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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Day #5 Sealed Cases … Um, Not So Much (UPDATE)

Well, now they are shipping, apparently people are receiving Kmart Day 4 CASES in some cases … the one from last Spring … while Mattel did not change the product name (they all say CARS COLLECTOR MC FALL), the case codes were changed but Kmart.com has pretty much covered the case with stickers before shipping so … there are some visual clues …

It looks like if your white Kmart.com label reads 149/10 or 163/10 or 169/10, it seems to be cases from LAST SPRING, the Kmart CARS Day #4 cases …

Look for the teal Sputter Stop.

The CORRECT labels seem to be 275-10 …

And of course, the correct CARS …

Kmart.com products are returnable at Kmart – the exact wording should be on your invoice, I have not received mine yet – West Coast looks like tomorrow.

They will also accept returns by mail but they do not pay for return shipping.

Some large buyers report about 10% Kmart Day 4 CASES and in one case, someone got a Kmart Day 3 CASE … so, good luck – and let me know if your case correctness does or does not match the codes above.

Thanks for the “great” photos Kevin NascarBronco … photos great, situation sad … and thanks Chris C. for the initial heads up – was hoping it was an isolated incident but …

(UPDATE – MORE TO COME). Last year’s Kmart.com invoice read – Everything can be returned to Kmart stores, no questions asked. Since I have not received my cases this year, I cannot tell you what’s on the invoice now … however … on the Kmart.com website

“Easy Returns

Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. An original receipt/email confirmation dated within 90 days of the original date of purchase is required for all returns and exchanges.”

There is a clause …

“All returns and exchanges must be in the original packaging and contain all the original accessories. Some items, including music, movies, computer software, video games, and sports/toy collectibles, can not be returned if they have been opened.”

Which of course brings up a technicality. It’s certainly understandable that if you open a toy item on card or even break the seal on a box, even if you have not swapped anything out, it’s non returnable – as it is now considered USED and not new in sellable condition BUT in the case of these CARS – they are still NEW ON CARD and in sellable condition so while the packing box has been opened, the CARS are not opened so this is where for the time being, you might have to argue semantics.


Returning to a Kmart Store

  • Place the item securely in the original package, if possible, keeping jewelry and other items separate
  • Include all paperwork, parts and accessories
  • Fill out the bottom of the packing slip, including the reason for your return, and put it in the package
  • Bring your package and packing slip to the Customer Service desk at your nearest Kmart store.

So if you have not opened the SEALED CASE – you don’t even need to say or present the facts in any manner – as you are 100% in the right as the ONLY TWO requirements are that:

a) You are not satisfied within 90 days.

b) You have the original receipt or email confirmation.

If you have opened it, you might need to present facts such that the PACKING box might be open but the TOY is not and in 100% new and sellable condition.

But the story has not ended – we are working towards better solutions – we’ll let you know if there are other options.

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3 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 67 Comments


  • mike says:

    See I was correct this was going to happen…. Kmart is awful with their internet orders.

  • Bombero1956 says:

    I just got my 2 cases and they were the right ones. I’m glad to have this behind me finally. Thanks to Kevin for all the behind the scenes help.

  • jambouk says:

    Send the kmart4 day cars to Europe….as we never seen them i am sure they will fly off the shelves.

  • camlgt says:

    I have been quietly reading all the drama from these events now since KD2, also the one and only time I have ever preordered, luckily I had no probs except for the fact that none of my cases came with an invoice. Back to KD1 they sold the cases after the fact, and I don’t seem to remember there being problems like any of the pre sales. So maybe the simplest solution is to do away with this pre order deal, hold the event let the people that can go have a good time at the event and enjoy it, if you don’t get your cars there at the event order away a few days later. Maybe I am totally of base with this and there was just as many probs with the first event but it seemed like it went smooth to me.

    Also if there are old cases still laying around; if there are any from KD 1 I will be glad to order a few to make sure they don’t get mixed in and sent in error.

    • At my KMART on the day of the event, there were four master cases of CARS which means there were 16 cases with 24 cars in each.

      I did not buy all of them. So there are plenty left over right now.

  • NascarFan says:

    Frank / Jason / Cac and others:

    Its not just me banging on the keys…one of a few who gets involved…. Bmw and I burning up cell phone batteries… its Bmw too on CTT and working with Dev and his team….I am sure Met/ Tiz wrk with Dev and his team too…

    reminder, as I always have said, Kmart is the only one… who WANTS us collectors…

    Target doesnt, Toys R Us doesnt, Walmart doesnt…

    Even though Kmart.com has (hopefully HAD) problems

    They, Dev and his team truly truly DO CARE.

    BUT.. this would NOT be happening HERE…yes HERE without Met and Tiz and THIS SITE. NOR BMW and Deano on CTT.

    Thanks for the plugs guys n ladies. really. thanks….

    I am a collector that gives a sh** who gets what and how fast and jumped in and asked “where do I start / how can I help”

    It started as a joke to send me cases to ship out. Then a petition to get me shipping these out…..but I would consider taking this on next time around too!!!!

  • Frank says:

    Uggggh!!!! I ordered only one case and of course, they sent the wrong one. What luck!! I’ll contact K-Mart and go through the return process tomorrow and see how it goes.

    I would have to second Jason’s compliment to NascarFan for providing a way for us unlucky souls to contact K-Mart to get this taken care of. Keep my fingers crossed that the rep knows the process and knows what to do.

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    I can’t imagine what customers without access to this community must be thinking. Maybe KMart should send a message to all customers who placed an order?

  • HijoSimpson says:

    UPS man just dropped off my package about 30 minutes ago. It was the wrong one (from day 4). Very bummed, since my 4 year old son was hoping to finally get his hands on a few cars. I’m sure I will have no problems getting this sorted.

  • Jason K says:

    I got my case today–it was the right Day 5 casepack.

    I TRULY appreciate Kevin aka NascarFan and Dev from Kmart for understanding and providing a way for those who didn’t receive the right case to get what they ordered!!!! It’s nice to have a large corporation like Kmart understand and do the right thing!

    Now, I have to fight Mattel and Digital River for sending me a Roboto with “The Original” on it twice now. I can only hope somebody will understand.

    Thanks all,
    Jason K

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    SSSHHHEEEEEESSHH!!! I am almost glad Canada does not have a kmart!!! I would rather get my kmart cars from people I can trust (like all my Take5 friends)!!! At least that way I get what I ask for!!! WHAT A LOUSY WAY TO RUN THINGS!!!

  • Uncle Skip says:

    Got my case… It was correct.

    Suggestions? Simple…

    1) Not having order confirmation emails was disconcerting to many (as we have received these messages with the prior collector’s day, it was worrisome given past issues not to have that order confirmation sent once pre-ordered.) Perhaps having a “Pre-order confirmation” sent out upon ordering would alleviate concerns.

    2) Stop advertising that the cases will be received by a specific date. Maybe give a bigger range and then “surprise” everyone with earlier delivery… or, have the systems in place to ship out the items as advertised.

    3) Once an issue was found (i.e. it is now the 26th of October and no orders have been shipped) a message should be sent regarding the delay.

    It was good and appreciated that Kmart honored the pricing issue between Sunday and Monday.

  • NascarFan says:

    Email Straight from Dev V.P. of Toys:

    Dear Kmart Cars Collector Community:

    Thank you for all the feedback on the recent Cars Collector event. I
    apologize on behalf of my team and Kmart for the order/shipping problems
    a number of you experienced. These events are quite complicated to
    organize and run, both online and in the store, but we believe in the
    Disney Pixar Cars movies and in you as a community that have been our
    loyal customers and partners in improving these events.

    Why are they complicated to run? Well, there’s a lot I could share with
    you on this topic, but the shortest explanation is that our business
    like the other big retailers is about selling large quantities of
    similar products across a very large number of stores to millions of
    customers. However, we know that there is a lot of interest in more
    specialized products and collectables that don’t have anywhere near the
    volume but are still very important to many of our customers.

    I’ve personally wanted to support these businesses because I’ve
    experienced myself the pleasure of collecting and – perhaps even more
    importantly in today’s world – being a member of a community that shares
    the same interests.

    To get back to the current problem. I am grateful to everyone who
    provided feedback. It does help us improve and we do want every customer
    to have a good experience.

    So, we know that there are a number of customers who have mistakenly
    received the Kmart Cars Collector Day 4 Series in place of the confirmed
    Day 5 pre-sale order from the week of 10/10. This was due to a
    warehouse issue on our part as we tried (but didn’t) separate the two
    sets of products.

    To fix this, we’re asking anyone who received the wrong Cars Collector
    Pack to follow the steps below so that we can make the exchange.

    Steps to exchange your order:
    1. Call our Customer Care Network at 1-877-235-9959 explain you have a
    Cars Collector Pack that you would like to exchange. The Customer Care
    Representative has the necessary steps to help you through the process.

    2. You will need your order number from the confirmation or the packing
    slip so they can look up your order.

    3. A pre-paid shipping label will be issued and sent via email to return
    the item back to Kmart.com

    4. Apply the shipping label to outer carton. Please note that the
    merchandise must be in its original packaging to process the exchange
    with the original cars. If you send us the wrong package or forget some
    of the cars we’ll simply return it to you with info on what’s missing.

    5. You can track the return via the Shipping Tracking number provided on
    the shipping label

    6. Once received and checked, your replacement case will be sent via
    2-day shipping, and we’ll send you an email with the tracking details.

    If you have any questions about the process, please ask your Customer
    Care Network representative.

    I hope this process helps us fix the mis-shipments. We do value the
    excitement, feedback and support we get from the Cars community and
    intend to do everything we can to serve you better in the future.


    Dev M.
    President Toys & Seasonal
    Sears Holdings

    • cac1959 says:

      Thank you, Kevin… here’s a report on my experience.

      I just called the toll free 877 number… there were a couple of small obstacles at the start of the process… the Order Number on the packing slip did not match anything in their system… However, I found the hard copy of the page I’d printed when I placed the order, and found the order confirmation number… When I gave that number and mentioned Dev’s name, it went smoothly… The customer service representative I spoke with, Quintara D, processed things quickly and said that she’d send an e-mail containing a pre-paid label for UPS to pick up the product, and upon receipt of the product at the warehouse, they’d send the proper items out via second day shipping.

      I just received an e-mail… we’ll see how it goes.

  • shery1975 says:

    I was super nervous after reading this today, knowing that mine was to arrive this afternoon! Thankfully, mine is correct.
    I am so sorry for everyone that got the wrong thing, I hope you get the right one! I might have some extras, I’ll let everyone know 😉

  • Rebecca says:

    Looks to me like everyone almost got the wrong order as me. It is to bad and we won’t be ordering these again. It is one big hassle to return them to the store. For everyone else left I wish you the best of luck because it was a fight for me today.

  • madbob says:

    Thank god my case says 275/10/P04 !!!!

  • por356 says:

    I was really mad when KMart (for some unexplained reason) cancelled my order. Calls to Customer Service proved they were clueless. BMW helped get me a request for my order number from a KMart representative but then silence. No response from KMart to emails. Finally, I received a refund from EBillMe. Very bad customer service.

    The ironic thing is that I ordered a Christmas set from Toys R Us at the same time. I was smothered in emails from TRU about every step of the process. I received my box in 5 days. The difference between the two retailers could not be more striking.

    Now it looks like I may have been fairly lucky since I already have a Day 4 case. I will not be buying any more cases from KMart!

    • BMW says:

      I have sent your comment here on to the Kmart executives. I wish I could have done more, but the execs are trying to get these problems solved, they really do want to fix things, I feel.

      One issue has been CC companies declining multiple orders of the same items. I was called as well due to multiple orders to make sure that I was the actual purchaser.

      • por356 says:

        Thank you for your help. Folks like you and NascarFan are a credit to the hobby.

        I feel lucky that I got my money back. I am very disappointed with KMart.com because I was seemly ignored. However, I was very happy with the store in Henderson, KY. They did an excellent job during the event. I did not buy very much then because I thought I had a case coming. I was able to go back this week and an employee allowed me to select all that I wanted from the leftovers.

  • NascarFan says:

    Out of my entire order, 15 cases were incorrect.

    They are being sent back via UPS “Refused Delivery – Incorrect Items”

    oh yea …and One carton of 3 cases “Lost by UPS”.. don’t know about that one

  • John in Missouri says:

    I said this last week, but someone really needs to write this up as a Harvard Business Case!

  • Carsaholic says:

    AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! After having my first order cancelled by Kmart, and then having issues getting it ordered when the second link became available, my case finally arrives today and IT’S THE WRONG *&#^*&#^$* ONE!!!!!!!!! Kmart, you have really, really dropped the ball on this one! PATH-E-TIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    163/10 on the white sticker

  • Jinzo says:

    I’m probably going to visit my Kmart sometime again. Need to pick up extras: 1 Tank Coat, 1 Gasprin, & 1 Tach-o-Mint 😀 My store had literally tons left 😀

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’ve been predicting the end of Toys R Us for a while, but maybe I’ve had the wrong retailer in mind!

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Out of 26 cases, I received

    25 – 275/10/P04 – Kmart 5
    1 – 163/10/P04 – Kmart 4

    Thank you very much for the info; and just in time. I had 17 cases packed and ready to mail overseas today. The Kmart 4 case was among them.

    I had thought to order a couple extras just in case; but ended up not needing them. So right now I will have one leftover Kmart 4 case, and one leftover Kmart 5 case. If anyone wants one before I send them back, they are $73 each + shipping.

  • wyseguys says:

    So, I did the pre-sale on Day 1, got my shipping confirmation 7 days ago, UPS still has no information or updates about the box and Kmart is unresponsive. I drove to my local Kmart this morning, just in case something goes awry, and they had all of the cars from the event – so I bought them individually. If the correct case does ever show up, I can sell to anyone who didn’t get the right ones. Fingers crossed

  • Nascarfan says:

    Let me put one rumor to an end.

    Kmart Cases WERE and ARE at their warehouses. period

  • Nascarfan says:

    Indykit and others:

    After exchanging a few emails with Dev and his team this morning…..

    They had certain checks and balances in place and are looking into why they failed.

    KM 5 was not to be confused with KM4 nor KM3 etc.


    I have sent this thread and other Kmart threads to Dev and his team.

    Short of “asking” for everyone being nice… let give some suggestions.


    • Indykjt says:

      My main suggestion would be to improve communication! That means from the time that the cases go live on pre-sale, all the way through the event, and until all correct orders are in hand.

      That means communication when placing online orders (correct info on product description, correct dates of pre-sale shipping, a dedicated customer service number/representative(s)), communication to stores about running the event consistently, & reinforcing those communications, AND communicating within each store about the event and policies.

      Consistent communication throughout the entire process should be the standard. It’s understood that no system is 100% perfect, 100% of the time, but there has been significant customer service issues throughout the last four events… just my opinion.

  • TarheelBill says:

    Hey…can we have a do over of the Kmart Cars Event survey? 😉

  • Indykjt says:

    i brought 1 of my cases back to Kmart on Monday morning, and it was a complete fiasco trying to return them in store. I had the original invoice, and the full case. First, I was told by the service desk that they did not allow returns on the Cars Collector Event Cars. Then, after changing her mind, couldn’t figure out the correct price to refund me. I got the Cars with the double sale, so that’s what I asked for back… not the current retail price. Then, when she started to scan them, they rang up for $1.99. Finally, she just decided to scan each one individually, change the price to the shelf price of $3.99, and refund me more than I paid for them.

    All I can say from this last experience, is wow. From start to finish, this whole thing has been a trainwreck! How much worse would it have been if Nascarfan and BMW weren’t in direct contact with someone from Kmart? Should these events even require that type of outside customer representation?

    Then to top it all off, they just gave away money. Great business tactics all around! I can’t help but feel like this has been one huge joke, on us!

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      I feel bad for all ye case orderers – ugh. Hope it all gets worked out soon. I had a similar problem returning some extra Day 5 Cars (which I bought from the store a few days after the event, my second batch – for a friend). Something about the item code wouldn’t let the system refund me. The “Refund Receipt” read “We are unable to process your refund… Reason: FS Item Not Found.” The customer service rep sent me away with a KMart phone number to call. I called it and the rep eventually said “there is a problem” but wouldn’t tell me what it was; and then told me to go back to the store and have them call the same number, but wouldn’t assure me that I would be able to return them (11 cars). Luckily, I had a different receipt from the actual event, which was from a different KMart, which tends to be a bit better run overall. It’s also not actually in the city of Chicago, so the driving is not as lame. So, I took this same batch of Cars to this better store with the different receipt, and after a slight delay where the clerk had a mystery problem with the code on this receipt, she did process the refund. She scanned each car and somehow it even accounted for a percentage of the birthday bucks I used to buy them. So I received exactly the amount of cash that I had paid for them. I never did find out why the store I actually had purchased them from wouldn’t take them back. I’m relieved it’s over, but it’s just so minor compared to the trouble you all have been having. Good luck all.

  • NascarFan says:

    Just received a huge email from Dev, VP of Toys:

    I will post this upon clarification whether I can or not

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    Well, they still show up In Stock for anyone who wants to try reordering:

    Disney Cars Car’s Collector Pack

    Day 4 Cars are pictured…

  • Mike says:

    I got a day 4 case too.

    When I ordered my case, I noticed that the description was correct for the day 5 case, but the pictures were of the day 4 cars.

    Maybe it was an omen…

  • Rebecca says:

    I got my order in the mail last night and it was from Kmart event 4. I took it back to Kmart today and the lady tried to argue with me and tell me I can’t return them (which they were sealed). I asked to see the manager and did get all my money back finally. I will never purchase from the pre-order sale again. I was very UNHAPPY!!!!

    • Sandy says:

      Are you kidding me?!?!? I still havent recieved my cases but on the back of the invoice doesnt it state it can be returned to any Kmart location? Like I stated before Kmart should not have our business. If any other retailers cant handle it then maybe mattycollectors, mattel or disney stores should handle an exclusive event like this. I think maybe the disney stores would do a good job.

  • Wraukn says:

    There’s disappointment, and there’s Kmart disappointment.

  • Monica says:

    Hey guys, I’d be happy to purchase a day 4 case from you. msullivan33 at cox dot net.

  • cac1959 says:

    2 of my 6 cases are KM4 cases… I did not know about the label differences when I opened them Monday night.

    I’ve been in contact with Kevin – my preference is to receive the right product, shipped to me at Kmart’s expense, and Kmart should pay the return shipping charges as they sent the wrong product.

    If that’s not possible, they will be going back to the store for a full refund.

    Some general principles that online resellers should be able to follow without much difficulty…

    If it’s for sale on the website, you better have it in stock. If you don’t have it in stock, don’t list it for sale. Period.

    You should be able to ship exactly what the customer orders. Period.

    If I pay for something I order online, I should receive exactly what I order. Period.

    If your online system can’t do this, implement a new one. Period.

    Clearly label products through unique identifiers in the system and on the labels on the boxes. Target and Toys R Us both have the potential for problems in their systems.

    Have people who know what they are doing and care about what they are doing fill the orders.

    If you can’t do all of these, prepare to lose customer business. If you lose enough customers you may go out of business.

    I enjoy the Kmart Cars Collector Events. I should not have to worry that I’m not receiving the right products in orders that I place online and that the store I am going to may or may not even have the products or know that there is a Collector’s Event.

    Thanks for your help, NascarFan

  • jambouk says:

    Maybe if Kmart1 day boxes had turned up it would be a bonus but this is sad and such a let down for 10% of people who have parted with a lot of money and have still have the hassle of returns and more $’s and time.

    We appreciate Kmart days but some sort of compensation or at least free postage on returns as Kevin says at the very least is in order here.

  • jambouk says:

    Kmart6 Preorder???? mmmmm-PASS!

  • Jack says:

    I have a few extra full sets of the correct Kmart 5 day cars if anyone needs any just let me know.
    Jack sijack1@aol.com

  • collectormom says:

    Why are KM3 and KM4 cases still in the warehouse?? You’d think they would’ve been shipped off to stores ages ago. What the heck are they saving them for?

  • rockbottom says:

    Received my case yesterday. It was late so I just opened it and it must be beginners luck but it is the correct case. Since I was going to be out of town on Kmart Day 5. I ordered a case. I only want 1 of each car so the extras will become trade material.

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      Let me know what I can trade with you for…



    • Grandma V says:

      I too am only collecting one of each for my grandson. I had the unfortunate luck of having the K-mart day fall on the weekend that one of my son’s was getting married so I was unable to attend. Have made all of them up till now. Would you be interested in selling me any of the following if you still have them: Tach-O-Mint, Sidewall Shine, Paint Mask Lightning McQueen, Gask-its, Faux Wheel Drive and “Dash” Boardman. This grandma would be eternally thankful.

  • RICK says:

    I live in PA and I did not get my case yet. I felt so relieved when I got the shippment notice last thursday but now the worrying starts again. Thanks (Not so Smart!) Kmart!!!

  • Sandy says:

    Expecting my cases today. They are out for delivery. Will keep you posted. Im expecting atleast one case to be correct.

  • NascarFan says:

    Met: you should add the photo of the wrong case and its little white block out stickers on the top of the case

  • NascarFan says:

    And more reports coming in too of incorrect cases.

    HTB: Not that I haven’t asked for the job, take care of both ends in one place.

    Lets get back to basics:

    Laptop, printer, pot of coffee, and a pen


    If you have a good UPS guy, you can have him or her comeback and pickup the wrong cases – cartons as a “refused delivery”

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    As this is a “collectors” event, this is rather disappointing on behalf of K-mart. Way to let international collectors down who rely on US traders/buyers.

  • jestrjef says:

    WOW …. just when you thought that Kmart SHOULD have all the kinks worked out … this is the first time I did NOT preorder … I must say that I am glad I didn’t. I hope all of you that DID preorder get what you should from Kmart. Kmart needs to do some serious internal correction.

    • NascarFan says:

      Sandy said on the “shipped” thread:

      “If I screwed up this much I’d be fired”….

      cant understand what the deal is, although I have contact with them.

      • Sandy says:

        I just recieved my cases and they are all correct. I figured 1 out of 3 would be Kmart day 5 cars but that is not the case. This will be my last time ordering online for Kmart cars. I have ordered from Kmart before for other items and have not had any issues. I really do hope everyone gets what they ordered.
        Thank you for all your help, I really appriciate it 🙂

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