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San Diego Comic Con Tickets: On SALE TODAY at 9 AM PST (Noon – Eastern Time)

Yea, once upon a time (2007), you could leisurely buy some San Diego Comic Con tickets around June to go to the event in July but NOT ANYMORE.

4-Day and individual Day tickets go on sale at 9 AM Pacific time

(click on the text link or the graphic link above).

Last year, it took about a month to sell out the 4-day pass, this year – 2 weeks? A few days?

Who knows how long it will take this year but also keep in mind, people will buy tickets and with the event nearly NINE MONTHS away, people’s plans change so they will offer “returned” tickets later in June & July 2011 so not all hope is lost if you don’t buy a ticket in this go around but if you know you’re going, you might as well buy it and you can always ask for a refund later.

NOTE – YOU CANNOT resell the ticket. It is assigned to your name so unless you find another person who’s official ID name MATCHES yours – they will NOT be able to register onsite (you need the confirmation note plus a driver’s license-passport) to register and get the actual badge to go inside.

Preview night is SOLD OUT. You could buy the 5-day ticket pass at last year’s Comic Con.

If you’re wondering about individual days …

THURSDAY – Massively packed. If your interest is buying very limited items (500 or fewer) or Hollywood sessions-panels, then consider a Thursday ticket. It is a mad crush of people so you will not cover much ground.

FRIDAY – Actually is kind of a lighter day for being on the floor as most of the serious buyers are gone by the early afternoon so buying lines will actually break up. And lots of Hollywood movie panels & sessions. Some limited items for sale will be sold out by end of Friday.

SATURDAY – Busy and packed again as people who actually work M-F arrive (what’s up with that? 🙂 ). So, long lines for most things – freebies mostly last until end of Saturday. Fewer Hollywood sessions.

SUNDAY – Less packed, more kids. Not as many freebies (most given away) – lines much shorter. Bargain hagglers can start in the afternoon with, “you don’t want to carry that all the way back to Omaha, do you, I’ll give you $25 for it.” Not many panels-sessions with heavyweights.

Prediction – After the 4-day passes sell out – Thursday only tix will sell out first, Saturday – next, then Friday and – Sunday will hold on the longest.

Good luck and hope to see you there.

* Kids 11 and under with paying adult are free. Kids 12-17 pay Junior prices. Seniors 60 years or older pay the Junior/Senior reduced price. Active Military with ID can pay the Junior/Senior price. This deal does not extend to dependents.

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