done

  • DDD says:

    Great question about the different Tormentors. He’s a little more “buff” in every match…I’d especially like the first one, just Mater in the mask.

  • Mara says:

    A question I have is are they going to make that Mater, the one that faces the I-Screamer? Also the last Tormentor has bigger wheels than the one in the previous matches. Are they going to make these variations, the Mia/Tia and other wrestlers like Captain Collision and Paddy O’Concrete for the Mattel line?

  • DDD says:

    Just got back from Disney Store. No Monster Truck 5-packs, but what a nice job they’ve done with the Mater’s Tall Tales line. The giant diecast set is amazing, beautifully detailed, and there are like $150 worth of vehicles in it for $119.50 regular-price, just $89.50 this weekend. Plus includes the exclusive (to this set) Materdor Mia and Tia. Also gigantic R/C Monster-Truck Mater and LM for $29.50 this weekend, normally $49.50. The big helicopter set was $49.50, too, I think. Last Franks at $15, plus other stuff. Might have gotten the key-chain I-Screamer set, but none was left. A lot of the rest of this product remaining, however. And a note of caution…like the Mattel line, I’d get this stuff in-store…a lot of bubbled and chipped paint.

  • Kevin W says:

    Yikes! Most of the “Pitty” sets have disappeared from the Target Web Site. Of course, before they only said “Out of Stock”. But now they don’t even exist! Only Easy Idle remains. (Besides the old Chick Hicks and Leak Less crews.)

  • DDD says:

    Going out today to try and get the Disney Store 5-pack. I’ve become something of an I-Screamer completist, though I didn’t get the “key chain” set at Disney, and now I’m thinking the trucks may be the same in this new pack. As for scale, I like the Disney Store set for the bad guys. I do wish they’d bring the Monster Mack set here (you can’t have it shipped here from the UK site) so I can have a Dr. Frankenwagen, even though he doesn’t look as screen-accurate as the others. (Is he a planned Mattel single?)

    One of the great things about I-Screamer is how they’ve used the actual cartoon art for the side decals on all these versions. (Funny how even the small Disney Store version has the horn colors switched.) Also, the punching Screamer is slightly larger than the Disney Store diecast.

    One more thing…I’m finding the QC is not so great on all the “Cars” diecast, Mattel or Disney Store. I really have to go through the multiples to find one without scratches on the eyes, for example.

  • Shawn says:

    The Disney Store I-Screamer seems much more to scale. Never noticed the flipped colors on the speaker cone, though. The Disney Store Patty O’Concrete looks great, but is still a little smaller than scale. They’ll both be under the tree for my little guy.

  • lou says:

    disney store i-screamer cone colors are flipped, colors are too red and not pink.

  • JL says:

    The Disney Store monster truck 5 pack is made up of plastic toys. They are not die cast.

  • rpag says:

    WOO! Rolling Wheels? I am in!

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