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Toys R Us Express – 600 Stores in 2010

Toys R Us has less than 600 stores in the US but will “double” its size for the Christmas season:

“600 Toys“R”Us Express stores in malls and shopping centers nationwide during the 2010 Christmas season.”

Last year, they only opened 90 so apparently it worked well.

In terms of CARS, the one open closest to me has not gotten much – no singles – there are some playsets and haulers … hopefully they will get more stock when it gets closer to Christmas.

If you or know anyone who wants seasonal work  …

“Positions are still available in Toys“R”Us Express stores for supervisors and sales associates.  Those interested in applying for a position at a Toys“R”Us Express store near them should visit Ruscareers.com.”

(For all of you who tried to apply at TakeFiveaDay – you were close but click above 🙂  ).

Or maybe dress as the giraffe – handy for housework if you can drive home in the costume. Please send us a pic of you dressed as the giraffe driving down the street.

The latest store is open at Myrtle Beach …

This is either the renovated mall or my living room …

And technically, it’s not in Myrtle Beach but in Murrells Inlet and something about – U.S. 17 Bypass and U.S. 17 Business – I see they spent a lot of time thinking up freeway names there … yea, it’s right by the US 17 Bypass but bypass that exit and take the 17 Loop which will let you bypass the bypass and right next to 17 Business and not 17 Downtown or 17 Business District. Got that? So, if you live there, you should be able to find it – if not, it sounds like you are better off just staying on the golf course at Myrtle … which is very fun to say.

The SUN NEWS has posted a video.

And the new theater has BEER & WINE so … so very civilized.

Apparently another 200 TRU Express are opening in the next few weeks so happy hunting!

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19 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 17 Comments


  • Captain_Chunk says:

    There’s one opening in the outlet malls near me in SW Washington. Can’t wait to see if it’s worth shopping at.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Same story at the new express shop in Wilmette, IL. No Cars singles, just higher priced old Haulers and cases – nothing happening. I did find a cool, sale-priced Hot Wheels case. It’s a reproduction of the wheel -shaped case from 1968. It was like $4 or $5. It even has the old graphics, just like my big bro’s from way back. Pretty nice…

  • MWH80 says:

    I went to the TRUE in Schaumberg, IL’s mall: no singles whatsoever. It was like a toy store that was only selling bare-bones stuff. Not even any recent new Star Wars or Transformers figures!!

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    I think I spotted one openin’ up in Toronto – At the Woodbine Center in Etobicoke… I will let ya’ll know when I go there in a coupla days what’s up!!!

  • pixarlover says:

    The seasonal store at the Mall of America stayed open all year since it was so succesful. New CEO of Toys R Us is former Target Exec who wants to turn company around.

  • snosno says:

    They opened one in Towson mall in Baltimore. The problem is as of now they only have 5 packs and some trucks…nothing new.

  • kdthomas says:

    Don’t get too excited to find Cars diecasts at the Express stores. We have one that opened a few months ago. Like the post says, only a handful of haulers, old MTT 4-Packs, and the plastic car carrying case. I asked if they would get the singles and they said they didn’t think so, just the Hot Wheels.

    Also, don’t expect the prices to be lower. In fact, at ours the prices on the haulers were more (think Kohls).

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Can we get a Mater’s Tall Tales Checklist? I’m getting really behind on them and I just want to look and laugh to see just how far back my Wal-Mart is (they just now got in Ito San and Kabuto.)

  • karen says:

    Well, aside from the constant Cars deficit, I am totally done with all my Christmas shopping. So whatever. But if it helps others, hurrah!

  • I-am-speed says:

    These stores were not good sources for anything new last year, and I doubt things will change this time around. Don’t go too far out of your way to find one of these stores, it will just add to the disappointment when you get there.

    • Jack says:

      Yep right on Tim. These express TRUs do not carry hardly any Cars items.
      The regular TRUs on the other hand have been great lately for all kinds of Disney Cars items. After a down Cars year for TRU last year when Target had way too many exclusives, TRUs have been really flexing their muscles with new Cars this year.
      John in Mo. Has has made many correct predictions in the past. Even the Saints over the Colts he got right. Almost the exact final score too, but when he said he thought TRU would be out of business soon last year, that one he got wrong.
      TRU is showing you would it can do when it wants to right about now. They have been selling many tons of toys, video games and everything else already and we are not even close to Black Friday yet.
      Wonder what they have up their sleeve for a Cars 2 kickoff and other box sets. Maybe an RV set exclusive. Mattel has to make the best biggest fan of all Albert Hinkley soon.

  • LASinCA says:

    Last year, and so far this year, they seem to use this as more of a clearance opportunity. They load them up with the bargain junk they could not sell in the stores and salt them,none too liberally, with regular merchandise. I would not get my hopes up.

  • born2collect says:

    I take the family every year to Litchfield, which is just south of Murrell’s inlet, just north of George Town. There is a neat nascar theme shop “Collect This & Raceway” that’s been a tenant there for as long as I can remember. If your ever out that way, stop in. You are greated as you walk in the store by a section dedicated to “Cars”. There is a ton of nascar stuff (cards, diecast, more diecast, and even more diecast..), sports trading cards, you get the idea. The high light of the store is a custom built slot car race track. Very big in size and I believe races up to six cars at a time. My boys spend an average of 1.5 hours racing every visit. I try to support the non corporate stores whenever I get the chance.

  • crazy cars says:

    We have 2 of these that have popped up here in Ohio. Both of them have only had older stuff and one has NO pegs for cars at all. Only boxed items. Also if you go to one and do not find any cars in the diecast section, double check the Thomas the train section. I located them all in this location at one store.
    Happy Hunting

  • Laurence says:

    Now if they can just place enough of the right things, things I want to buy, we will have a Christmas miracle. If you want “popular” items, this will be the place. If you want a much wider selection, you’ll have to go to the year-round locations. Hey, at least they are committing to making toys more available than ever! GO GET ‘EM TRU!!

  • doug says:

    we need more toys R us stores in the UK!!!!!

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