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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart Cars Day #5 – the Day After

Looks like it was a pretty smooth event all around the country except for a few Northern cities …

Or in the case of Celso, one cute daughter, one master carton.

They also won the poster raffle …

Nice score πŸ™‚

And in many stores, you can still find Kmart CARS Day #4 CARS …

John in MO sent along some pics too – as organized as his CARS, they also shop by height …


John in MO says this is his Kmart … though this suspiciously looks like it’s really just John’s in MO’s backup storage facility …

Oh yeah, every store in America looks like this – any CAR you want, there’s 40 to pick from organized by color … or it’s just John’s basement … same deal, go around back, secret knock and you’re in.

Looks like the error Nitroade is just the rims and not the tires but still interesting …

Hope you get your confirmation for your pre-order soon …

See you all for Kmart CARS Day #6!

And checklist updated for all the box sets and launchers coming.

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24 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 101 Comments


  • Uncle Skip says:

    Faith and Begorrah got order confirmation today… 1:39 EST…

    Check your in-boxes!

  • NascarFan says:

    Your Kmart Order Confirmation‏s are being sent out.

  • Indykjt says:

    Any news on the Kmart Case front today???

    • John in Missouri says:

      The only responsive person out there is a Rep. from eBillMe who has been communicating back and forth with me. I don’t want to sound like a spoiled little collector, but the non-communicative stance that Kmart has taken is way too frustrating for me, and has taken away any excitement that I once had for this case. I’m so thankful I didn’t skip the in-store event!!

    • NascarFan says:

      I just posted over on CTT as I will post here:

      please stop calling the generic kmart.com customer services…….these people have no clue and are even forwarding people to “Appliance Moving Teams”
      they are clueless.

      they haven’t the correct codes to fix these orders

      If you get a cancelation, let BMW handle it on CTT. send her your info so it can be resolved with the CORRECT people and not a bunch of clueless people in india or where ever.

      I am handling cancelations on TFAD forum.

      When anyone gets a cancelation I will need a contact number for you order numbers help also.

      again…please stop calling the generic kmart.com customer services……they haven’t the correct codes to fix these orders



  • Went to K-day 5, we all got a master case each, I got 2 and a half master cases as well as the in-store ad poster. I also got both poster variations, and lots of them posters…lol

    I went to my 2nd kmart on Sunday just to see what was left from kday 5, turns out they never held the event and all 3 master cases for the event were sitting in the back unopened.

    Of course I bought more cars, fun fun!

  • How about a plastic/rubber tire list too? Yeah, prob easy to figure it out, but nothing like spelling it out for us.

  • pwschuh says:

    Once again NASCARFan, huge thanks for superintending these orders one more CARS Day. Hopefully one day K-Mart will get this process down so that by CARS Day #14 all you have to do is sit back and watch.

    • NascarFan says:

      No problem, just wish I got paid for it, everyones orders would be sitting on the tables ready to ship, labeled and ready to go to be IN HAND the day OF the event.

      Grab funds from Paypal, Credits cards, WAIT for 2 days before the event and start hauling it off to the mail – UPS

      not that I haven’t asked for it, nor vounteered, this cannot be rocket science.

      I just wonder if the orders sitting and lack of funds being taken at point of sale have anything to do with it. I know Paypal cancels authorizations after 3 days.

      Maybe start a petition to get me the darn job?

  • Indykjt says:

    Out of curiosity at this point… has ANYONE received any email confirmation today from Kmart about any cases shipping?

    • Sandy says:

      I too have not recieved any email confirmation. And this is really disappointing. A company as big as Kmart should not be having issues like this πŸ™

    • Uncle Skip says:

      No confirmations here yet either…

      Paid by credit card… not worried yet… just disappointed in the slow delivery…

      Day 2 shipped prior to event, Day 3 received Day of event…. Day 4 received Monday after the event…

      Shame it has to come so much later each time… maybe the confirmations are held up and things started shipping… maybe tomorrow will be a better day…

    • Bombero1956 says:

      Indykjt, I hadn’t received my confirmation either but when I checked K-Mart.com I had them resend the confirmation and it did show up in my email account. Still waiting at this point.

      • NascarFan says:


        now we are going to have a pile of people calling generic Kmart service people again and getting the runaround

      • NascarFan says:


        Posted by arbara on CTT

        Shipping should start today for Credit Card orders. Samara just told me this.
        Also they are working on the paypal and ebillme issues which they did not have a problem with on the June event she is saying.

        If you got a cancellation rest assured that they did not intend to cancell, and if you want my help I will need your order # and email address that is on your order.
        Without that info I can not do anything, as Samara needs this to look into your orders.

        send any info in bold on order problems to me at:


  • Laurence says:

    Has anybody ever run across this situation?

    I had a friend of mine – who lives up in Lufkin, Texas – stop by the K-mart there this past Saturday at 11:00am. I had provided him with a list of the cars that I was interested in, pictures included (courtesy of the recent postings). He called me this morning and said the store would only sell full cases. ?!? Anybody else ever have this happen to them? All I wanted was the 9 racers and the chase McQueen. Well, the case is on it’s way to me.

    Anybody need an extra set of racers and some googly-eyed cars?

  • NascarFan says:

    I am also going to ask that the same people DO NOT cross post problems from TFAD to CTT. I can send problems to the appropriate people and BWM will from CTT.

    IF you are cross posting problems this only slows things down.

  • NascarFan says:

    John in Missouri / Micky / Indykit / pwschuh / spider

    I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate people.

    They will contact you I only have email addresses for some of you.



  • pwschuh says:

    3:40pm East Coast Time. Still no e-mail from K-Mart on my pre-order (paid directly to K-Mart.com with CC).

  • spider says:

    I have had similar problems with eBillMe – KMart.

    1) Received e-mail from Kmart: “Urgent Attention need for your Kmart.com order” and to please contact 1-877-235-9959 so we can assist with your order.
    2) Called them up and was told my order was cancelled.
    3) Asked to speak to a manager and put on hold for 15 minutes.
    4) Same customer rep comes back on and tells me that they have run out of stock and to make sure I cancel my payment.
    5) I inform her that eBillMe already took the money out of my bank account and sent over to K-Mart.
    6) Put on hold for another 10 minutes. Then customer rep comes back on and informs me that there is nothing more she can do and I should see the money refunded in 3-5 business days.

    Thanks A lot K-Mart. Way to completely alienate a devoted customer demographic for your merchandise.

    • John in Missouri says:

      I attempted a Live Chat with eBillMe this morning, but it was too early so they had me fill out a form to email them. Quite surprisingly, just a few minutes later I got an email from eBillMe Customer Service indicating that they already saw the cancellation from Kmart and that I would get a refund to my bank account in “a few business days”. Kmart clearly blew this one, and I think eBillMe should take Kmart off their list of approved vendors. I still have never received any written confirmation whatsoever directly from Kmart on my order OR the cancellation.

  • Indykjt says:

    And the Kmart drama rolls on… ugh!

    I too preordered, and have had zero communication from Kmart since I did so, as most others have as well. On the Kmart website, my order looks exactly as it did on the 11th when I placed it, with the “Arrival Date 10/23 – 10/25”. I took this to mean I would get them in that timeframe, not that they might ship by the end of it… maybe… possibly.

    I appreciate Kevin & BMW’s assistance with the communications with Kmart, and I have been giving the retailer the benefit of every doubt, but this is getting old.

    I’m glad I at least ordered with a credit card… and I am sorry to those who went the Paypal/Ebillme route, and are having these issues!

    Tune in later to see the next episode of “As the Kmart Cases Turn”!

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    I called to check on the status of my Kmart.com order, and they said it was still “processing”.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Met, you’re going to need a new post called “The Day AFTER The Day After”. I placed a pre-order with Kmart.com for a case of Cars and paid through eBillMe.

    Guess what got cancelled?

    Hopefully my other order that I paid with my credit card is still good, but when I called Kamrt.com, the only thing the operator could tell me was that my order was still in pre-order status and then when it is available they will email me, blah blah blah.

    Dare I say this will be my last preorder with Kmart?

  • pw_cc_runner says:

    Same story for the last three KMART days at my local store. Only person there… I am glad to see other stores are doing much better otherwise this would be a dying event.

    Also is it a mistake that the checklist says there was a rubber tire McQueen at a KMART Day?

    (MET: LM is only available in the 3-pack).

  • Jedi Rainman says:

    I went back to visit my somewhat local Kmart. They had extras of about every racer including some from CARS Day 4 but every Chase McQ and Dash were gone.

  • eagleeclipse says:

    I walked in to a local (two hour drive) k-mart at 8pm saturday night, thinking I was going to be out of luck but to my suprise I found a lonley table with two un open cases of cars and a stack of posters. I got everything I wanted and then some. I walked away a very happy person. Along with my Mater saves christmas set, Filmore with gas cans and both monster truck Mater set, and a few other carstoons singles This was a great weekend. Hope everyone is as happy as I am.

  • Adam says:

    on mystery racers, I always found it funny that at the beginning of the movie, LMQ says 1 winner, 42 losers, but then there aren’t 43 Piston Cup racers….

    • TrboTrex says:

      Lightning’s 42 car quote is due to the fact that there are usually 43 cars in a typical NASCAR race. The writers and designers didn’t take into account that people would actually count the different cars on the screen 36 is close enough to 43. This also accounts for why the Apple iCar and Revolting share the same number.
      I take it as a sign of respect from Pixar that they didn’t just give us 7 extra cars that didn’t appear on screen to round out the number and make us buy more cars.

      • NascarFan says:


        It is based on the size of the tracks. At one time there was over 50 drivers running at tracks like Daytona and as little as 28 running at tracks like Hickory.

        However, when the modern era came about and the Money got better with Winston as the series sponsor NASCAR and the drivers settled on 42 drivers for the field, as most tracks would accomodiate that many pit stalls. Again, keep in mind NASCAR used to have up to 60 cars trying to make the field and if you could get in then you could make money.

        Apple cars #84 is what Apple wanted since it was their start date for their computer from what I was told.

  • Glenn N says:

    Hi, Anyone know how I can get one of those Posters? I wish the Kmart I was at would have gave them out.

    Glenn N

  • TowMater says:

    Realistic Ideas only. Like mine. :.D

    • John in Missouri says:

      Apple iCar
      Lightning McQueen
      The King
      Chick Hicks
      Racer 1 from “Cars 2”
      Racer 2 from “Cars 2”
      Racer 3 from “Cars 2”
      Racer 4 from “Cars 2”

      Lightning McQueen
      Radiator Springs McQueen
      Dirt Track McQueen
      Dinoco McQueen
      Bling Bling McQueen
      Cactus McQueen
      Bug Mouth McQueen
      Tumbleweed McQueen

  • quercy says:

    I believe rubber tires should be applied only to the 36 racers. That’s it.

  • TowMater says:

    So speaking of Kmart Day 6.

    Hmmmm, let’s see.

    The King – RUBBER TIRE
    Chick Hicks – RUBBER TIRE
    Mc Queen (Again)- RUBBER TIRE
    Apple Car (Hopefully)- RUBBER TIRE
    Dirt Track Doc Red Rims – RUBBER TIRE
    Glowing Lantern Mater (CHASE)
    Spray Gun Ramone

    Anyone want to add to the list of ideas.
    Met, this could even be a separate post altogether.

    Rich :.D

  • TowMater says:

    Sounds to me that many Kmart’s across the country are very formal about
    this event when it comes to the rules.
    Not at all in the store I go to. Why there were only 2 of us and that
    was it!
    Kmart Day 3 it was 7 people.
    Kmart Day 4 it was 4 people.
    and now…
    Kmart Day 5 there were 2 of us. Maybe it’s the economy.


  • jambouk says:

    Now kmart day is all over………any ideas about the next one πŸ˜‰

  • babychristianscars says:

    No kmart near me but I got a chuy megasized at our walmart yesterday. First toon I’ve seen in a long time and I was happy.

  • jambouk says:

    Is there any posts about the dale jnr car and why it was a different shape body when released as a single?

    (MET: I don’t think there was a specific post but it’s presumed that was the “exclusive” CAR in the set … technically, it is still is as not rubber tires … and yes, there is the Apple CAR …).

    • jambouk says:

      Thanks MET.
      its a strange one as i beleive the single was released before the SOS set.

      Maybe the mould went walkabout….

      • BMW says:

        The first Dale Jr was the happy face Dale single released on Super Charged card. very few on this card.
        The SOTS Dale Jr was the “race face” Dale on Nitroade body with plastic tires.

        2006 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo with nearly the same paint job as the “real” car. While the car looks very similar to the Nitroade model, Mattel did create a new design for the Dale Jr. model (happy face version) . The scowling, or determined-face SOTS version is actually a repaint of the Nitroade model, and was exclusive to the SOTS, with plastic tires.

  • por356 says:

    The KMart in Henderson, KY did their usual great job. Many more people than last time but it went smoothly. Thank you, KMart, for providing us with this unique opportunity.

  • Went to Target this morning and FINALLY found a TokyoMater. I think my son was more exited about this purchase instead of Gaskits, Tachomint, Fauxwheel and Paintmask MQ. And now I went against my better judgement and picked up 4 Wrestling Mator cars due to the free poster we got yesterday from Kmart….hahahaha

  • CaptainChunk says:

    We lucked out and got a poster for my son, despite the clueless woman who was running the Chehalis, WA event just handing them randomly out before the start of the event. And not wanting to initially give him a ticket, because she thought a two year old couldn’t pick out Cars for himself.

  • jambouk says:

    Mater with glow in the dark lamp is the chase car in case “s”????
    I hear thats the chase in this case anyone heard for sure?

  • joe says:

    It was a great Cars Kmart day. 8 people, 8 cases. so each of us got to open one and we all walked away happy. The employee drew tickets for the posters and I ended up with one. I would wish they would put out more NEW Cars in those cases. Got lucky at Target after that and picked up some new Final Lap Cars.

  • kdthomas says:

    Awww…can’t wait to get Miles. Something tells me this is going to be another Bessie…

    Ebay Item: 320607011340

    • Dunroamin says:

      Yes, Miles is pretty cool.
      I’m not really fond of these Hong Kong backdoor vendors. I’m sure they are nice people, but “come on, man!” At least they are good for research to see what’s coming in 2 months πŸ™‚

  • kdthomas says:

    I like how my KMart lady does it. She allows everyone to open their own case. You get 5 minutes with your case and can pick out 5. She announces to everyone to go easy with the cardbacks because people collect these which is nice. Even the cash registers girls know to handle them with care when checking out. πŸ™‚ There’s just something less special if they are already out of the box and sitting on the table.

  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart Pre Sales Customers:
    Reminder: The Confirmation Emails from Kmart.com:


    Orders are set to begin shipping on Monday. Shipment confirmation emails will begin going out on that date.


    S. T.
    Kmart Rep

  • Wraukn says:

    Does anyone know how many different Wrestlin’ Mater posters there were yesterday? All mine are Frightening McMean vs. Rastacarian. And I see the Beware of Tormentor above.

  • Jack says:

    Hope everyone had a good time. Having Tachomints to play with made it all worth it. I’m sure for many they feel The same about some other like Gaskits as well.
    Let’s hope we see some new Cars 2 Cars for Kmart day 6.
    It was great to have a chase car including again too. Let’s hope next time it’s not a googly eyes chase.

    • Carlos says:

      I never found a single Chase car, and that was the one I wanted 3 of. Now I’ll havet to pay $42 for 4 f eyed McQueens on eBay. Yes, I do mean four eyed. And, how will I get the 30 by 30 poster (The one with Gaskits.). I hope Paint MAsk shows up in Case R, T, or U or something. I hate Kmart, and I hate exclusives. Ugh.

    • PirateDad says:

      Nicely put Jack! My family was surprised that I was getting the Googley MQ since they know how much I dislike them, so then you have to explain to your wife why you are getting it even though you don;t like it….strange conversation!

      Out of curiousity, after the REST of our cross border raid to WM, TRU, Meijer< Hobby Lobby, Target and Walgreens, we decided to to go BACK to Kmart and just see what was left…..Everything incl Tach and Gaskits remained….EXCEPT the CHASE…..interesting!

  • BMW says:

    Good morning Met and everyone. Nice event.

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